True Martial World Chapter 500

Chapter 500: Yin Specter
Chapter 500: Yin Specter

Deep in the icy plains…

Compared to the icy plain’s entrance, this place was even lonelier and colder.

Lin Xintong did not know how far she had gone. She only walked forward one step at a time. Every footstep she imprinted on the ground disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The blue glacier beneath her feet was covered in thick snow and a fluttering ice storm billowed around her. This vast icy plain seemed to have no end to it.

In this land of despair, she was like a lone snow lotus that was whistling through the cold wind. Her existential presence was slowly wiped away, as if she was being swallowed by the icy plains.

Her Yuan Qi was mostly depleted, with just a tiny amount left. It was like a lone candlelight that fought back the dark night. Her eyelashes, neck and fingers which held her sword were all covered in a thin layer of crystal clear ice.

This layer of ice did not come from the icy plains, it came from her naturally terminated meridians which she could no longer suppress.

Besides the surface of her body, ice crystals had already began to form in her internal body such as her meridians and her blood vessels.

However, Lin Xintong still carried on proceeding forward. Her bright eyes showed disregard for life and death.

Lin Xintong was already determined to continue with her naturally terminated meridians. Be it fear, pain, death or despair, nothing could stop her, even if her remaining lifespan was cut short.

As the white-dressed female said, once Lin Xintong made up her mind, there was a sword in her heart.

At this moment, Lin Xintong had walked for a very long while. She was using the last ounce of Yuan Qi to protect her heart. She carried on following the path the ancient Great Empress had previously traveled with great determination. The distance she had covered had long exceeded the white-dressed female’s expectations. Furthermore, she was still moving forward.

Sometimes, determination allowed people to exceed their limits and go beyond what they were capable of.

If this went on, no one could guess how far Lin Xintong could go.

The strong wind was still howling. It was like a countless number of revolving blades were slashing her body. Lin Xintong moved forward alone in the vast icy plain as the snowy storm swallowed her frail and slender body…

And at this moment, a looming figure slowly appeared behind Lin Xintong in the snowstorm.

This figure’s speed was much faster than Lin Xintong. He moved silently as the chilly winds passed through his body without resistance. He was like a ghost without a body.

“Found her… she’s indeed here.” The eyes of the figure locked on tightly to Lin Xintong’s back. As he hid his presence, there was no way of her detecting him.

He was the swarthy youth that had been killed by the white-dressed female.

The final strike of the white-dressed female was powered by the energy sealed in the God Advent Tower by the ancient Great Empress. Such a strike was not something the swarthy youth could withstand, but the main target of the white-dressed female was the giant eye beneath the God Burial Abyss, which was also the Divine Master that the swarthy youth called.

As for the swarthy youth, he had been hit by it as a side-effect. His body was destroyed as a result, but his soul and will did not dissipate even after his body was destroyed. This was something the white-dressed female never expected.

The white-dressed female believed that she killed the swarthy youth. As she was about to enter her deep slumber, she had made her final arrangements for Lin Xintong as she was concerned for her safety. This was also to allow Yi Yun to save Lin Xintong, but the preparations she made for Lin Xintong had inadvertently exposed Lin Xintong’s position to the swarthy youth.

The swarthy youth’s soul had followed the clues to find Lin Xintong.

“B**ch, you think you can destroy my entire being? My soul has been refined by the Divine Master. Once my body is destroyed, my soul will automatically generate a Yin specter! Although I have lost my body, my spiritual energy still remains. Now that you have gone into deep slumber, this God Advent Tower has lost its protective power. I will take this God Advent Tower and return to the God Burial Abyss and let the Divine Master remodel my body!”

“As for… that girl named Lin Xintong… Hehe!” The Yin specter looked at Lin Xintong. A greediness flashed deep in its eyes. “She is a pure Yin body, which is a great nourishment to a Yin specter like me, but now… I will not swallow her flesh and blood. I need a body to implement my plans. Although this is a body of a woman, it would not be a problem to use it temporarily! After I take over her body, the Divine Master will reconstruct my body in the future, then I will swallow her flesh and blood as a tonic to nourish my Yin specter’s soul.”

The swarthy youth muttered to himself. Thinking of the white-dressed female who had destroyed his body, his eyes flashed with hatred. “B**ch, since you destroyed my body, the successor you had painstakingly handpicked will become my flesh and blood. It will be the end of your master’s heritage!”

The swarthy youth slowly approached Lin Xintong as the greed in his eyes became more intense.

He would use Lin Xintong to slowly swallow all the cultivators in the God Advent Tower and absorb their flesh and blood. These elites was the best sort of nourishment for a Yin specter. By swallowing them, he could greatly enhance his own strength.

With that strength, he just needed to wait for the remaining energy in the God Advent Tower to be completely depleted, then the God Advent Tower would follow his will!

Thinking of this, the corners of the swarthy youth’s mouth curled to reveal a sinister smile. This plan looked simply perfect!

As the distance between the swarthy youth and Lin Xintong decreased, he was planning to pounce from behind and directly wipe her sense of being. However, at the instant he launched his sneak attack, he felt a bone biting Frost Qi attack him. It was like an invisible sword was pointed at his eyebrows. It gave him no choice but to stop.

This sharp sword Qi figuratively caused his hair to stand as his soul embodiment felt the pain of being pricked!

Oh? This is…

The swarthy youth discovered that the girl’s will was so firm that it exceeded his imagination. The sword intent he felt was actually the powerful will of Lin Xintong.

How was it possible that a girl, who was on the brink of collapse like a lamp about to expire with its oil expended, could possess such a powerful will?

What the swarthy youth sensed was that her soul was like an icy moon that hung above the icy plains. It was gentle but it emitted a bright aura that did not seem like it would change for all eternity.

A young girl whose cultivation level was just at the Dao Seed realm could have such strong willpower?

Now, having lost his body, he had also lost his offensive power. Even his soul had been severely injured.

All he could rely on was his willpower. To possess Lin Xintong’s body, it was a battle of willpower. Against this girl who looked so weak, the swarthy youth suddenly lacked confidence. He felt that if it really came down to it, he probably could not beat the girl.

If that happened, he would not only fail at possessing her, he might be annihilated!