True Martial World Chapter 505

Chapter 505: Choice
Chapter 505: Choice

The broken sword was old and simple. Its blade, which was covered in rusty stains, burned with pure Yang flames. These pure Yang flames were able to suppress evil Yin energy to the greatest extent.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The swarthy youth could clearly hear the burning sound of his body. A huge hole, that could be seen with the naked eye, slowly formed on his body as large amounts of Yin specter energy was overwhelmed by pure Yang flames, burning into nothingness.


The swarthy youth grabbed the broken sword and his face severely distorted. As his chest burned with the pure Yang flames, he felt an unbearable pain!

As a Yin specter, physical pain was nothing to him, but the pain that came from one’s soul was magnified by several times, making him feel like on the brink of collapse!

The swarthy youth turned his head with difficulty. His soul-based body seemed to turn into rust as it became extremely difficult to move.


In the swarthy youth’s vision, which was rapidly turning into blur, he saw a youth dressed in azure clothes wielding a broken sword.

The powerful pure Yang energy and the top movement technique, Golden Crow Sun Shift made Yi Yun’s speed momentarily reach an extreme. The swarthy youth, who had become a Yin specter, was not strong in the first place, which caused him to be unable to dodge Yi Yun’s deadly strike!

“How…how…did you discover…me…”

The swarthy youth opened his mouth with great difficulty. The pain from his chest and the feeling of impending death made his voice dry and weak. It was as if just saying a few more words would cause his body to completely collapse.

However, he still wanted to ask because he did not want to die not knowing how. He could not figure out how, since his soul body was made of a Yin specter, he should have been able to perfectly conceal himself, so how did Yi Yun discover him and lock onto his actual position?

“If those are your last words, it sure is boring.”

Yi Yun’s lips curled into a sneer. He slowly twisted his sword as the blade turned vertical and aimed towards the swarthy youth’s head.


The swarthy youth’s mouth emitted a trace of black gas. Yi Yun’s inconspicuous-looking ancient sword gave him extreme fear. With death imminent, he was filled with despair and indignation.

“Spare…Spare my life, I can…”

Before the swarthy youth could finish his words, Yi Yun slashed upwards with his sword!

“Chi La!”

Yi Yun’s attack began from the swarthy youth’s chest and followed the central axis of his body, splitting his body apart. It split his neck, followed by his chin, nose bridge, middle of his eyebrows till the top of his head!

“Ah Ah Ah Ah!”

The swarthy youth’s soul let out a sharp but bitter cry. His body was split into two. Large amounts of black-colored flames spewed out from his body as the flames wantonly burned.

The flames swallowed his soul-based body. His expression was completely distorted within the flames. It was like sacred fire burning a wraith, and the scene was filled with shrieks!

Yi Yun had already taken a step back as he coldly watched this scene. He opened his energy vision and locked onto the surrounding energy fluctuations. As a Yin specter, the swarthy youth naturally caused energy fluctuations. Yi Yun did not want him to use any method to escape under his nose.

As the flames soared into the sky, the swarthy youth’s cries turned softer and softer. The soul energy had nearly vanished.

Although he killed the swarthy youth, Yi Yun did not relax in any way. He did not know the origins of the swarthy youth. The white-dressed female, which was the God Advent Tower’s Item Spirit, did not mention many things before entering her slumber.

A mysterious opponent who could threaten the Great Empress mystic realm to the point of stealing a divine item like the God Advent Tower… He had only been repelled through the sacrifice of the white-dressed female to the point of her needing to enter her slumber and using a sealed energy of the ancient Great Empress.

Such an existence was clearly not something a faction like the Shen Tu family clan could compare with.

Faintly, Yi Yun could feel the Tian Yuan world turn dark. The last words the white-dressed female had said before entering her slumber, “There’s no time” also made Yi Yun worried.

Seeing the dissipating black gas in the sky, Yi Yun’s Aspect Totem burst out from his body with a thought. The Golden Crow spread its wings and its flames burned all the black gas cleanly.

The swarthy youth was strange in every sense of the word. Although Yi Yun had stabbed him to death with one strike, he was unsure if his life was completely destroyed or not.

To be safe, he burned all the evil energy completely, and all the residue energy was absorbed by the Purple Crystal. He believed that no matter how strange the swarthy youth’s life form was, it was impossible for him to revive from the dead after doing so.

After completing all of this, Yi Yun landed on the icy plains. Although Yi Yun was not at the Dao Seed realm yet, just the Golden Crow Totem and the Golden Crow Sun Shift movement technique allowed him to float in the air using pure Yang energy. This was not considered a difficult task for him.

At this moment, Lin Xintong’s body was covered in snow on the icy plain. Her face was pale, like a frozen goddess.

Seeing Lin Xintong in such a state, Yi Yun felt slight pain in his heart. He bent down and carried her. Upon touching Lin Xintong’s body, Yi Yun felt like he was holding onto a piece of ice that very moment.

Lin Xintong’s body temperature had completely dissipated. The only life left in her was deeply sealed within. There was a possibility that she would never wake up…

In the howling snowstorm, Yi Yun stood there quietly in his azure-colored clothes.

Seeing the vastness of the land, he was like speck of snow in a chaotic turmoil set on the stage of a large icy plain. Lin Xintong and his body appeared infinitely small…

A youth was holding onto to a young lady, facing the entire world…

At this moment, Yi Yun suddenly felt a bit dazed. He did not know where the goal was in this vast snowy plain…

Yi Yun sighed. It was a heaven defying path when warriors practiced martial arts. This process was fraught with numerous dangers, loneliness and suffering, causing unknown numbers of warriors to die on the path of martial arts. Maybe, the root of all this motivation came from the unwillingness to be tiny.

A mortal’s life was just a few decades before they returned to dust.

After hundreds of years, looking back at history, there were billions of lives, so why would a passed away mortal matter?

To be equal to the Heavens and Earth and to control one’s fate…That was the wishes of warriors.

These thoughts flashed past Yi Yun’s mind before he opened his eyes once again. He was no longer lost. As he carried Lin Xintong, he slowly moved forward while braving the snow.

The flurry of snow before him prevented him from seeing clearly.

Amongst the choices of proceeding forward or retreating backwards, Yi Yun’s final decision was to continue tracing the path the ancient Great Empress had previously traversed!

Although Lin Xintong’s condition was extremely terrible, Yi Yun still held a glimmer of hope in his heart. Maybe, when he walked out of the icy plains, there might be something that could change all of this…

Yi Yun used his body’s pure Yang Yuan Qi to wrap Lin Xintong and himself. At the same time, Yi Yun constantly infused Yuan Qi into Lin Xintong’s heart, so as to maintain her life.

A perfect pure Yang body’s Yuan Qi brought some warmth to the cold as ice Lin Xintong. Although her face was as pale as ever, but when the pure Yang energy circulated within Lin Xintong’s frozen and dried up meridians, there was a faint budding of life coming from deep within her life force.

The eyelashes of Lin Xintong, who was unconscious, gently trembled…