True Martial World Chapter 511

Chapter 511: Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow
Chapter 511: Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow

The palace on the icy plain had stood here for an unknown period of time. However, despite it standing for a long period of time, the palace did not seem old. It was glistening brightly.

As Yi Yun and Lin Xintong moved closer to the palace, the palace’s large door automatically opened. And behind the door, there was a long red jade staircase.

Many of the furnishings here was carved out of jade, and they were really fitting of the phrase jade-like ethereal building.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong walked up the staircase. And on both sides of the staircase, there were many pillars.

On one of the pillars, Yi Yun saw a line of words; “The Azure Rainbow pierces the Blood Moon, Ice Cold Seals God Abyss”.

The font of the words was magnificent and they were written in an unrestrained manner. The stroke of each character was like a floating dragon.

In the words, there seemed to be the breath of gods circulating within them. It was as if a person had written them casually with a sword on a whim.

Below the words, there was a name left behind, “Stunning Rainbow Sword, Azure Yang Lord!”

“Azure Yang Lord?” Yi Yun could not help but subconsciously link the name to the azure-clothed swordsman he had seen in the disk array images.

“What a strong sword intent.” Lin Xintong’s weapon was a sword too, so when she saw the words, she felt her heart palpitate. However, following that, she frowned slightly, “Could this Blood Moon be the one senior Item Spirit mentioned… ?”

“It should be.” Yi Yun also gave a ruminating look.

He did not know if the Blood Moon was an organization or a person.

The Azure Yang Lord, who left the words behind, had clearly fought with Blood Moon before.

However, it was not known if the Azure Yang Lord was the azure-clothed swordsman in the disk array images. The sword-like strokes of the font were familiar to Yi Yun. The azure-clothed swordsman’s sword was like his person. They did things on a whim and to their own pleasure and desire.

If the azure-clothed swordsman was the Azure Yang Lord, how did his words appear here? Could it be that back when the ancient Great Empress established the Great Empress mystic realm, the azure-clothed swordsman was involved as well?

Blood Moon… be it a person or an organization, it had existed for a long time… maybe even too long.

Since the Great Empress mystic realm was established, no one knew how many tens of thousands of years had passed. This palace had quietly stood here and it had been empty for most of that time. It was unknown where the people, who had stayed in here in the past, had gone.

However, the Blood Moon had lasted from then all the way to the present. Now, it had once again appeared inside the Great Empress mystic realm.

The mystery and the hidden threat gave Yi Yun an ominous feeling.

Other than that, the words, Seal God Abyss made Yi Yun wonder…

Could the God Abyss be the God Burial Abyss… ?

Lin Xintong knew about Yi Yun’s experience in the past few levels of the God Advent Tower, so she naturally knew about the azure-clothed swordsman. She too was curious.

This palace still looked new despite all these years. And on the pillars, there was a faint energy fluctuation. Clearly, there was some array continuously maintaining this building.

After crossing the extreme frost icy plains and reaching this palace, according to the white-dressed female, this palace should be one of the highly regarded places in the Great Empress mystic realm. Yet, the Azure Yang Lord was able to leave behind his words here…

“Let’s go in.” Yi Yun said.

The answer to these questions could be inside the palace.

Inside the palace, there was nobody nor were there any sounds. Another door, that had been sealed shut for an unknown number of years, was slowly pushed open by Yi Yun as a cool air rushed out of the palace.

This air brought a feeling of sadness with it, causing Yi Yun and Lin Xintong to become a bit light-headed.

At the same time, there was a special energy fluctuation that was dissipating out from the palace.

Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal and Lin Xintong was a martial arts genius, so the both of them could sense this fluctuation.

Especially Yi Yun. Other than sensing the fluctuation, he could sense that there was a very sharp aura being emitting out of the palace. The aura was hidden in the fluctuations and it was locking onto the two of them.

Yi Yun’s immediately raised his alertness.

The Great Empress mystic realm was strange in all manners. Even this palace was not necessarily safe.

Inside the palace, it was empty. As they walked through it, they could clearly hear the slightest sound of breathing.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong carefully entered the palace’s interior and at this moment, they heard a cold voice echo, “Congratulations, cultivator. You have stepped into the fifth level of the God Advent Tower.”


Fifth level of the God Advent Tower?

Yi Yun was stunned for a while. This was the fifth level of the God Advent Tower? Yi Yun and Lin Xintong exchanged glances as they were both momentarily surprised.

They had heard that cold voice many times before. It was not from the God Advent Tower’s Item Spirit, it was the voice produced by an array.

Only when someone stepped in here would the array be triggered. At this moment, the cold voice continued, “The Great Empress vault is here. You have the qualifications to enter the three grand halls. The first hall is… Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Hall!”

Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Hall?

This strange name baffled Yi Yun. And at this moment, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong suddenly felt a transformation change in their surroundings. What was once a quiet and dark grand hall had now become a resplendent and magnificent divine palace.

The light emitted inside the divine palace was extremely blinding. The grand hall was wide and there were coiling dragon pillars erected all around the grand hall. These coiling dragon pillars collectively reached to the roof of the hall. And then, they became a dragon head that bent downwards. In the middle of the dragon head, there was a bow!

Around the bow, there were nine Suns that were extremely dazzling.

The bow’s length was extremely exaggerated. On the bow’s tips, there were two carved dragons, and on the back of each dragon, there was a sharp blade. The entire bow gave off a cold metallic luster. Its base color was golden without any impurities. However, there were several blood red patterns that circled the bow.

There were four ancient font words curved on the bow, ‘Sun Shooting Nine Deaths’.

“That is the name of the bow?”

Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow!

Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Hall!

The name of the bow was also the name of the grand hall. This was the first grand hall that Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had the qualifications to enter. It seemed like this grand hall was prepared especially for Yi Yun!

Yi Yun knew that the God Advent Tower had intelligence. It prepared different opportunities for everyone.

Sun Shooting Nine Deaths…

According to legends, in ancient times, there were ten Suns in the sky that scorched the earth, causing no plants to grow. There were droughts and hardships for many years.

An ancient god held a divine bow in hand and shot down nine Suns, leaving behind one. That became the present Sun.

The name of the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow was likely due to this legend.

Yi Yun looked up at the bow. The faint sense of danger that had locked on to him had come from this bow. It was a bow that could make a human feel danger. The blood red patterns on it were like flowing blood, and if one took a second look, they might enter a trance-like state.

Yi Yun had no doubts that if a weaker warrior came here, just seeing the bow would make him lose his way, and he might even die from a blood surge.

“Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Hall. This grand hall is probably an opportunity prepared for me! I wonder what else there is other than the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow?”