True Martial World Chapter 497

Chapter 497: God Advent Tower Phantom Image
Chapter 497: God Advent Tower Phantom Image

The cold wind in the frosty plains was biting to the bone. Yet, the cold wind did not have much impact on the swarthy youth.

As he approached the white-dressed female, a black sea appeared behind him. In this black sea, there was a giant whirlpool, as a Blood Moon hung above the whirlpool and it slowly wobbled.

This phenomenon was the scene of the God Burial Abyss, and the Blood Moon was the swarthy youth’s Aspect Totem.

With a scimitar in his hand, the swarthy youth took steps to close the gap between him and the white-dressed female.

“If you can control the God Advent Tower, I’m naturally not your match. But now, your connection with the God Advent Tower has been severed by the Divine Master. You have nothing to use against me. You are just an Item Spirit. Your sword and your body are just modeled from energy.”

As the swarthy youth spoke, the Blood Moon merged into his body. When his killing intent surged out, he no longer looked silly in any way, instead, he looked like a ferocious demon king!

Compared to warriors, energy-based Item Spirits were extremely limited in their combat ability.

The white-dressed female did not speak. She only looked at the vast icy plains. She gently clasped her hands and placed it on her chest, while her body began to emit a dim light.

The light was rainbow-colored. It looked like a dream-like illusion as it radiated in all directions.

With that, the entire God Advent Tower began to tremble gently.

Seeing this scene, the swarthy youth was taken by surprised. He took a step back. Traces of icy cracks appeared in the icy plains all around him.

“Impossible… The Divine Master has isolated your connection with the God Advent Tower, how can you possibly… power the God Advent Tower?”

He was anxious and doubtful. For this plan, the Divine Master had prepared for tens of thousands of years, while he was the executor of the plan. If he succeeded, he would be given a Heavenly Demon transference. That would be a paramount opportunity.

And if he failed, he would be stripped of his soul and all his energy by the Divine Master. That would be something more terrible than death!

At this critical moment, the swarthy youth roared out and charged at the white-dressed female. His body transformed into a black beam of light while the evil demonic scimitar slashed straight at the white-dressed female’s forehead.


An explosive sound echoed. The white-dressed female was like an incarnation of snow and ice. In the void in front of her, a beautiful hexagonal ice flower appeared out of thin air. This ice flower had blocked the swarthy youth’s attack.

But after this attack, the ice flower had already cracked!

A ferocious beam flashed in the swarthy youth’s eyes. As he roared, he brandished his scimitar a second time. With the Blood Moon’s power, the blinding blood beam dyed the endless snowy plains red.


The ice flower cracked apart, as if it could no longer withstand the swarthy youth’s attack.

However, under the protection of the ice flower, the white-dressed female’s expression remained calm. Her inner self was ethereal. She did not even give the blood-red scimitar a glance, as if whatever was happening in front of her had nothing to do with her.

The threat of death was in front of her, yet the white-dressed female still had her hands clasped on her chest, as if she was in a most pious solemnity.

The scimitar slashed down again and again as snow was sent fluttering around with a strange redness. It was as if they had been dyed red by blood.

Even so the white-dressed female remained unmoved. She was like a goddess going through salvation in the snow…

The tremors the God Advent Tower experienced grew in intensity. Far outside the Great Empress mystic realm, in the rapid flows of the eternal whirlpool, the Elders from the various large factions were all looking at the entrance to the Great Empress mystic realm in a daze.

The God Advent Tower’s tremors had already caused the entrance to the Great Empress mystic realm to vibrate.

“What is going on? What is happening!?”

First, it was the huge eye of a god that had appeared in the God Burial Abyss, and next, intense tremors from the Great Empress mystic realm could be felt, yet they did not know what was happening.

Now, even the Grand Elders from the various large factions were somewhat panicked. Be it the Great Empress mystic realm or the God Burial Abyss’ whirlpool, their power was something they could not withstand. Once something happened, they would be pulled into the God Burial Abyss and die horribly!

Some people were even considering on leaving!

And at this moment, there was a sudden loud boom. They saw that in the void not far away, it was as if a giant sword had cut a tear open in the spacetime fabric. The two sides rapidly tore apart as endless amounts of seawater was pulled into this space time vortex, causing a huge oceanic storm!


Someone shouted. In front of this terrifying force, they were like tree leaves in the middle of a storm. They could not even control their own bodies.

Even with Death approaching, no one knew why a sudden change had happened to the Great Empress mystic realm and the God Burial Abyss.

As the Elders of the various factions lost control of their bodies and were about to be swallowed by the vortex, a giant pagoda suddenly appeared from the spacetime fissure.

This pagoda was not real, it was just a phantom image condensed from energy. With the appearance of the pagoda, it swept all the stormy forces in the neighboring space. Like a divine mountain that fell from the Heavens, it moved in a suppressing fashion to the eternal whirlpool.

The giant pagoda pulled along all the turbulent torrents in the direction of the eternal whirlpool with it. This scene was like one from the apocalypse.

At the instant the pagoda appeared, many of the Elders felt like they were going to black out. Their heartbeats stagnated and their blood seemed to freeze. All the surrounding Yuan Qi around them was pulled by this force, while their Dantian were in chaos.

Some of the weaker ones even had blood trickling out of the corner of their mouths.

This bizarre scene was like a supreme power of god. It made many of the legendary figures in the Tian Yuan world feel an immense shock!

The pagoda crashed into the eternal whirlpool. In the whirlpool, the eye opened once again. One could feel a hopeless sense of death and quietness from its apathy.


The base of the pagoda stabbed straight into the pupil of the giant eye!


A brilliance flared out from the pagoda as a terrifying frost Qi spread out in the sea.

Countless of turbulent torrents were frozen by the frost Qi, forming a thousand kilometer wide glacier!

This glacier spread out in all directions. Surrounding the eternal whirlpool, the swirling arms that raged nonstop were frozen!

When everyone present saw this scene, they felt an inexplicable horror. The eternal whirlpool had been frozen?

It was a terrifying torrent that could even pull in a Great Emperor, yet it had been frozen?

It was too appalling if this was mentioned elsewhere.

The glacier spread outwards for hundreds of miles before stopping close to where the legendary figures were. The phantom image of the pagoda had already disappeared. The giant eye had been sealed by the glacier. They could no longer see it.

The eternal whirlpool’s torrent had stopped. Everyone looked at each other like stone sculptures. The sudden turn of events had made them lose the ability to think.

What unforeseen event had happened in the Great Empress mystic realm?

And at this moment…

In the second level of the God Advent Tower, in the desolate world Yi Yun was in, above the lushy valley, there was a contortion in the spacetime fabric. A white-dress figured flew out of the spacetime contortion. She was the white-dressed female who was battling the swarthy youth.

Her figure had already turned partially translucent. She seemed extremely weak. Her pair of indifferent but beautiful eyes had also seemed to lost their spirit.

She stopped in the air for a few seconds. Finally, she saw the underground cave that Yi Yun was hiding. With a flash, she flew towards the entrance of the underground cave…