True Martial World Chapter 502

Chapter 502: A Line Demarcating Life and Death
Chapter 502: A Line Demarcating Life and Death

The resistance from the snowstorm was extremely strong. The way Yi Yun burned his pure Yang energy without any heed, it was depleting his Yuan Qi even faster.

However, at this moment, he no longer bothered about it as he was extremely anxious.

Especially when he followed the traces of blood to discover a blood pearl, which was a large amount of frozen blood.

Here, Yi Yun also saw strange corpses.

These corpses had already merged into the icy plains. It was as if their bodies were formed from the ice and snow.

Only then did Yi Yun recall that when he first discovered the trace of blood, there were also similar corpses around. It was because they were too similar to the ice and snow that he was not able to distinguish them.

“What sort of monsters are these?”

Yi Yun frowned. These ice plain snow monsters did not resemble desolate beasts. He missed a few corpses previously and he did not have much of an impression. But these few corpses still contained a lingering evil energy fluctuation.

The energies were slowly dissipating and they were most likely going to disappear eventually. This proved that not much time had passed since they fought Lin Xintong.

And Lin Xintong’s injuries seemed to become even more serious after this battle.

Yi Yun seemed to be able to tell that the overworldly maiden was now stepping on her own dripping blood as she fought a path ahead of her.

Weakness, loneliness, but firmness and decisiveness.

At Lin Xintong’s peak, it was probably not difficult for her to kill these snow monsters. However, she was severely injured. Her Yuan Qi was probably depleted already. She was battling by burning her vitality.

Realizing this, Yi Yun became even more anxious. He expanded his energy vision to its fullest extent and his pure Yang energy was burned together with his vitality.

He dashed forward on the snow plain like a burning meteor!

Yi Yun’s figure sped across the snow. And at this moment, Yi Yun sensed a weak fluctuation in his energy vision!

Yi Yun only felt his chest tighten. The energy fluctuation was very weak. It was like a candle that was flickering its last in the wind, and it was about to be extinguished at any moment.

Suddenly, this energy fluctuation intensified, and quickly, it dimmed again.

Yi Yun’s heart was now at his mouth as he clenched his fists. All his mental energies were locked onto this little fluctuation.

After the energy fluctuation dimmed, it went from a candle light to that of a point of starlight, but still, it remained unextinguished!

It was Lin Xintong!

Yi Yun was familiar with Lin Xintong’s energy fluctuation. There was no way he would make a mistake about it. At this moment, she was left with the last bit of life in her.

“Wait for me!”

Yi Yun bit his lips as his speed exploded in all aspects!

The Golden Crow roared and a fierce snowstorm was swept in front of Yi Yun and immediately turned into steam. Below Yi Yun, the snow was swept up by pure Yang energy as it rolled wantonly, like a ice dragon that followed Yi Yun!

Yi Yun could already see Lin Xintong with his naked eyes!

In the flying snow, her white dress was stained with blood, like a withered red plum in the snow…


A sword beam flashed. Another snow monster fell under Lin Xintong’s sword.

Lin Xintong’s sword was moving slower and slower.

Battling the snow monsters caused Lin Xintong to reach the end of her life. These snow monsters had no fear of death and they had unlimited strength. Even their bodies were extremely tough, and they seemed inexhaustible as they kept emerging from the snow.

Lin Xintong moved much slower than the snow monsters. She had managed to last this long using her deeper understanding of laws. She had saved every last drop of vitality she burned with every attack she used to kill a snow monster, however, the outcome was long decided.

Her vitality was already at its limits, while the snow monsters surrounding her did not seem to lessen.

Lin Xintong did not stop in her footsteps. As she proceed forward, she killed. This was a path she paved with her own blood.

Another snow monster pounced at her, as Lin Xintong pierced through its head with an attack. However, as Lin Xintong’s movements were slow, the snow monster’s final attack before it died managed to scratch Lin Xintong’s shoulder. Blood immediately stained her white dress.

There were already many wounds like it on her slender body.

As warm blood flowed out, they quickly froze. Lin Xintong felt that her body temperature was like that blood. It was constantly flowing away and freezing.

Lin Xintong’s eyes looked indifferent and lifeless. It was as if she had seen through life and death.

She raised her head and looked forward. At this moment, a bigger black figure appeared in front of her in the snowstorm.

After losing large amounts of blood, and her life at its end, Lin Xintong’s vision was already unclear. The black figure she saw was just a fuzz.

In fact, all along this path, all she saw was blurriness. She used such a vision and her fighting instinct to come to this point.

Boom! Boom!

The black figure’s footsteps were extremely heavy. Every footstep caused the ground to tremble, causing countless amounts of ice and snow to be thrown up.

Lin Xintong quietly looked at the huge snow monster. It was on all fours as it ran towards Lin Xintong with its hurried and heavy-sounding footsteps.

Lin Xintong slowly lifted her sword up.

This was likely her last attack. She had long reached the limit to her limits. She had held on up to now just with her willpower and tenacity. She was likely going to die here.

“What a pity. I probably won’t be able to walk out of this icy plain. I won’t be able to see the scene the ancient Great Empress saw when she walked out of this icy plain back then. It is really… regretful… ”

Lin Xintong’s heart had no fear, there was only regret.

She felt that it was a pity that she could not see the peak of martial arts, nor could she see the reversal of her fate.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

As the giant snow monster came closer to Lin Xintong, not far from Lin Xintong, a windstorm formed from pure Yang flames was rolling towards Lin Xintong at an even faster speed!

“Oh? What!?”

On the snowy plains, in the void, a phantom figure, who no one could see, saw a giant fireball formed from pure Yang flames appear. He was momentarily stunned.

The swarthy youth was hidden there. He was prepared to draw in his net and possess Lin Xintong the moment she lost consciousness. However, at this moment, an unexpected turn of events had occurred.

He saw Yi Yun’s face and a look of shock appeared on his face.

It’s him!?

From the moment he entered the Great Empress trials, the swarthy youth had paid special attention to Yi Yun. He had frequently looked at Yi Yun because he had sensed Yi Yun’s potential.

His essence was a Yin specter. The swarthy youth was more sharp in his ability to sense energy and a warrior’s vitality compared to any of the cultivators or the legendary figures of any of the large factions.

The reason why he thought highly of Yi Yun and repeatedly observed Yi Yun was not because he admired Yi Yun, but because he was planning to use Yi Yun’s body as his next body!

After all, the Yin specter was his actual self, and the body was just a shell. It was no different from clothes.

However, even if he knew Yi Yun’s potential, he never believed that Yi Yun’s strength could threaten him. On the contrary, Yi Yun’s arrival was gifting him with a perfect body!

“What an opportune time. I never expected you to come as well. You are the body that suits me the best! After I eat up that girl and absorb her flesh, blood and pure Yin energy, I will possess you!”