True Martial World Chapter 494

Chapter 494: Obtaining New Life
Chapter 494: Obtaining New Life

Yi Yun could only take a gamble. As he held his breath, he dived deeper into the lava and he seem to lack any presence like an ordinary piece of rock.

At the same time, he used the Purple Crystal to conceal all his energy. Especially the energy fluctuations of the red lotus were hidden by the Purple Crystal through layers.

With Yi Yun’s presence concealed, even his protective Yuan Qi was contracted to the point of maintaining it by the surface of his skin.

He could constantly feel the burning sensation through his skin. Even with the Purple Crystal absorbing the Yang toxins, Yi Yun’s skin was still lacerated by burns from the lava.

Yi Yun endured the pain and remained motionless.

At the moment Yi Yun completely immersed himself in the lava, the three-legged strange bird had soared past the valley Yi Yun was in. It scanned the lava valley with its sharp eyes.

At this moment, the three-legged strange bird was extremely irritable. It was anxious to find the missing red lotus. As such, it didn’t even have the mood to chase the fleeing huge turtle.

With its unsophisticated intelligence, the three-legged strange bird had worked out that a living creature had stolen the red lotus while it was battling the large turtle.

With Yi Yun using the Purple Crystal to conceal his presence completely, the three-legged strange bird failed to find Yi Yun. It flew past the lava valley. The anger it had nowhere to vent turned into a explosive shot of pure Yang energy. Everywhere it passed, large amounts of rock was blown up. The Fusang trees that were already in a pathetic state was now a ghastly sight.

Yi Yun drifted for a while in the lava flow until his Yuan Qi was fully exhausted once again, then he peaked his head out.

The lava was extremely hot. Just that short amount of time caused Yi Yun’s body to be covered with burns. Blood seeped from his cracked skin.

Yi Yun ignored his injuries and he hurriedly swallowed a desolate bone relic. He then stuck close to the walls as he ran down the mountain. In his energy vision, Yi Yun saw that the three-legged strange bird had begun flying further away. Hence, he no longer needed to dive in the lava and suffer.

While running, Yi Yun used the Purple Crystal constantly to seal any energy fluctuations from his body. As such, the three-legged strange bird’s killing intent no longer swept pass Yi Yun.

This made Yi Yun suspect that the three-legged strange bird could use its sensitiveness to energy or some other mysterious connection to lock on to the red lotus’ position. If not, it could not have rushed all the way to where he was in the beginning.

“I have already put away the red lotus, so how did it sense it?”

Yi Yun was secretly alarmed. Desolate beasts, especially powerful desolate beasts, had mysterious strength and abilities that exceeded his understanding, so it was not strange. This made Yi Yun a bit scared. With the connection between the three-legged strange bird and the red lotus, if not for the Purple Crystal shielding it, he was unsure of what the outcome would be.

To be safe, Yi Yun took the red lotus and ran about 500 miles away.

Here, Yi Yun saw a tall and vast stretch of mountains. The mountain range was covered in dense and lush vegetation. This was a primeval forest that took tens of thousands of years to form. With the leaves and branches interlocking, light could not shine through.

If a person were to enter here, it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack if one wanted to find him.

Like a agile cat, Yi Yun entered the forest and moved quickly through it. Very soon, he reached a valley deep in the forest.

The valley was covered in mist all year long. The vegetation was also very lush, and it was the best place to hide.

Yi Yun chose a deep spot in the valley, and retrieving the Blood Red Lotus Saber, he slashed and quickly created a path.

Yi Yun used a large boulder to block the entrance to the passage. Then he used a few disk arrays he had exchanged for back in the Tai Ah Divine City to create an illusion array. These illusion arrays were more than sufficient to fool desolate beasts.

As he mined a path, Yi Yun reached somewhere deep underground. Here, he dug out a stone room the size of about a hundred feet.

In this way, Yi Yun was situated in a completely sealed underground cave. He then used the Purple Crystal to isolate the energy fluctuations in the underground cave. This way, he did not need to worry about his safety.

