True Martial World Chapter 483

Chapter 483: Golden Crow Sun Shift
Chapter 483: Golden Crow Sun Shift

Lin Xintong’s naturally terminated meridians were like a dead knot in her life. They had taken root in Lin Xintong’s body, entrenched in every muscle. Usually, it would be hidden, but once it was nourished, it would grow and engulf Lin Xintong’s vitality.

Now, with the frost Qi constantly entering Lin Xintong’s body, she felt colder and colder. As for her natural Yin Meridians, they were like weeds that had been nourished by the rain, as they grew crazily.

Lin Xintong’s footsteps immediately slowed down.

Cold, the biting cold reached deep into her bones, and it reached her bone marrow.

She shrunk her thin body and looked up. The icy plains were so vast they seemed to have no end.

She recalled the test of the mental demons. The dreams that repeated themselves seemed to never come to an end.

Other than the second dream in which she held hands with that youth to tour the world until she found a method to join her terminated meridians up and finally accomplished a great cultivation level that she had the age of the Sun and Moon, the other dreams were filled with endless death and repression.

Her “waking up” again and again was met with her realizing that she was still in a dream. The dream realm was endless, preventing her from knowing when she was dreaming or awake.

That sense of despair was probably similar to what she was experiencing right now…

Behind Lin Xintong, high in the sky, there was a faint figure that was looking at her lonely figure on the icy plains.

Lin Xintong sensed the figure and she gently turned around. And at that moment, the figure dissipated in the wind.

Following that, a wispy female’s voice echoed in Lin Xintong’s ears, “These icy plains are like the terminated meridians in your body. If you only rely on your body’s Yuan Qi, you will not be able to last till the end. However, if you were to burn your vitality, you can go even further, but you might die early. Have you thought it through?”

Lin Xintong’s eyebrows trembled, “You are… ?”

The figure that had suddenly appeared in the wind was somewhat similar to the ancient Great Empress in the painting she saw on the third level of the God Advent Tower, however… there was something different…

This figure was not in a dream or in a painting. She really existed in this world.

She was the only other person amongst the cultivators Lin Xingtong had seen in the God Advent Tower.

“I am the God Advent Tower’s Item Spirit.”

The woman’s cold voice transmitted through the wind.

“Item Spirit… ” Lin Xintong understood. Yes, for such a divine item, it naturally had an Item Spirit. “If I pass through these icy plains, will I see the opportunity to join up my terminated meridians?”

“No!” The female voice said coldly, “But it can let you get closer to that step.”

Just closer only?

Lin Xintong lightly sighed. Her white dress was like snow and it seemed to merge as one with the icy plains around her. Her black hair scattered downwards on her jade-like face. As she closed her eyes tightly, her eyelashes trembled slightly, as if they were pixies in the snow.

Closer? Then let me be closer to it!

Lin Xintong tightened her thin clothes. Enduring the stormy cold, she proceeded without hesitation.

The path of martial arts had no set paths. It was through a warrior’s strong determination to blaze a way through all manner of obstacles and courage to proceed that opened a new path forcefully.

Once embarked on the journey, there was no regrets…

In the second level of the God Advent Tower, it was a vast desolate lands!


A sharp cry echoed in the sky like a phoenix’s call. A dazzling light shot out from a mountain, and in this light beam, there was an azure-clothed youth’s figure. He was making steps on the void and appearing like a flash of lightning.

This azure-clothed youth was Yi Yun. The movement technique he was using was the “Golden Crow Sun Shift” that he had obtained from the third level of the God Advent Tower.

Typically, people who cultivated the “Golden Crow Sun Shift” would need at least half a year to get a foothold in the skill. And that was the speed of proud children of heavens.

However, Yi Yun had a close to perfect pure Yang body, and his pure Yang cultivation technique was in the large success stage. Together with the help of the Purple Crystal, cultivating the “Golden Crow Sun Shift” was done at an extraordinary pace.

His body left a golden beam in the air as he landed on a mountain. He used the mountain peak to shoot up into the sky again!

His body was like the blazing Sun rising in the East in an unstoppable manner!

After cultivating the “Golden Crow Sun Shift”, Yi Yun’s speed was no longer the same as it was in the past.

While he was moving with extreme speed, Yi Yun’s eyes were as fast as lightning as he spotted a metal-winged eagle flying in the sky.

In this desolate land, many desolate beasts had their own territories. The metal-winged eagle was the lord of this small piece of sky. It was making its inspection here, and now, a tiny human being had suddenly appeared in its territory, undermining its authority.

The metal-winged eagle went into a rage as it cried out and charged at Yi Yun.

The metal-winged eagle was proficient in speed. When it flew in the sky, it was like a black bolt of lightning. Its two wings were like blades that could split a mountain!

Seeing the black-winged eagle charging at him, Yi Yun’s eyes flashed. With a flip of his hand, the Tai Cang Bow appeared in his hands. He used his movement technique in the air and increased his speed. It was like his body had merged into a blazing sunbeam!


The metal-winged eagle reached out with its sharp claws and clawed at Yi Yun. Yi Yun strung his arrow and pulled his bow midair. The arrow he was using was the Wind Chasing Arrow. This was an arrow made by a bow-and-arrow family clan of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. However, placed in the Tian Yuan world, it was very normal. However, at this moment, with Yi Yun’s pure Yang energy injected into the arrow, the arrow condensed into a Radiant Sun divine beam as if it had raised to a new grade of arrows.


The bow string’s vibration caused the clouds to scatter!

The Wind Chasing Arrow flew and with Yi Yun’s pure Yang laws embedded in it, it was like a falling star that pierced through the void.

The terrifying sharp sound resounded throughout the sky. This arrow moved at an unbelievable speed towards the metal-winged eagle!

The metal-winged eagle was still maintaining a pose of charging at Yi Yun, but when the arrow flew pierced its body, its body, which was equivalent to divine metal, exploded in midair!


After the Wind Chasing Arrows pierced the metal-winged eagle, it flew another 5 miles, past a valley and eventually hitting a mountain.


A tumultuous explosion could be heard. After Yi Yun’s arrow pierced through the metal-winged eagle, it had made a huge hole in the mountain!

The profoundness in that arrow could only be described as — fast!

When Yi Yun used the “Golden Crow Sun Shift” to push his speed to an extreme, and stringing the arrow and adding that speed onto the Wind Chasing Arrow, the power of the arrow that he shot out had reached an unimaginable level!

Even Yi Yun himself was shocked seeing such a terrifying arrow. His body circled midair and then, he grabbed the metal-winged eagle’s corpse before flying down.


The metal-winged eagle’s corpse slammed heavily onto the ground. Yi Yun landed gently and his spiritual energy interfaced with the desolate beast’s corpse. As he closed his eyes to concentrate, he began powering the skill he had obtained on the third level of the God Advent Tower, “Ten Thousand Beast Totem”!

The complete “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” had a lot more than what Yi Yun had previously learned. These also explained many of the questions Yi Yun that previously had.

Using the Purple Crystal to condensed a desolate beast mark was of course doubling the results with half the effort, but the flaws in the mystic technique itself were not something the Purple Crystal could make up for.

But now, with the complete “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” jade scroll, this was no longer a problem.