True Martial World Chapter 506

Chapter 506: Warmth
Chapter 506: Warmth

At the moment when her life was in danger, when the unconscious Lin Xintong was engulfed by both extreme frost as well as pure Yang energy, a tiny pulse appeared deep within her consciousness.

She felt like she had opened her eyes.

Wu Wu…

What faced her was still that icy plain. The snowstorm still whistled in the air in that timeless and unchanging icy plain.

This is…

Lin Xintong was puzzled. She remembered that in her previous breath, she was still battling those snow monsters. And when she was at her limits, with her vision blurring, a person had saved her from the line demarcating life and death. The power of that one strike was indomitable. Her vision had been filled by a golden-red flame, and after that, she lost consciousness…

However, now, everything had disappeared. She was once again standing on the icy plain alone.

That figure…

Lin Xintong did not see clearly, but she could not help but think of a person…

However… how did he appear in her own trial. And even if he came, how did he have such great power?

Was that scene just an illusion of the icy plain?

Or was what she was seeing now just an illusion.

Lin Xintong shook her head and no longer thought about it. With the bone-biting chill blowing at her, she could not help but tightened her collar.

So cold…

The snowstorm here could directly freeze a person’s blood.

As the snowstorm became more violent, her vision was also affected. She could not even see beyond a footstep.

Lin Xintong felt that her Yuan Qi, as well as her vitality, had unknowingly been completely consumed. Here, on the snowy plain, she… she could not move a single step.

She looked down and did not know when ice crystals had begun to spread up her legs, as they froze her legs to the icy surface.


Lin Xintong’s face turned pale as the ice spread upwards from her feet. If this carried on, she would very quickly freeze over.

She would become an ice sculpture in the snowy plain.

The frost Yin energies within her Yin Meridians were also triggered, causing her to be unable to resist in any way.

Just as she felt lost, suddenly a hand stretched out in the snowstorm, and held her cold palm.

Lin Xintong was stunned. She felt that the hand contained a warm energy. This energy was now streaming into her body without any end, giving her dried up meridians new life. It was like warm spring water, flowing across a frozen and dried up riverbed…

With this energy, the ice beneath Lin Xintong’s feet slowly melted..

She was pulled by this hand, as she took one step after another in a forward direction.

You are…

Lin Xintong tried her best to see the figure’s back, but he was hidden in the snowstorm. It was all a blur.

He was just walking in front of her, blocking the wind for her. His steps were very stable, and the warmth that spread from his palm gave Lin Xintong’s cold body a trace of warmth.

Momentarily, Lin Xintong had an indescribable feeling. In this vast and lonely world that made people despair, she had already acquiesced that she would die here, but then a hand appeared abruptly. There was also this figure.

A surge of warmth arose in her heart.

The path of martial arts was a lonely one. And when she was at her loneliest, to have someone accompany her would allow her for to be more determined with her original beliefs.

This hand led her to walk a long distance.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As they proceeded further into the icy plain, the sounds of the violent winds became like thunder. It did not sweep up snow, but pieces of ice fragments.

These ice fragments contained frost Yin, and not only was it extremely painful when it hit her body, it was like a maggot residing in her bone, constantly sucking away her body’s warmth.

Lin Xintong looked forward. That figure was still walking. Most of the ice fragments were burdened by the figure.

The warmth from his palm continued.

However, Lin Xintong’s naturally terminated meridians could no longer be suppressed. A coldness spread from within her body, becoming one with the external world’s frost Qi.

Lin Xintong felt her footsteps becoming lighter. Her body seemed to distance itself away from her as she looked at the hand of the figure holding her. A layer of ice crystals extended out from her sleeves and covered her white wrist, before gradually spreading to her fingers.

The feeling of death approached once again.

Was this an illusion she saw just before dying?

Lin Xintong gave a gently sigh. She could no longer tell the difference between dream and reality. However… it was probably not important anymore…

In the end, she was still unable to reverse her fate.

However, the figure in front of her did not let go. He pulled her and obstinately proceeded forward…

Lin Xintong’s footsteps became slower and slower. The ice crystals now reached her fingers. Even the hand stretched out by that person could no longer provide her with warmth.

Just as her life was about to leave her body, Lin Xintong tried her best to see clearly the figure in front of her. All she wanted was a glance, but… she still could not see anything clearly…

“Is it… really you…”

Yi Yun was holding Lin Xintong in his arms and had now traveled an unknown distance. He felt Lin Xintong’s breathing gradually weaken. It was as if her life was slowly approaching its end.

However, as her breathing weakened, her eyelashes began to constantly vibrate gently. It was as if she was trying her best at opening her eyes to look at him.

However… her eyes never managed to open up…

Yi Yun tightly held Lin Xintong as his pure Yang energy constantly circulated. However… he realized that with Lin Xintong’s life force gradually weakening, the pure Yang energy could no longer be injected into Lin Xintong’s body…

The icy plain seemed boundless and without end.

Without being able to see his destination, his Yuan Qi slowly depleting and him holding on to a body that was slowly losing its life, everything seemed hopeless…

Yi Yun was silent as he obstinately carried on walking. He had already reduced his Yuan Qi consumption to its lowers. There was only a thin layer of pure Yang Yuan Qi that lined their bodies’ surface to withstand the cold wind, however, the main consumption came from maintaining Lin Xintong’s life force.

The further he went, the harder it became to resist the snow storm in the icy plain. Lin Xintong’s body temperature had reached an extreme low. Yi Yun felt like he was holding onto a light ice sculpture.

Very suddenly, Lin Xintong’s life force jerked. He could clearly feel that Lin Xintong’s life force suddenly weakened greatly. Her meridians were beginning to form ice crystals, and even her heart, which he had wrapped his Yuan Qi around, was being eroded by the frost Qi!

If this went on, in less than three minutes, Lin Xintong’s life force would be completely eroded!

“Naturally terminated meridians…”

Yi Yun understood that this was Lin Xintong’s naturally terminated meridians. With her body severely injured like this, and in an environment like this icy plain, there was no longer any way to suppress her terminated meridians as it broke out.

Maybe, at this moment, he had to gamble it all…

Yi Yun took a deep breath as he took out a medicine box from his interspatial ring. This medicine box burned with a thick flaming aura despite being out in the icy plain.

The medicine box contained the red lotus Yi Yun had plucked in the second level of the God Advent Tower!

Using the red lotus to treat Lin Xintong’s terminated meridians was a gamble. Yi Yun did not know what the outcome would be, but now, he had no other choice.