True Martial World Chapter 493

Chapter 493: Red Lotus in Hand
Chapter 493: Red Lotus in Hand

Yi Yun increased the speed of his attacks with the broken sword. With the rock trembling, the cracks began to expand and the red lotus’ lotus rhizome was completely revealed.

The lotus rhizome was about as thick as a child’s arm. It was covered with channels that looked like crystal-clear blood vessels on the surface. It had a jade like texture.

Being pressed for time, Yi Yun did not hesitate. He reached out, grabbed the lotus rhizome and pulled it out!

It was finally in his hands!

Yi Yun used his Yuan Qi to form a protective layer and he placed the red lotus in a herbal box that he had prepared earlier on. Next, he put it inside his interspatial ring.

Following that, Yi Yun rushed out of the lava lake without any delay. He began moving towards the lava valley.

While returning, Yi Yun only had less than 30% of his Yuan Qi left. He used all his strength to swim. Thankfully, he was moving downstream this time, so it was less tiring.

About 5 minutes later, about a few hundred meters away in the lava valley. With a splash, Yi Yun’s head finally appeared out of the lava flow. He then climbed out to one of the banks with a great deal of effort.

He laid down on the hot rocks with his face up and gasped. His Yuan Qi had been completely depleted!

The hot sulfur smell of the lava assaulted his nose and entered his lungs. It was a bit choking, but this odor made Yi Yun feel a strange sense of excitement. This adventure in the second level of the God Advent Tower was extremely rewarding!

He sat up, swallowed a bone relic and began to meditate to begin his slow recovery.

The battle far in the distance was still continuing. Yi Yun had to adjust his condition to cope with a possible crisis.

And at this moment, Yi Yun suddenly heard a shrill scream. It was from the three-legged strange bird!

The scream was cloud-piercing and rock-splitting. It formed a terrifying shock wave that spread out in all directions!


The rocks below Yi Yun cracked open when they were hit by the shock wave.

Even Yi Yun’s face turned white from the shock and a trickle of blood flowed out of his ears.

What a terrifying scream!

Yi Yun was secretly alarmed. The three-legged strange bird was too strong. Its sharp scream was so powerful even from a great distance. It caused the weak him to feel pain in his ears. If he was a weaker warrior, his organs could have been destroyed from the shock wave.

After the sharp scream, screams were heard one after another as they bombarded Yi Yun’s ears. It was quite clear that the three-legged strange bird had already noticed the disappearance of the red lotus.

It was a matter of time before they discovered the disappearance of the red lotus. With so many strange birds in the sky, although they were all battling the large turtle, they still had so many pairs of eyes.

At this moment, Yi Yun no longer dared to continue his meditation. Who knew what the strange bird would do with it in it’s crazy state?

He had already recovered about 20-30% of his physical strength. He quickly and silently climbed the valley’s walls.

As he hid behind a boulder, he looked at the battlefield.

Yi Yun was greatly alarmed when he saw it.

In the sky, the three-legged strange bird’s body had completely changed into a red-golden color. Its body’s surface was burning with pure Yang flames as it launched thunderstorm like attacks on the large turtle!

The area was covered in pure Yang flames, with fiery clouds everywhere. There was no end in sight!

As for the large turtle, its body was charred black. Its head was bloody and its tongue had been severed by the three-legged strange bird!

There was only a broken tongue in the large turtle’s mouth. The snake’s head had already gone missing. Without the long tongue with a snake head, it could not launch any attacks.

But… the large turtle was no simple opponent. The strange bird’s situation was also extremely terrible. The three-legged strange bird may seem to be extremely powerful at the moment, but Yi Yun discovered using his energy vision that the energy in the strange bird’s body was chaotic. It was already in an unstable state, as if it would explode at any time.

To defeat the large turtle, the three-legged strange bird had probably overdrafted its vitality. Besides, it was covered in wounds and these wounds were most likely bites from the large turtle’s tongue.

And Yi Yun knew that the large turtle’s tongue contained venom.

With the venom entering the three-legged strange bird, it was bound to leave a noticeable impact on it.

If they carried on fighting, the two top overlords of the second level of the God Advent Tower would pay a terrible price. It was likely that one side would die, and the other side would have overdrafted their vitality, dying due to its heavy injuries shortly.

The two overlords was aware of this possibility. But at this moment, with the three-legged strange bird discovering the disappearance of the red lotus, it entered a frenzy state, losing its rationality. On the contrary, it was the large turtle that was feeling fear.

In the beginning, it had been angered by Yi Yun. And now, while battling the three-legged strange bird, it had received multiple setbacks, and it was already completely awake.

Although its was slow in its head, it was very sensitive to the fear of death. Previously, when it attacked without any regard, it was because it felt that it was the overlord of the second level, and it could nonchalantly kill any ants that blocked its path. But now, it discovered that something was amiss.

It did not want to die for no reason here. It did not want to die with this strange bird that had clearly gone mad.

The large turtle was already beginning to retreat.

As it fought, it retreated and began to escape down the hill.

Seeing this scene, Yi Yun knew it was time to evacuate. With the large turtle gone, the frenzied three-legged strange bird would probably rip the entire mountain apart.

Although the large turtle and the three-legged strange bird were seriously injured, which meant that it was the best opportunity to kill them, after some weighing of his own strength, he was far from being able to match the two super desolate beasts. It was like an egg thrown against a rock even if he battled them while they were injured .

A pity!

Yi Yun shook his head. He looked at the soaring three-legged strange bird in the air. It had used all the pure Yang energy in the radius of 5 miles. This desolate beast that had grown up by the lava lake and had circulated the pure Yang essence over the years would definitely be of great help to Yi Yun’s “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” if he killed it and obtained its beast mark. It could even help his Golden Crow Aspect Totem to evolve. However, the three-legged strange bird was too strong, so Yi Yun could only watch.

Yi Yun quietly returned to the lava valley. He jumped into the lava once again and moved with the lava flow downstream.

The lava flow’s speed became more turbulent the lower it went. As such, Yi Yun was moving very fast.

However, at this moment, Yi Yun suddenly felt his hair stand. He felt a cold killing intent at that very instant as it swept across him!

Now, Yi Yun was in the searing hot lava stream, but the killing intent made Yi Yun’s blood freeze!

Could this killing intent come from the three-legged strange bird!?

This thought flashed past Yi Yun’s mind. He felt that it was impossible, but the source of the killing intent came from the three-legged strange bird’s direction!

The strange bird managed to find him under such circumstances?

In the second level of the God Advent Tower, there was only Yi Yun. The only thing on this mountain that could threaten Yi Yun was the three-legged strange bird.

No matter if that was the case, Yi Yun knew that the moment he was discovered, there was certainly no room for escape.