True Martial World Chapter 489

Chapter 489: Large Turtle’s Fury
Chapter 489: Large Turtle’s Fury

Yi Yun had never tried being in such a crazy scene, with him running crazily in front, while a huge desolate beast was chasing him!

’Golden Crow Sun Shift’ gave Yi Yun unparalleled speed, but he did not lower his guard. As he ran, he swallowed a desolate beast relic so that he could have sufficient energy in his body.

He was right in his thinking, speed was indeed the Achilles’ heel of the large turtle desolate beast. But even so, its speed was still alarming when it ran despite its huge body.

It spared no effort in chasing after Yi Yun. Actually, the distance didn’t open up, it was slowly closing.

So fast!?

Yi Yun was alarmed. For such a large beast to have such terrifying speed was heaven-defying!

He did not turn his head because he could use his energy vision to probe the large turtle desolate beast’s every move.

At this moment, Yi Yun saw the large turtle desolate beast open its huge mouth, and in its mouth, a dark red poisonous python moved like a whip!

“That’s bad!”

Without giving any thought, Yi Yun leaped high up!

At the same time, the poisonous python shot out like lightning. The poisonous python opened its jaws and attempted to swallow Yi Yun!

The length of the tongue inside the large turtle desolate beast’s mouth far exceeded Yi Yun’s imagination. It attacked from such a long distance!

A tongue that needed about 10 people hugging it to encircle it may look thin compared to the large turtle’s body, but swallowing Yi Yun was an extremely easy task.


Behind Yi Yun, his Golden Crow Aspect Totem soared up into the sky. Like a burning Sun rising from the horizon, Yi Yun seemed to be merged with that burning sun as he quickly transformed into a beam of light. There was no way of seeing his body!

“Ka-cha! Ka-cha!”

The large turtle’s tongue kept close to the ground and swept forward. While doing so, it broke hundreds of large trees. Some of the large trees were either split in the middle or uprooted. Large amounts of soil and rocks were sent flying into the sky, but they were lit up by the Golden Crow’s flames. In an instant, the sky became a fiery sea as countless fire raindrops rained down. The sight was extremely magnificent, like star constellations crashing to the ground!

And in this explosive, rumbling rain of fire, Yi Yun charged out like a resurrected phoenix from the ashes, seeking life in the midst of death!

The large turtle desolate beast was irritated when it missed. It brandished its tongue and continuously tried to stab Yi Yun with it. Its destructive power was too terrifying. The tongue was like a brandished divine whip as it crashed into the lands, causing great disorder!

Flames rose and the burning air formed a strong wind. The surrounding stones and dust were roused by the strong wind. With the large turtle’s tongue swinging around violently, the land was swallowed by a thick smoke.

In the sky, fiery rain rained down, while the land was covered in smoke and dust.

The large turtle completely lost sight of Yi Yun. It was after all not a human expert. Humans had strong souls, so they could use their spiritual energy to lock on to their targets.

As for the large turtle, it mainly relied on its eyes, nose and its perception of energy.

However, Yi Yun was too small a target. Especially with him concealing his presence and camouflaged in the pure Yang fiery rain, be it his body or his body’s energy fluctuations were completely hidden.

The large turtle slowly stopped. Running crazily with its massive body drained its energy very quickly. And the energy required was equivalent to eating several large desolate beasts, so it decided not to chase Yi Yun anymore.

It finally stopped.

It was extremely furious that a puny human had undermined its authority and injured it, but it could do nothing. The only thing it could do was roar angrily at the billowing smoke.

However, it made no difference. It believed that the ant-like human had long escaped.

As the large turtle faded its roar, it planned on returning. It wanted to return to its territory. A cowardly ant was not worth it for it to go to arms.

Just as the large turtle turned around, it suddenly halted. It looked disbelievingly at a place not far away. About 5 miles away, the puny human appeared once again. He was standing on a mountain cliff that had mostly collapsed. He was holding a black bow, and an arrow was strung!

The large turtle desolate beast stared widely. With its slow brain, it did not have the time to figure out what the human was planning on doing, before…


The bowstring emitted a sound like muffled thunder as the Wind Chasing Arrow carried Yi Yun’s pure Yang energy through the air, shooting straight at the large turtle desolate beast’s eye!

At a distance of five miles, the Wind Chasing Arrow did not waver in its trajectory as it struck the large turtle’s pupil!


A tremendous explosion from all the energy injected into the Wind Chasing Arrow exploded at the large turtle desolate beast’s eye!

Although the large turtle desolate beast closed it eye in time, the force from the explosion still caused it pain. After the explosion dissipated, blood flowed out of the corner of its eye!

It was once again injured. Although this injury was nothing to it, it was completely incensed!


The large turtle looked up to the sky and let out a terrifying roar. Like an intense shock wave, it spread out in all directions and sent the clouds in the sky flying!

It had been provoked by that human time and again, so how could it tolerate it!?

It ran at Yi Yun once again. It spat out the long python-like tongue as it stabbed towards Yi Yun.

Without any hesitation, Yi Yun turned and escaped!

He did not want to clash with the large turtle directly because that was courting death.

As such, Yi Yun ran, while the large turtle chased him.

The large turtle’s body was immense and its stamina was weak compared to Yi Yun. In the beginning, Yi Yun was encountering incessant danger. Any mistake would result in him being smashed to pieces by the large turtle’s tongue. As time went by, with the large turtle’s physical strength expended, Yi Yun was already feeling great ease.

He continue running and provocating. When the large turtle chased him, he ran. When the large turtle wanted to leave, he would shoot an arrow. This harassment continued.

Yi Yun’s arrows were specially aimed at the weakest spots of the large turtle. He shot wherever it hurt.

Yi Yun’s arm strength was not lacking to begin with, and with his pure Yang energy injected into the arrows, every arrow’s power could shatter a mountain peak. Even though the large turtle’s hide was tough and its flesh tough, it still felt pain when its weakest spots were hit by such a tremendous attack.

Using this method, Yi Yun pulled the large turtle for a few thousand miles. The large turtle was nearly on the brink of mental collapse.

It had never seen such a cheap and damaging human. Its anger had reached its maximum.

At this moment, the large turtle was like a mobile volcano. It could explode at any moment!

Seeing the large turtle in this state, the culprit, Yi Yun, knew that it was about time.

The intelligence of desolate beasts’ was originally not high, and with a raging desolate beast, its destructive power would be terrifying only when it moved through instinct.

Such a massive object would become a terrifying war tank that could destroy anything.