True Martial World Chapter 512

Chapter 512: Twelve Empyrean Heavens
Chapter 512: Twelve Empyrean Heavens

In the golden-red grand hall, Yi Yun leaped up and flew all the way to the roof of the hall and grabbing the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow.

Momentarily, a weight as heavy as a mountain passed into Yi Yun’s arm, causing his body to sink, making him fall down at high speed!


Yi Yun landed heavily on the ground. His feet felt somewhat numb.

The bow was about as thick as a baby’s wrist, but its weight was so great that it needed Yi Yun to exert all his body’s Yuan Qi to to hold it up.

When Yi Yun lifted the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow, he felt a sharp pain in his arm. Looking down, he realized that the Empyrean Marks on his arm was quickly disappearing. In a few seconds, they had all disappeared.

“It’s all gone?”

Yi Yun was somewhat stunned. All the accumulated Empyrean Marks had been expended after collecting the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow. This was too fast…

At this moment, the voice echoed, “The Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow is one of the best treasures in the Great Empress mystic realm. The bow is made from the World Tree, and the red winding pattern on the bow is the blood of gods.”

“To get it, based on your performance in the trials before, it is not enough. But… with the large calamity approaching, Miss has decided on leaving some of the heritage for you before her slumber, wishing you will be able to amplify its actual worth.”

The voice was previously cold and without emotion, but now, it had hints of sadness in it.

“The opportunities in these three grand halls are prepared for you. Conduct yourselves well… ”

After the voice finished, its echos disappeared.

Miss? That was probably the God Advent Tower’s Item Spirit…

Yi Yun stroked the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow. Indeed, he was lacking a bow at this moment.

As for the large calamity approaching, what did the voice refer to?

Yi Yun held the bow in his left hand and he retrieved a Wind Chasing Arrow with his right. After stringing the arrow, he could not pull the bow open despite using all his strength.

Such a heavy bow!

With a thought, pure Yang Yuan Qi circulated in Yi Yun’s body.


Yi Yun shouted. A faint Golden Crow phantom image appeared behind him and under the support of pure Yang laws, he finally managed to pull the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow open a tiny bit.

As he pulled the divine bow open, the bow’s body began to emit a pale golden light. This light gathered towards the bowstring, and it eventually converged on the Wind Chasing Arrow.

Suddenly, what was an ordinary Wind Chasing Arrow now seemed to be one charmed by the divine light. Its whole body flared with golden light as if it had gathered infinite energy.

“What terrifying energy.”

Yi Yun was shocked. A bow could actually cause an arrow to change in such a manner. Even normal metal could be charmed into divine gold!

And this was only him pulling it open a tiny bit. If he could completely pull it open, he did not know what scene laid in store for him.

Yi Yun kept the bow and he did not dare to shoot the arrow. He had a feeling that even if he had pulled the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow open just by a tiny bit, once he shot out the arrow, it would draw out all of his body’s energy.

Yi Yun could not help but touch the winding red pattern on the bow. The voice mentioned that this red line was actually the blood of gods. However, he had no idea what gods the voice was referring to. He could not help but think of the broken sword he had obtained from the Pure Yang Sword Hall. The broken sword was also stained with blood. That blood came from the bronze giant that had been slashed by the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner, and a few drops of blood were enough to corrode a divine sword…

“Yi Yun, look over here.”

Lin Xintong suddenly called out to Yi Yun. Yi Yun looked in her direction and he saw that in a side hall of the grand hall, there was a tall platform. On the tall platform, there was a golden book.

Yi Yun walked over and touched the book. The pages were thin, as if they were the edge of a blade. They were extremely sharp.

The front cover of the book had the words “Stunning Rainbow Sword, Azure Yang Lord” written on it. These words looked exactly the same as those carved into the stone pillar from before.

“It’s a handwritten book left by the Azure Yang Lord!”

Yi Yun flipped the book opened. What was contained inside was not a cultivation technique, it was an essay left behind by the Azure Yang Lord.

The Azure Yang Lord’s words were in the form of ancient text, and his font was that of a scribble. It was unconventional and unrestrained, so it was very difficult to identify the words. Yi Yun and Lin Xintong read it together and exchanged their thoughts on it before understanding a tiny bit of what was written.

However, just this tiny bit of information made Yi Yun and Lin Xintong shocked to the point of being speechless.

In the book, the Azure Yang Lord called the world that the Tian Yuan world was in the ‘Tian Yuan Little World’, and the Azure Yang Lord came from beyond the Tian Yuan Little World.

Yi Yun never knew what was beyond the Tian Yuan world, but he was aware that the Tian Yuan world was not the whole world.

Ignoring everything else, just the Purple Crystal Origins he had obtained far exceeded the power level of the Tian Yuan world.

He always wanted to know what the world beyond the Tian Yuan world was like.

And now, he finally caught a glimpse of it.

In the opening passage of the book, it described the origins of the Universe.

In primordial times, in the infinite Universe, out of the misty Chaos, twelve Large Worlds were born.

These worlds contained Heavenly Dao. The Heavenly Dao was supreme. In the Chaos, it gave birth to many Heavenly Gods, Ancestor Gods. And these gods were placed to be in charge of a Heavenly Dao.

It could be said that gods existed for eternity, but in reality… when an unimaginably long period of time had passed, even gods can die.

This way, the Ancestor Gods born from the Chaos slowly vanished. Races such as Humans, Demons and Desolate beasts appeared later, as they began to populate the twelve Large Worlds.

Their strength was far weaker than the fallen Ancestor Gods.

But even weak living things had the ambition to sit on the same level as the Heavens and the Earth.

Amongst these existences, martial arts slowly came to life. The essence of martial arts was the path that these weak existences used to control the cosmos.

After martial arts was born, the twelve Large Worlds became complex. Those who succeeded in their martial paths would create their own factions and call themselves kings, or some would go into reclusion in mystic realms, becoming wandering nomads.

For heritage and resources, there was no end to fighting. That era could be described as rogues of all kinds running wild!

From the beginning, there were conflicts that could not be prevented until the worlds began to unify.

In each of the twelve Worlds, a power emerged that could control their respective Worlds.

The masters of the twelve Worlds came from different races. Their powers were unfathomable, and they were usually the leaders of the strongest factions in their own world.

People assigned the title ‘Twelve Divine Emperors’ to the masters of these Worlds.

And the Worlds they controlled were called the ‘Twelve Empyrean Heavens’.

The Twelve Empyrean Heavens were…

Yang God!

Nine Spirits!


Five Elements!


Ten Thousand Demons!

As for the Azure Yang Lord, he came from the Yang God Empyrean Heaven!

The Divine Emperor that controlled the Yang God Empyrean Heaven was called the Yang God. The Yang God’s attainment in pure Yang laws reached the point of being equal to that of the cosmos.

In the Yang God Empyrean Heaven, other than the highest Divine Emperor, there were 72 Divine Lords!

These 72 Divine Lords were all powerful in standing. Their titles were fixed. As for the Azure Yang Lord, he was a Divine Lord and that was his title!