True Martial World Chapter 503

Chapter 503: Withered
Chapter 503: Withered

The swarthy youth, who was hidden in a warped space, locked onto Yi Yun with his crimson eyes. The door to Hell, which summoned the ferocious ghosts, was spinning behind him.

After discovering Yi Yun, the swarthy youth no longer cared about Lin Xintong.

Previously, he had been careful not to actually kill Lin Xintong. If her body was greatly destroyed, then there would be no point in possessing her body.

However, now, with him eyeing Yi Yun’s body, Lin Xintong’s body was just food for him, so her death meant nothing to him anymore.

His attention moved onto Yi Yun. He no longer controlled the snow monsters that were surrounding Lin Xintong.

As a result, even more snow monsters pounced towards Lin Xintong like a bunch of hungry ghosts. Their attacks became even more aggressive, disregarding any consequences.

The reason why Lin Xintong had been able to last so long was because these snow monsters had been restrained in their attacks, but now, she was powerless to resist.

Far in the distance, Yi Yun held his breath when saw the scene of the snow monsters pouncing towards Lin Xintong.

At this very moment, everything that happened before Yi Yun was like a flash, but similarly, his perception of the environment reached an extreme point. Even the falling snow became infinitely clear in his vision.


The three-legged Golden Crow behind Yi Yun suddenly flapped its wings!

His vitality was burning, and in the blood essence flowing in his pure Yang body was a fire seed that was of extreme purity. Once lit, it immediately caused the golden flames on the surface of Yi Yun’s body to burn even more violently. His entire being became more like the burning Sun as he frantically rushed towards Lin Xintong!

10,000 feet!

5000 feet!

1000 feet!

Such a great distance was covered in the blink of an eye!

Yi Yun’s vision was tightly locked onto Lin Xintong’s figure.

The swarthy youth who was hidden in warped space was taken aback upon seeing this.

He never expected for Yi Yun to reach such speeds in such a bone-chilling environment.

Pure Yang body? He actually has a perfect pure Yang body?

After a moment of surprise, the swarthy youth was immediately overjoyed. A pure Yang body made him even more satisfied. Such a body had high affinity with energy!

Once he was credited with meritorious deeds, he would need to enter the God Burial Abyss to receive the Heavenly Demon transference from the Divine Master. For that, he needed a high quality body as not waste the energy transference, which also would allow for his power to improve by leaps and bounds.

Accordingly, a pure Yang body was extremely strong in true energy and Yang energy, so it was extremely difficult to possess.

“Seeing that you want to save that girl, I’ll make sure that you won’t be able to do so. When you see her die with your own eyes, there will be a hole in your heart and spirit, which will allow me to swoop in!”

As the swarthy youth muttered to himself, his lips curled into a cold sneer.

With a thought, two black figures came out of the door to Hell behind him. And at the same time…

Bam! Bam!

Two consecutive explosive sounds were heard as two giant snow monsters rushed out of the snowstorm from Yi Yun’s two sides.

These two snow monsters were two times bigger than the typical snow monsters. Their snow fur expanded as their bodies emitted terrifying murderous and frost Qi as they charged towards Yi Yun!

The two snow monsters raised their massive claws while they flickered with ice-cold blue light. Their claws seemed to be burning with a type of cold fire, and with an overwhelming force, they struck towards Yi Yun!


As the pressure surrounding Yi Yin spiked greatly, wind from the claw spread out wantonly, causing the ice layer on the ground to emit a crunching sound as cracked lines began to appear.

The ice layer beneath Yi Yun was pushed down a notch.

“You can’t save her, and instead you will die here. Die!”

The swarthy youth’s thoughts suddenly entered Yi Yun’s mind. His body was hidden in the void which caused the thoughts to appear to come from the snow monsters.

When the two snow monsters were hindering Yi Yun, about a few hundred feet away, even more snow monsters charged towards Lin Xintong.

Their bloody claws were about to land on Lin Xintong’s body! Those strikes would definitely spell certain death for her!

At this moment, Lin Xintong was like a withered flower. Seeing the momentum aura from the snow monsters surging at her, she did not dodge in anyway. She held her sword in hand. This final sword attack seemed like it would use up all the brilliance of her remaining life.

She had undergone sadness in life, but she was resplendent with death.

That momentarily scene seemed to freeze for an eternity in Yi Yun’s eyes.

It was as if time had been slowed down indefinitely. The flying Yi Yun was moving through the sky and flames, and through the gaps between the two monsters’ claws beside him, he could see a depressing scene of blood diffusing through his vision.

As time slowed down indefinitely, a sword suddenly appeared in Yi Yun’s right hand!

This sword appeared in a natural manner, as if it was always in Yi Yun’s hand. It was like a part of him.

It was rusted and stained with spots of blood that had dried up. Its blade was broken in the middle and it looked as if it had undergone countless numbers of years.

The Golden Crow spread its wings as the flames roared. In Yi Yun’s eyes, it was as if two stars had exploded!

He made his move!

This sword attack came from the heart. It was as if at that very moment, an azure-clothed swordsman’s phantom image had vaguely appeared behind Yi Yun, and then it merged with Yi Yun’s sword attack…

The power of one sword severed the heavens!

A vast, pure Yang sword beam condensed into a vast ocean, the terrifying sword Qi slashed wantonly at the glaciers.

Peng Peng Peng!

With numerous ice fragments exploding, the pure Yang sea engulfed downwards. The two snow monsters by Yi Yun’s side were the first to be bear the brunt of the force. With a tremble of their bodies, their bodies, which were formed from snow and ice, were unable to resist the pure Yang Yuan Qi explosive force and directly exploded into pieces!

The sword wind did not reduce in momentum. Wherever it passed, a stunning sword scar was left behind on the icy plain, as ice fragments shot out from two sides!

The distance of a few hundred feet were covered instantaneously!


A terrifying explosion engulfed a five mile radius of the void, causing endless amounts of water to be evaporated.

The snow monsters that were surrounding Lin Xintong were engulfed by the pure Yang flames!

Hot! Intense! Burning! It was as if the Sun had descended!

To these snow monsters, be it their bodies formed from snow and ice, or the Yin specter spirits that resided on the bodies, neither could withstand such an impact. In an instant, their bodies burned as pure Yang energy invaded their bodies, turning the Yin specter evil spirits into nothingness!

“Wu Wu! Ao Ao!”

The Yin specters cried out painfully, like there were countless numbers of evil spirits being burned by True Samādhi Fire. Pure Yang beams shot out from their eyes and ears. This was the explosion of pure Yang flames from within their own bodies!

During the explosion, their bodies were dismembered and, in a few seconds, they turned into a puddle of foul water, which then immediately evaporated, turning into nothingness!

The power of Yi Yun’s sword attack had developed to this point! The group of snow monsters evaporated, leaving not a single drop of water.

In the pure Yang storm, Lin Xintong’s body was dyed red with blood. Her eyes were vacant as her vision was a blur. Her vitality had been overdrafted.

She seemed to sense something as she gently turned her head over, using her eyes, which could no longer focus, to look in Yi Yun’s direction.

She gave a deep glance at Yi Yun, as if she wanted to see this scene clearly, but eventually, she collapsed from the lack of strength. Her tattered white dress spread out on the snow and ice, as blood and snow mixed together…