True Martial World Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Yi Yun vs Lin Xintong
Chapter 51: Yi Yun vs Lin Xintong

The fat elder’s pair of eyes flashed playfully, he was planning on letting this country bumpkin know what a true warrior was, and what the real Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist could do!
While the fat elder was speaking with Yi Yun, the girl in white was sitting on a boulder at a distance. However, she had heard the entire conversation between Yi Yun and the fat elder.

She could not believe that her master would be so bad to want her to fight with a child!

She was already seventeen, and although she had Yin Meridians that prevented her from clearing her meridians, but at her current stage, she was far from what Yi Yun could measure up to. After all, she was a genius as she had excellent perception and had an excellent constitution, so her cultivation had not been seriously affected.

Even by lowering her level to the third level of Mortal Blood’s Thunderous, it was already a form of bullying.

She knew that her master had the intention to tease Yi Yun, and to show off in front of a person from the Cloud Wilderness. It made her unsure to laugh or cry, for an esteemed Desolate Heaven Master wanted to show off in front of a starving kid from the Cloud Wilderness. It was as if he was behaving more and more immature as he aged.

Besides, he even said…

Words like “gave the Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist for me to ‘roughly’ look through.”

Words like “also ‘casually’ practiced it for ‘about half a month’.”

Words like “didn’t ‘work hard’ at it, there has to be some minor accomplishment.”

These words filled with hints of bullshit, what the heck?

Lin Xintong looked at her master helplessly saying, “Master, although I don’t focus on ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, but about a year ago, we came to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. I managed to have some interaction with the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ for almost half a year. In this half year, besides focusing on my ‘Fairy Maiden Heart Sutra’, I would also seriously look at ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, not as you said, casually practiced for ‘about half a month’, and didn’t work hard at it…”

Lin Xintong emphasized the words “half year” and “seriously” exposing the fat elder’s lies with no mercy. She was always a serious girl and did things meticulously. Hence, she did not slack off even for a secondary skill like ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’.

With that, no matter how thick the old man’s skin was, his face flushed red, and he awkwardly coughed laughing, “Oh is it? It’s been half a year? Ai, I’m getting old. Time just flies by, and my memory fails me. I thought it’s only been half a month…”

The fat elder’s words made Yi Yun roll his eyes. As the saying goes, the more shameless one is, the more invincible they are. Remembering half a year as ten days. With such divine memory, how do you remember how to walk with your legs, and how to eat with your mouth?

“Alright, let’s cut to the chase. That who, you said you have practiced the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, show it to us! If you can maintain it for the time needed for three breaths, then I’ll believe you know a thing or two about ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’. Then I’ll give you some miracle medicine.”

The fat elder quickly changed the subject. Although his act of bragging had been uncovered, his skin was extremely thick, so he recovered quickly, pretending none of whatsoever had happened.

He did not think Yi Yun could persist under Lin Xintong, even in her suppressed Thunderous realm state, for more than the time needed for three breaths.

This was a battle of achievements, cultivation techniques, fighting techniques and battle experience, traits that could not be covered up by a lucky use of some treasure to obtain a Tempered Body.

“Good! I’m lacking in talent, and need to obtain advice from Sister Fairy. I hope I’ll receive pointers from Sister Fairy!” Yi Yun took a deep breath. This was his first time sparring with an expert!

He was just planning on aiding his digestion after a sumptuous meal. Besides, he knew his opponent was extremely powerful!

What was inconceivable to Yi Yun was that despite knowing his opponent was extremely powerful, his heart was full of anticipation and excitement.

Was he born to be a warrior?

“Since you want to, then alright…” Lin Xintong stepped off the large rock as her clothes fluttered in the wind. Her toes landed softly on the ground, like a butterfly, she did not cause as much as a speck of dust to fly up.

“My name is Lin Xintong.” Lin Xintong walked towards Yi Yun as she introduced herself.

“Yi Yun!” Yi Yun said his name preventing the occurrence of the fat elder saying “that who” from happening again.

Yi Yun walked to a clearing, and distanced himself about 10 yards opposite from Lin Xintong and faced her!

In the green mountains, with an abundance of ancient pine trees, the wind blew across the rustling folds of pine trees.

Not far from the two were piles of weird rocks, and a thousand-foot waterfall! As the silvery water raced down the canyon drainages, it caused slight tremors as it impacted the huge rocks.

This was Yi Yun’s first battle upon arriving to this world!

And it was the first battle ever since he began practicing martial arts!

His opponent was an otherworldly maiden. Although she looked weak and frail, seeing her standing among the green mountains, Yi Yun could only think of a phrase–Still as a virgin(, move as a running rabbit).

This girl be it her looks or her heart was extremely quiet.

But Yi Yun had no plans on showing mercy. He knew that he did not have the qualifications to show mercy.

Lin Xintong held her hands and stood there with her skirt fluttering in the wind. She said coldly, “I will suppress my strength to the third level of Mortal Blood. You first!”

Lin Xintong was very modest but Yi Yun licked his dry lips saying, “Ladies first…It’s better you be first!”

It wasn’t because he was showing humility, but since he had never battled before, he did not know the procedures when an expert makes his first move. So he was preventing himself from doing something foolish, or the fat elder would snigger again.

Yi Yun was planning to see Lin Xintong’s moves to gain confidence. When that happened, he could draw a tiger with a cat as a model, preventing him from being that terrible.

“Then I’ll make my move, watch out!”

Lin Xintong did not give way and suddenly she moved! Her body was like a flash of white light, sending a palm at Yi Yun’s chest!


A clear sound emitted from Lin Xintong’s body. This was the sound produced from training the bones using ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’. This sound was unlike the thunder from the sky, but a sound issued from her leap. The sound was extremely mesmerising!

Yi Yun contracted his pupils. This girl in white’s speed was too fast. She had covered a distance of ten yards in a blink of an eye to be in front of Yi Yun.

Her palm’s five fingers were white and slender, but to Yi Yun they were like five sharp swords!

Up close, Yi Yun was able to see the soft textures on the young girl’s fingers!

Yi Yun thought he had no way of escaping such speed, but in that moment, his mind was extremely calm. It was as if the surroundings had suddenly slowed down. Yi Yun’s Ren Du Er Mai had closed up to form one cycle, with his brain’s channels cleared, his senses were keen, and thinking sharp. This caused his reaction to be faster than his previous self by more than ten times!

In this split moment, Yi Yun’s mind flashed as he recalled the Dragon Dancing the Nine Heavens stance from ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’. With a roar, he leaped up like a flying dragon. And with the thousand foot waterfall as a backdrop, he flew!


The stone that Yi Yun was standing on had been shattered by Lin Xintong, and the blast sent stone chips flying! !


Yi Yun’s pupils contracted. The black ironstone under his feet could not withstand a blow from Lin Xintong!

It was unimaginable that her weak-looking hands could shatter stone that easily.

“Eh?” Seeing Yi Yun jump up high as if he had spread his wings flying, the fat elder was surprised.

This kid has good reactions!

“I didn’t guess he could last a round, but since he has dodged the first, it’s unlikely he can dodge the second. With him in midair, he has no way of dodging the next attack. And this was just the time of one breath. There are two more breaths left, looks like it wouldn’t be a problem at all to finish in the time it takes to take three breaths!”