True Martial World Chapter 509

Chapter 509: Dark Clouds
Chapter 509: Dark Clouds

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were in this world of ice and snow, where snow fluttered in the sky. But the two of them were sitting in a boiling hot spring. If they put their hands out, they could touch the frosty ice that was not far away. This scene was quite mesmerizing.

The spring water was clear, and a mist floated above the water surface as steam continuously rose. As Yi Yun hugged Lin Xintong from behind and felt Lin Xintong’s soft body, he felt a slight throb in his heart.

He could not see Lin Xintong’s expression, he could only see her reddening ear. The hot air Yi Yun breathed out landed on Lin Xintong’s crystal clear ears that were like red jade. It tickled Lin Xintong’s ears and her heart sped up slightly.

Lin Xintong had never experienced such a scene, causing her body to instinctively attempt to distance herself from Yi Yun. However, as the aura emitted by Yi Yun’s body still had the natural attractiveness of Yin-Yang energy, it made Lin Xintong reluctant to do so.

She slowly closed her eyes as her long and curved eyelashes slightly trembled like a black butterfly’s wings dancing in the cold wind.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong stayed there for about five hours. In total, Yi Yun ate three red lotus seeds. He continuously digested all the pure Yang energy in the lotus seeds and transferred a portion of the energy to Lin Xintong. This way, Lin Xintong’s frost Qi due to her body’s naturally terminated meridians was finally suppressed.

Lin Xintong’s cultivation level was higher than Yi Yun’s. The reason why she nearly died was not because of the injuries inflicted on her by the snow monsters, nor was it because of the terrifying frost Qi in the extreme frost icy plains, it was because the frost toxins in her naturally terminated meridians were agitated, with no way of suppressing them.

Now, the pure Yang energy had balanced out the frost toxins, so Lin Xintong had recovered.

However, the frost toxins were just temporarily suppressed. It was far from completely healing her naturally terminated meridians.

Gradually, there wasn’t any pure Yang energy being emitted out from Yi Yun’s acupuncture points. For some reason, maybe because of the pure Yang energy entering her body or something else, Lin Xintong’s face was still red. It added a rare innocence and cuteness to her usual otherworldly bearing.

These five hours of pair cultivation allowed Yi Yun and Lin Xintong to gain a lot of benefits. Yi Yun had just broken into the peak of the Yuan foundation realm and he had absorbed too much of the red lotus’ pure Yang medicinal essence, so his cultivation level was not stabilized. And now, with Lin Xintong’s pure Yin energy’s nourishment, the energy in his Dantian slowly stabilized, causing his cultivation level’s foundation to solidify.

As for Lin Xintong, there was no need to mention them. Besides bringing her back to life, she could faintly feel that her cultivation level had improved. She was getting close to breaking through to the next cultivation level.

Some time after the pure Yang energy slowly dissipated, Lin Xintong looked up. In her bright eyes, there was the reflection of Yi Yun’s figure.

“Yi Yun, how did you find me?”

In the vast icy plain, with the snowstorm hindering one’s vision, it was like searching for a needle in a haystack. And Lin Xintong sensed that the God Advent Tower gave everyone a different mystic realm experience. It was quite unbelievable how Yi Yun managed to find her in the icy plain.

“It was the God Advent Tower’s Item Spirit who told me of your whereabouts… ”

Yi Yun honestly told her of his experience in the God Advent Tower, including how he found the red lotus, which he described in rough detail.

When Lin Xintong heard how the white-dressed female faced a calamity in the God Advent Tower, forcing her to use the sealed energy left behind by the ancient Great Empress, her heart tightened, “What did you say? That swarthy youth actually had such a history? Senior Item Spirit had to enter deep slumber just to kill him?”

Lin Xintong had paid attention to the swarthy youth. He was mysterious and his abnormal demeanor had always made her suspicious.

If the swarthy youth was actually an energy life force that was protecting the God Advent Tower, Lin Xintong would not have been surprised. But she never expected that his identity was that of an unknown evil race that was plotting against the Great Empress mystic realm and the God Advent Tower!

“I don’t think so… ” Yi Yun shook his head, “That swarthy youth may be powerful, but he is far from needing senior Item Spirit to pay such a heavy price of using the sealed energy left behind by the ancient Great Empress. If I am not wrong, there is a silent supporter behind the swarthy youth. Maybe, senior Item Spirit was battling the mysterious supporter… ”

“And she also said, ‘Be careful of the Blood Moon’.”

“Blood Moon… ” Lin Xintong ruminated on this. These words made her think of a scene. “Yi Yun, do you remember, before we entered the God Advent Tower, our talents were ranked by the crystal column? There were six levels. The highest was ‘Canonized God’, followed by ‘Shura’, ‘Sage’, “Soul’, ‘Grandmaster’, ‘Knight’. ”

“Back then, I obtained the ‘Soul’ rating, while you obtained ‘Grandmaster’. I probably obtained a rating of ‘Soul’ because of my naturally terminated meridians… As for the others, they were ‘Knight’ and some even received ‘Failed to meet the mark’. However, under this situation, nearing the end of the evaluation, there were two others who obtained the same ‘Grandmaster’ evaluation as you!”

As Lin Xintong said this, Yi Yun naturally recalled them. These two people had gone forward together. Their whereabouts were a mystery, and they were dressed in gray robes. No one knew where they came from.

Now, with Lin Xintong suddenly mentioning this, Yi Yun had a sudden realization that there was a blood-red crescent* embroidered on the two people’s gray long robes.

“Are you talking about the Blood Moon pattern on their clothes?” Yi Yun turned apprehensive. These two people were equally mysterious, and they had several similarities with the swarthy youth. It would not be strange if they came from the same faction.

“Yes… This should not be a coincidence. If that were the case, there might be a super faction that none of us knew about before. They are plotting something, and their intentions are probably not good. The Tian Yuan world might face a disaster.”

Lin Xintong frowned slightly. How did a super faction that was plotting against the Great Empress mystic realm appear? Could they be related to the ancient times? Or could they come from another world?

No matter what the situation was, it was not good news.

“Let’s go. The black-skinned youth may be dead, but there are still two others. We need to be careful. If only we can obtain the recognition of the ancient Great Empress… ”

Lin Xintong stood up in the hot spring. Her wet clothes were clinging to her skin. With her standing up, Yi Yun could see her mesmerizing back figure. There were all sorts of revelations from her body.

Lin Xintong also noticed this as her face turned slightly red. Using her jade-like arms to cover her body, she circulated her Yuan Qi and evaporated the water from her clothes.

Unfortunately, as she had natural Yin Meridians, her physical attributes leaned towards cold Yin, so it took her several seconds to finish evaporating the water.

So as to see no evil, Yi Yun turned his head with a bit of reluctance.

He coughed dryly and said, “Before senior Item Spirit went into deep slumber, she exhorted me to save you. I think, she thought highly of you, and already had thoughts of letting us get the recognition of the Great Empress… ”

*Check Chapter 468 for the description of these two mysterious ‘Grandmaster’ people.