True Martial World Chapter 482

Chapter 482: The Beautiful Figure in the Icy Plains
Chapter 482: The Beautiful Figure in the Icy Plains

As time passed, Lin Xintong remained motionless. A layer of blue ice crystals formed on her eyebrows and her hair. The ice crystals were like sapphires that resembled flowers used for decoration.

On the first level of the God Advent Tower, Lin Xintong had chosen disk arrays that were suitable for herself. She did not gain many insights from the two disk array arrays, but the painting on the third level of the God Advent Tower made Lin Xintong feel something. As such, she sat in front of the painting and entered an ethereal state.

No Law, No Shape, No Void, No Me.

This was a form of epiphany, it was something that came by not searching for it.

An unknown amount of time passed and very faintly, Lin Xintong’s eyebrows moved. Following that, she opened her eyes, revealing her clear glass-like eyes.

“Thank you for the senior’s guidance… ”

Lin Xintong looked at the figure in the painting and said softly before giving a respectful bow.

The painting contained the figure of the ancient Great Empress.

In the God Advent Tower, across millions of years, in the painting and outside the painting, the air emanated by Lin Xintong’s body seemed to faintly resembled the ancient Great Empress’.

She stood up with her sword in hand and then walked towards the fourth level of the God Advent Tower without turning back.

In the epiphany she was having just moments ago, Lin Xintong saw many scenes, and amongst them, it included a portion of the ancient Great Empress’ memories.

It turned out that… the God Advent Tower was not created by the ancient Great Empress. It was an opportunistic item that the ancient Great Empress had obtained.

Back then, the ancient Great Empress had climbed up the God Advent Tower slowly just like Lin Xintong.

“I want to be like the ancient Great Empress. If I want to change the destiny of my naturally terminated meridians, I need to follow her footsteps.”

Lin Xintong said quietly in her heart and she climbed the staircase.

In front of her, there was a distant door of light. That was the entrance to the fourth level of the God Advent Tower.

As she walked up the staircase, Lin Xintong’s mind was abnormally calm. At a certain point, she lifted her head and looked forward. Not far from her, there stood a white-dressed girl with a sword.

The white-dressed girl’s looks and figure were extremely similar to Lin Xintong. It was like Lin Xintong was looking into a mirror.

She was the God Advent Tower fourth level’s guardian.

Only by defeating her would Lin Xintong be able to step into the fourth level of the God Advent Tower.

“Make your move!”

Lin Xintong said lightly.

The white-dressed girl looked at Lin Xintong and their gazes met. They could see their own reflections in each other’s eyes.

After a long while, the white-dressed girl gently shook her head, “I never expected that you already have an air like hers… ”

“Oh?” Lin Xintong’s eyebrows moved slightly. She was quite surprised at the words the white-dressed girl just said. She expected the white-dress girl to be a guardian without any intelligence or soul, yet, she had said such a thing to her.

“You mentioned ‘her’? It looks like you are not just an energy life form that obeys orders…”

As Lin Xintong spoke, the white-dressed girl sighed lightly and kept her sword. She said faintly, “You have already made up your mind to join up your terminated meridians and control your own destiny… You have a sword in your heart, while I have no sword in my heart. I can’t block you.”

“Go, but even if you pass me, the fourth level will not be too easy for you.”

The white-dressed girl said before her body exploded with a “Peng”, turning into a rain of light as she dissipated.

What was left behind was a divine light that fell from the sky, shining on Lin Xintong’s body.

This light finally formed on Lin Xintong’s arm, becoming a beautiful set of Empyrean Marks.

With a simple count, there was a total of… 18 Empyrean Marks!

The 18 Empyrean Marks made Lin Xintong feel that she was one step closer to obtaining the recognition of the Great Empress mystic realm.

She walked up the stairs into the four level of the God Advent Tower. Standing in front of the door of light, Lin Xintong stood there silently for a while before stepping through the door without any hesitation.

The door of light flashed and it did not obstruct her in any way.

Upon entering the door of light, Lin Xintong felt like she had arrived in a new world.

In front of her, there was an endless land sealed in ice. She heard the cold winds blow and all that entered her eyes was white snow.

It seemed like the world had Lin Xintong as the only living thing.

This snow world was covered in endless snow plains, and for some reason, it seemed to give people a deep sense of despair.

At this moment, a gentle voice echoed in Lin Xintong’s ear, “Child, go on. I can’t give you your path. You have to use the sword in your hand to slash a path out.”

This gentle voice echoed in Lin Xintong’s ears, making her feel an unexplainable sense of calm.

Lin Xintong inhaled deeply and she looked far into the distance. There was no end to the icy plains. The pressure and sense of despair hovered above the icy plains and it became more intense.

It was like her naturally terminated meridians. There was no way of abandoning it no matter how hard she tried.

The icy plains… were something the ancient Great Empress had walked on herself in the past?

Lin Xintong then resolutely stepped onto the icy plains.

Ever since she was young, she knew that if she wanted to go further and live on, she had to put in work that was a hundred times more than others.

Even so, the result was not guaranteed.

The cold wind blew and it was like spinning flying daggers that flew at Lin Xintong. These gusts of cold wind brought along with them a wanton energy surge. It was not something that any ordinary warrior could withstand.

Lin Xintong powered up her Yuan Qi protection to endure the cold wind. In an instant, Lin Xintong felt the pressure.

Her Yuan Qi was depleted extremely fast, and under these circumstances, Lin Xintong knew that she could not go far.

The icy plains were endless. She might not even reach the horizon that she could see even when her Yuan Qi was emptied out.

This seemed like… an impossible challenge…

When her Yuan Qi was completely depleted resulting in her using body just being in such a terrifying icy plains, what would happen?

The Great Empress mystic realm had the danger of death. Lin Xintong did not know what would result from the failure of this trial, but she still proceeded without hesitation…

The ice bound her and pierced straight into her bones. They were like sharp sword Qi that was slashing at Lin Xintong’s exquisite face. She did not have any expression, nor did her footsteps slow down one bit because of all these reasons.

With a white dress and a sword, she proceeded alone.

Like the white-dressed girl said, with Lin Xintong determined to join up her naturally terminated meridians, she already had a sword in her heart.

Step by step, if one looked from high up in the air, Lin Xintong appeared extremely tiny in the snowy plains. The footsteps she left behind were quickly erased by the cold wind…

Although she was strongly determined, her Yuan Qi was not increasing due to her determination. There was no miracle as her Yuan Qi slowly decreased, as she became unable to withstand the cold wind.

Finally, a gust of cold wind pierced through Lin Xintong’s protective Yuan Qi and entered her body.

This gust of cold wind immediately seeped into her meridians and blood vessels, straight into her marrow.

The bone-biting chill made Lin Xintong’s face suddenly turn white.

She could clearly feel that this gust of cold air had stimulated her naturally terminated meridians, causing the frost Qi in her body to increase and slowly consume her vitality.