True Martial World Chapter 504

Chapter 504: Heart Piercing
Chapter 504: Heart Piercing

As the snow storm covered the sky, the heaven and earth was like a desolate wasteland.

Yi Yun arrived beside Lin Xintong the very moment she collapsed. He held up her thin body in his arms.

Her body was very light, and there was not a shred of body temperature left in her. Her body was now as cold as ice.

Her life force was slowly pulling away from her body. She closed her eyes tightly as her long eyelashes were speckled with bits of ice.

Blood and ice crystals began forming on the surface of Lin Xintong’s body. She was like a ice fractal that could shatter at any moment as she was extremely weak.

Yi Yun held onto Lin Xintong as he silently stood in the snow-filled ground. He placed one hand on Lin Xintong’s meridians, as meridians were the channels that allowed for energy to flow in a warrior. Using the Purple Crystal’s sensitivity to energy, Yi Yun could clearly understand the situation with Lin Xintong’s meridians.

This probe made Yi Yun’s heart sink.

Lin Xintong’s condition was terrible.

Only a very tiny bit of life force was left in her. Even in the Lin family, even with the best healing grounds, with all sorts of good medicine that could be used to treat Lin Xintong’s meridians, they were unlikely to be able to make her fully recover.

Besides, this was in the extreme frost icy plains. The chill from the wind was biting to the bone. Even Yi Yun found it difficult to heal her with a pure Yang body that could withstand the chilling winds.

As for Lin Xintong, with her natural Yin Meridians, she was in a worse off state. The frost toxins had spread in Lin Xintong’s body, and her flame of life could be extinguished at any moment.

Seeing Lin Xintong’s pale and almost transparent, but beautiful face, Yi Yun felt a throbbing pain.

The God Advent Tower’s Item Spirit had already gone into her slumber and could not help them. They could only rely on themselves.

Thinking of Lin Xintong’s final moment with her confused look, Yi Yun did not know what to feel. If he could not think of a way, then this would become the last thing Lin Xintong saw of this world…

Yi Yun gently pinched Lin Xintong’s hand as he carefully injected pure Yang energy into her body to protect her heart.

This was the only thing Yi Yun could do.

However, Lin Xintong had burned too much of her life force. If he wanted to wake her up, just this bit of pure Yang energy would be insufficient…

As he carried Lin Xintong, he remained silent in the snow. He now had two options. One was to proceed forward and retrace the steps the ancient Great Empress had previously taken.

The second option was to retreat, leave this extreme frost icy plains and return to the third level of the God Advent Tower.

If he chose to proceed, it was bound to be fraught with difficulties. With Lin Xintong having lost consciousness and with her life being so vulnerable, Yi Yun had to continuously inject pure Yang energy into her body to maintain her life. Under these circumstances, the difficulty for Yi Yun to completely traverse the extreme frost icy plains was imaginable.

As for retreating…

Yi Yun knew how far the distance was if he retreated. It had taken him four days to traverse the distance. If he carried Lin Xintong and walked the distance back, it would take at least six days.

Yi Yun did not know if Lin Xintong could last for another six days, and even if she did, what was he to do when he returned to the third level of the God Advent Tower?

She had lost her vitality, and there was no way of replenishing it.

Yi Yun took a deep breath and sat cross-legged in the snow.

Regardless of which choice he decided on, he needed to recover his stamina now.

Just now, that sword attack Yi Yun slashed out, that was his strongest attack. However, that attack greatly expended Yi Yun’s stamina.

Yi Yun knew very well that the battle had not ended…

At this moment, in the sky, a few hundred feet away from Yi Yun.

A pair of blood-red eyes were staring at Yi Yun like a vulture.

The swarthy youth was hidden in the void, his expression extremely ugly. Behind him, the door to Hell, which he had summoned, had shattered. He had even received a backlash from the sword Qi!

Once a Yin specter lost its body, it would become extremely weak. Yi Yun’s final strike was devastating. Those snow monsters were connected to the swarthy youth’s soul. So, with them being completely destroyed, without any residue left, that had dealt a severe blow to the swarthy youth!

“How could this be possible…”

The swarthy youth could not believe that Yi Yun’s strength had reached such a terrifying extent.

Even if Yi Yun had a pure Yang body, and had a great advantage while fighting snow monsters on the snowy plains, he should not have been able to destroy more than twenty snow monsters in one strike, not to mention causing the swarthy youth to be injured.

This had exceeded the swarthy youth’s comprehension.

“Oh? This kid’s cultivation level has reached… the peak of the Yuan foundation realm!”

Only then did the swarthy youth notice Yi Yun’s cultivation level. To be at the peak of the Yuan foundation realm at the age of sixteen, this cultivation speed was too fast. And when the swarthy youth recalled, although he found Yi Yun’s potential stunning, he had not noticed him to have such a perfect pure Yang body. This meant that Yi Yun had a fortuitous encounter in the God Advent Tower.

This luck made him jealous.

“I thought he would be an easy catch, who knew that he would become such trouble. I need to deliberate this further. I am currently only a Yin specter. My soul’s Yin energy is too great and in front of pure Yang sword Qi, I will be unable to put up any resistance. Without a body’s protection, I will very quickly turn into nothingness!”

The swarthy youth was like a lurking venomous snake. He was waiting for an opportunity. He noticed that after Yi Yun’s strike, Yi Yun’s breathing rhythm had greatly weakened. It was an opportunity for him to make a move.

“That girl! She is the kid’s weakness. If I attack and destroy that girl, that kid will definitely do everything he can to protect her. This way, he will probably become confused, and once his body is severely injured, that will be the best time for me to strike.”

The swarthy youth carefully planned as an evil smile suffused on his lips. However, before this, he needed to drain Yi Yun’s stamina.

This was not a difficult thing for him to do. As a Yin specter, he could summon evil spirits to aid him in battle.

These evil spirits did not have great offensive power, but them being killed would not cause any backlash to his essence.

However, if Yi Yun wanted to destroy these evil spirits, he would need to use his pure Yang energy every time. This would greatly drain Yi Yun.

Once Yi Yun’s stamina was reduced to 40% or lower, then he could strike.

With a thought from the swarthy youth, one invisible evil spirit after another appeared around him out of nowhere. With a Yin wind billowing, they flew towards Yi Yun.

“Hmph, if not for that b*tch protecting the God Advent Tower, my body would still be intact. If so, taking care of this kid would be extremely easy. I wouldn’t have to go through all this trouble!”

The swarthy youth muttered to himself through gritted teeth. He hated the white-dressed female to the bone.

And while those evil spirits were charging towards Yi Yun, suddenly, the swarthy youth realized that Yi Yun’s figure had turned blurry.


The swarthy youth was alarmed. This was…

In contrast with Yi Yun’s blurred figure, Lin Xintong was still in Yi Yun’s arms. However, what was holding onto Lin Xintong’s body was not Yi Yun’s arms, but a blob of pure Yang energy!

No good!

The swarthy youth was greatly shocked. Just as he was about to move forward, he heard a “Peng” sound…

A broken sword, burning with pure Yang flames, pierced through his body right through his chest…

The swarthy youth looked incredulously at the rusty broken sword before his eyes. This scene did not look real no matter how much he looked at it…

How could… this be?