In here, Yi Yun first quietly meditated to heal. After about a day, he was finally rejuvenated completely. Only then did he retrieve the medicine box that contained the red lotus from his interspatial ring.

The herbal box that contained the red lotus was no ordinary item. It was the relic box that the Shen Tu family clan used to contain the Great Empress relic back then.

Shen Tu Nantian had used Everlasting Purple Gold and a top refiner master to manufacture this box. It could be said that its value was comparable to a city… but after Yi Yun tortured Shen Tu Nantian, this valuable relic box came into Yi Yun’s hands.

With the Everlasting Purple Gold medicine box, the herbal essence of the red lotus would not dissipate in any way.

Yi Yun took a deep breath and opened the medicine box.

A dark red beam immediately escaped.

In the dark cave, the red lotus was like a bonfire.

Yi Yun was stirred by this. The red lotus was quietly lying inside the medicine box’s silk satin. Every petal looked like a sculpted red crystal. The veins on its surface were clear and a pale gold color flowed through them.

Its roots were like jade and like glass as well. In the darkness, it seemed even more colorful.

After the red lotus appeared, the entire cave’s temperature increased. The surrounding moist soil was also quickly baked dry.

After some hesitation, he finally closed the Everlasting Purple Gold medicine box. The red lotus was intact, and he could not bear eating it.

He decided to first eat the red lotus’ lotus seeds.

To the present Yi Yun, a tiny portion of a treasure of this grade was sufficient for his absorption.

With a flip of his right hand, Yi Yun took the lotus seeds he extracted from the strange birds’ nest out of his interspatial ring. These lotus seeds had been soaked in desolate beasts’ hearts’ blood for an unknown period of time. The pure Yang energy in them could cause an awakening of the Golden Crow’s bloodline in the three-legged strange bird.

A treasure of this grade could cause such a heaven-defying effect on such a powerful desolate beast, so for Yi Yun, the benefits that would come out of it were unimaginable!

“This time, I wonder to what realm my strength will grow to… ”

As Yi Yun looked at the lotus seed that was full of Yuan Qi, he breathed out lightly. He was not in a hurry to swallow the lotus seed. Instead, he first began to circulate the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique”.

Pure Yang Yuan Qi flowed in Yi Yun’s meridians. As Yi Yun’s aura increased layer by layer, the Tai Ah Sacred Technique began to complete one circulation after another. The Tang Valley, Fusang phantom image appeared behind Yi Yun. His Golden Crow Totem also appeared as it flickered behind Yi Yun.

All of the energy fluctuations were isolated by the Purple Crystal.

The current Yi Yun was like a piece of jade glowing in the dark while hidden deep in the mountains.

With everything prepared, and with a thought, Yi Yun pulled a lotus seed with his Yuan Qi and put it in his mouth.

The moment the lotus seed entered his mouth, it immediately became a pure source of pure Yang Yuan Qi.

This feeling was like he had swallowed a big gulp of pure Yang lava.

The lava went down Yi Yun’s mouth, into his throat, before flowing to all corners of his body!

The surface of Yi Yun’s skin also became red like fire suddenly!

His meridians began to emerge under his skin as they sparkled with red or gold fiery lights.

Two flashes of reddish-gold lights appeared at the bottom of Yi Yun’s eyes. His present appearance looked like his body would spontaneously go up in flames at any moment, reducing him to ashes.

The pure Yang Yuan Qi was too pure! Too forceful!

“Weng— Weng—”

The pure Yang Yuan Qi was surging like an inferno, it began to burn Yi Yun’s body.

Yi Yun was like a sword placed in an inferno, turning red from the heat!

Yi Yun endured the violent pure Yang energy. The sweat that came out of his body immediately evaporated. His lips slowly cracked from dryness, but his eyes revealed that of excitement.

The feeling of being burned by pure Yang flames was excruciating, but it was also a very joyful experience!

It was like drinking a glass of hard liquor. If it burned, then let it burn fiercely. And Yi Yun wanted to use this fierce fire to refine himself into a good sword!

