True Martial World Chapter 487

Chapter 487: The Sliced-off World
Chapter 487: The Sliced-off World

In the desolate plains of the God Advent Tower’s second level, Yi Yun moved through the woods at an extremely fast speed. He was using the “Golden Crow Sun Shift” to rapidly move in the woods for his target was… a deeper part of the second level.

Yi Yun greatly wanted the lava lake’s red lotus, but no matter how much he calculated, he felt that it was impossible to succeed with his present strength. The flock of strange birds was an obstacle that Yi Yun could not cross.

The strange birds did not even rest deep into the night. They only stared at their territory with eyes that resembled green lamps.

Under such a situation, Yi Yun no longer wanted to waste time here. However, he did not plan on giving up the red lotus in the lava lake. He was taking a step back temporarily. He carried on exploring the second level of the God Advent Tower because he already had a plan to snatch food from the jaws of a tiger, but this plan needed a chance.

Now, Yi Yun was searching the second level to search for this chance.

At the same time, Yi Yun wanted to grab the opportunity to increase his strength. Only with powerful strength could impossible tasks become possible.

Yi Yun kept his energy vision activated and he ran towards the deep ends of the second level.

With the Purple Crystal, he could see every energy fluctuation in the desolate lands. There was no hiding from him.

As he proceeded stealthily, he ambushed and killed desolate beasts. As several days passed, Yi Yun still could not find such a chance and with that, Yi Yun had come to the end of the second level of the God Advent Tower…

These days, Yi Yun had traveled around the second level freely. He had covered the entire region of the second level. He roughly knew that this world was about 500 miles in radius. The lava lake with the red lotus was right in the center, while, Yi Yun was now at the deepest end of the world.

According to Yi Yun’s experience, the deepest ends of a world should be a place where powerful desolate beasts gathered. This was also the reason why he came here.

Yi Yun looked around, he saw a continuous stretch of mountain peaks. The tall mountain range stretched out to a certain spot where it suddenly disappeared. It was like a giant dragon had sliced the mountain range, leaving a smoothed flat surface.

Yi Yun guessed that this piece of land might have belonged to a part of another world. It was later carved out by the person who created this mystic realm and placed inside the God Advent Tower.

If that was the case, the slash that could split the lands was indeed terrifying.

However…compared to the shocking sword scar at the Pure Yang Sword Palace, it was still lacking by quite a bit. The sword scar still left behind an indescribably profound charm despite experiencing countless numbers of years. It was alarming.

Yi Yun used his movement technique to enter the mountain range.

He quickly discovered that although the mountain range in the deepest part of second level should have several powerful desolate beasts gathered there, the actual situation was that there was not many desolate beasts in the mountain range. Even if there were any, they were not very powerful. Yi Yun could handle them with his own strength.

This made Yi Yun slightly disappointed. Maybe, in this world, only the strongest desolate beasts were gathered at the central lava lake. As for other places, be it the deepest ends of the world or its boundary, the desolate beasts there were not very strong.

Yi Yun did not give up. He extended his energy vision to its maximum range and suddenly Yi Yun discovered that there seemed to be a red figure swaying in a small mound ahead of him. This red figure gave off a strong energy fluctuation.

“Oh? This is…” A strange light flashed in Yi Yun’s eyes.

He looked far ahead and he pushed his energy vision to its limits. He saw what the red figure was. It was a herbal plant. It looked quite similar to the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng Yi Yun had previously caught.

“Another treasure?”

Yi Yun was stunned. There were two treasures in the second level of the God Advent Tower?

The red herbal plant’s quality seemed to be much more inferior to the red lotus in the lava lake. But if taken out into the world, it was definitely an item that various large factions would covet.

Yi Yun hesitated slightly. He carefully observed his surroundings as he secretly approached it.

Faintly, Yi Yun could smell a strange fragrance.

The herbal plant’s fragrance had such great range?

Yi Yun was a bit alarmed. He estimated that he was more than 5 miles away from the herbal plant, yet he could smell its fragrance?

The unknown herbal plant grew alone in front of a mountain wall and gently swayed with the wind. The strange fragrance also diffused with the wind.

Similar treasures were likely to be protected by desolate beasts, so Yi Yun became extremely careful. As he was five miles away from it, very suddenly, Yi Yun’s heart froze. A feeling of extreme danger seemed to engulf him.

He jerked backwards and held his breath while being focused. He completely hid his presence and he seemed to become one with the rocks and trees around him.

He was prone down on the ground and he looked forward. He had felt something lock onto him for a split moment.

Oh? That is…

In Yi Yun’s energy vision, he saw a unparalleled powerful energy source that alarmed him.

And this terrifying energy source surprisingly came from inside the huge mountain.

Using one’s naked eyes, the huge mountain seemed to be covered in a brown plant. It did not seem to be anything special.

However, using his energy vision, Yi Yun could clearly see the actual body of this mountain.

It was…a extremely large desolate beast.

It had folded its four limbs and it was prone on the ground. It was like a huge turtle.

It looked like it was sleeping, but Yi Yun knew that it was not sleeping at all. The unknown herbal plant that resembled the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was growing beside the desolate beast’s mouth.

Another desolate beast guardian? Every treasure on the second level of the God Advent Tower had a desolate beast protecting it, so how would cultivators obtain them easily?

Yi Yun had such a thought, but soon, he rejected that thought.

That’s not right!

Yi Yun saw that the unknown herbal plant was connected to a long vine. The long vine grew from the huge turtle desolate beast’s forehead, and it was hanging like a lantern.

Upon seeing this carefully, Yi Yun’s limbs froze.


This “herbal plant” was just bait. If one went to pluck it foolishly, they would probably become food for the large turtle.

Yi Yun really wanted to curse. The first time he found the red lotus, it was protected by a flock of strange birds. Now, after great difficulty, he found a strand of a “treasure”, yet it was a death trap!

The opportunities on the second level of the God Advent Tower were fraught with dangers.

The test established in the Great Empress mystic realm was too difficult. If a cultivator was not extremely careful, it was practically committing suicide by hastily exploring this mystic realm.

However, the path of martial arts was fraught with countless difficulties. The number of geniuses who fell midway was too much to count.

The feeling of danger never went away. Yi Yun knew that this large turtle was not something he could handle. However, he did not leave. He remained prone behind a large boulder and he waited like a hunter.