True Martial World Chapter 498

Chapter 498: Entrust
Chapter 498: Entrust

Hundreds of meters underground, in the stone cave, Yi Yun had been sitting here quietly for a long time.

Traces of pure Yang flames escaped from the pores around his body. They curled and rose up like golden butterflies. After flashing for a few seconds, they would then disappear into nothingness.

What was once a dark stone chamber was now covered in a layer of golden red light due to the illumination of the flames.

Under the illumination, Yi Yun was seated cross-legged. He appeared calm, but in his body, pure Yang Yuan Qi was being circulated in a frenzied manner.

Every circulation resulted in pure Yang Yuan Qi accumulating in Yi Yun’s Dantian. It made Yi Yun’s cultivation level even stronger as his foundation became even more solid.

Now, having just entered the peak of the Yuan foundation, it was the moment where Yi Yun’s cultivation level and strength would increase by leaps and bounds.

From the peak of the Yuan foundation to the Dao Seed, it required a large amount of accumulated energy, to complete the condensation of the nomological seed.

As Yi Yun was in complete concentration in his cultivation, a white-dressed female appeared in front of him without a sound.

The hundreds of meters depth along with the illusion arrays Yi Yun had set up was not enough to prevent the white-dressed female from reaching him.

Yi Yun felt something and suddenly opened his eyes. Seeing the white-dressed female appear less than three meters away from him, Yi Yun’s hair stood up. At almost the same time, he leaped backwards and unsheathed his Blood Red Lotus Saber!

“Who are you!?”

In this environment, a sudden appearance of a ghost-like female was too odd. Anyone would break out into cold sweat from the shock.

However, despite being alarmed, Yi Yun was in no panic. He did not feel any killing intent from the white-dressed female.

The white-dressed female remained silent. She only looked at Yi Yun and let out a soft sigh.

The sigh was filled with indescribable emotion. It made one feel an inexplicable sense of pity. With a thought, Yi Yun asked, “You come from the Great Empress mystic realm?”

For her to easily find this hidden cave that he created, and appear before him without setting off any arrays, other than the Great Empress mystic realm’s guardian or an energy-based lifeform in charge of the next test, there was no other possibility.

“You guessed correctly. I… am the God Advent Tower’s Item Spirit.” The white-dressed female said in a cold and clear voice.

Despite Yi Yun already having some guesses, when he heard the white-dressed female say this, he was alarmed. He thought that the white-dressed female in front of him was similar to the energy lifeform mirror he had met when going from the second to third level of the God Advent Tower. He never expected her to be of such an influential existence, the God Advent Tower’s Item Spirit.

After the ancient Great Empress, the God Advent Tower no longer had an owner. Now, the Item Spirit was the operator of the God Advent Tower. Anyone could see that this white-dressed female was currently the actual master of the Great Empress mystic realm.

How could this identity not alarm Yi Yun?

He did not know why the white-dressed female had come to him. With the power she controlled, and from her position, he was just a tiny figure.

“You seem injured?”

Yi Yun tried to sound her out. He realized that the white-dressed female was not in good shape. From the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, her energy form was extremely unstable. It looked like it would collapse any moment.

An Item Spirit of a powerful divine artifact should not be in this state.

“Yes,” the white-dressed female said faintly. “As an evil race has entered the God Advent Tower, I activated the energy sealed in the God Advent Tower’s extreme frost icy plains by my master. This energy is exceedingly large, and I had to use my body as the media to drive it, causing my energy to be seriously expended. I need to enter deep slumber… or else, my body will break apart.”

What? Evil race?

Yi Yun was baffled. What was the evil race?

With such terrifying restrictions in the Great Empress mystic realm, and the God Advent Tower, a divine artifact that was used to pin the seas, it had still been infiltrated by an evil race?

What identity was the evil race? Were they from the Desolate race?

Could it be… that the earthquake from before had something related to what the white-dressed female said?

The white-dressed female ignored Yi Yun’s questions and continued, “Before I go into deep slumber, the remaining energy left in the Great Empress mystic realm will support the continuation of the trials. But this amount of energy can only last for a few more months. When the energy is exhausted, all the opportunities and treasures in the mystic realm will be sealed. Correspondingly, the restrictions and rules will be ineffective… ”

The white-dressed female’s words made Yi Yun’s heart sink. The treasures would be sealed, and the restrictions and rules made ineffective?

If that was the case…

All sorts of ideas flashed past Yi Yun’s mind. The news the white-dressed female brought was quite shocking, which prevented him from thinking in detail.

“Then why did this senior come to me?”

Yi Yun did not understand why the white-dressed female had come looking for him just before she entered her deep slumber, while the rules of the Great Empress mystic realm were on the brink of being made ineffective. He had never come into contact with the white-dressed female before.

The white-dressed female said, “In accordance to my master’s standards, be it you or that girl named Lin Xintong, both of you do not have the strength to inherit my master’s heritage… but, the performance of the both of you in the trials surprised me. But you surprised me the most.”

“That girl is currently walking in the extreme frost icy plains. I previously said that a portion of my master’s energy was sealed in the extreme frost icy plains. That girl is following in the footsteps of my master.”

“That path is nearly impossible for her to complete. If I had the strength, I could guide and protect her. When she can not endure it, I can shield her from the frost Qi from the extreme frost icy plains.”

“However… I am currently too weak. If I use any more energy, it will cause my body to break apart. I need to enter deep slumber… As for that girl… she has made up her mind. She wants to reach the end of the extreme frost icy plains, but I am no longer able to protect her … If she is alone, she might die in there.”


Hearing the white-dressed female’s words, Yi Yun was alarmed. Lin Xintong was about to die in the extreme frost icy plains?

“Go look for her. Past the third level, you will appear in the icy plains in the fourth level. You can choose to bring her back, or the both of you can attempt to traverse the icy plains and obtain the master’s approval…”

“What I want to say is… By then, I’ll already be in deep slumber. The extreme frost icy plains will become a land filled with death. If both of you insist on going ahead, you might walk into an abyss that will become a road of no return.”

Once the white-dressed female said this, her body began to fade as her voice turned more ethereal.

Yi Yun was filled with questions. He still wanted to ask more, but the white-dressed female only let out a faint sigh. Before she disappeared, the final words she said was, “There’s no time… ”

There’s no time?

Yi Yun did not know if she was referring to the so-called evil race or about him saving Lin Xintong.

At this moment, he had no time to think it through carefully, nor did he dare to delay. With the Blood Red Lotus Saber in hand, he shattered the rocks and leaped out of the underground cave. Following the long underground passage, he charged forward!

Translator’s Note: This is a picture of the Tian Yuan World the author, Cocooned Cow posted on WeChat two days ago. The Chinese text is a copy of the text in Chapter 373 that describes the Tian Yuan World and the God Burial Abyss.