Yi Yun did not protect his Dantian. Instead, he was absorbing the pure Yang energy constantly and letting it burn.

Yi Yun’s meridians were constantly parched and they were even on the brink of breaking. Meridians were very important to a warrior in their strive towards martial arts. Once they were damaged, it was very hard for them to recover. It was difficult to heal them even if all sorts of treasures were consumed, hence, warriors were like birds who treasured their feathers in the same way they cherished their meridians.

However, now, Yi Yun was using such a brutal method to burn them!

The pain in his meridians made Yi Yun’s mouth twitch. One meridian after another was burned and it was a shocking sight.

Yi Yun clenched his fist and gasped heavily. It was still not enough!

He opened his mouth and with a flick of his fingers, the second blood lotus seed entered his mouth!

For a treasured sword to be refined, it had to go through thousands of stages of tempering. Stopping midway would fall short of completion!

Before finishing absorbing the first wave of energy, the second wave of energy surged over like a tidal wave. Under such a fierce impact, some of Yi Yun’s meridians started to break.

Yi Yun’s eyes were red. Pure Yang energy was accumulating in his body! It was expanding!

However… it was still not enough!

With determination, he grabbed a handful of lotus seeds. There were about seven or eight of them and he stuffed them into his mouth. For a divine sword to be forged amidst fierce fire, it was all a gamble!

With seven to eight lotus seeds entering his stomach, terrifying pure Yang energy exploded once again!

Only by having the Purple Crystal to control the situation did Yi Yun dare to be so crazy. But even so, when the pure Yang energy exploded like a earth-shattering tsunami, Yi Yun’s body could no longer take it. It began to collapse!

With his meridians burnt, they had turned black. It was like a slight touch would cause them to become flying ash.

Yi Yun’s body shivered. The unlimited heat spurt out from all his orifices and pores. The heat which was emitted also brought evaporated blood along with it. This resulted in Yi Yun appearing to be covered in a blood mist. The scene looked fearsome.

Yi Yun gritted his teeth. He felt his consciousness was slowly slipping away. He could only hold on to the final bit of clarity in his head, so he would not be completely destroyed.

As time went by, under his fuzzy state, Yi Yun did not know how much time had passed. He felt that everything around him had turned distant. He could only feel the coolness the Purple Crystal in his heart as it gently swirled.

As he felt he was almost dying, a faint warmness sprouted from deep within his body.

This warmness was full of vitality. It was like spring water that resulted after ice melted. Wherever it passed, it brought new life!

“Ka Ka Ka!”

All of Yi Yun’s blackened meridians began to crack as the warmness flowed past them. Layers of black skin fell off as they were washed away by the warmness.

After the black skin peeled off, what was revealed underneath was jade-like new meridians…

As more and more black skin peeled off, impurities accompanied them as they were discharged from Yi Yun’s pores. Very quickly, Yi Yun’s body was covered in a sticky substance.

Previously, when Yi Yun underwent Marrow Cleansing, his body would also discharge a black sticky substance, but this time it was different.

The sticky substance in the past were just impurities in his body, but this time, the sticky substances were the fragments of his old meridians. Yi Yun’s meridians had imperceptibly been renewed!

The new meridians intertwined like beautiful jade coral. They were wider than his original meridians. Their energy capacity was now even greater.

Even Yi Yun’s Dantian also had an amazing change. His Dantian had been widened and the energy in his Dantian had bound together, becoming crystal clear.

The pure Yang fire was a destructive force, but after destruction came new life.

When wildfires burned down plains in one year, seeds that were underneath the scorched earth would sprout out with greener grass in the second year.

Life and destruction were intertwined and they were inseparable from one another.

At this moment, Yi Yun suddenly felt enlightened. His body had obtained new life. This was the change of being reborn.

The new life after destruction was the profound charm of pure Yang.

Pure Yang body!

I have finally obtained a pure Yang body!

This was a perfect pure Yang body!