True Martial World Chapter 514

Chapter 514: Great Empress Heart Sutra
Chapter 514: Great Empress Heart Sutra

After gently picking a few jade scrolls, Lin Xintong sank her perception into them. These jade scrolls were not collections of cultivation techniques, they were informal notes and insights gained while cultivating, all written by the ancient Great Empress.

The ancient Great Empress described a large part of her cultivation process for the first half of her life in the jade scrolls, as well as the laws she gained insight on when she broke through realms.

Although many things could be understood but not explained, with the experiences of predecessors laid out in front of them, many people could take fewer detours. Especially when Lin Xintong was like the ancient Great Empress. They both had naturally terminated meridians, so the both of them experienced some of the same difficulties while cultivating.

These things were of great value to Lin Xintong.

Lin Xintong continuously flipped through more than ten jade scrolls. Her chest heaved gently because her heart was extreme perturbed.

The words in the jade scrolls were delicate but strong. Clearly, it was written by the Great Empress. Compared to the Azure Yang Lord’s words, the ancient Great Empress’ words were much neater, so Lin Xintong could read them more quickly.

While reading the jade scrolls, Lin Xintong found that a cultivation technique, “Great Empress Heart Sutra” was mentioned a lot!

This cultivation technique had accompanied the ancient Great Empress for life.

“The ‘Great Empress Heart Sutra’… ”

Lin Xintong frowned. Suddenly, she realized something and looked at a box placed on the corner of the bookshelf. This box was made of wood, but it looked not much different to a cosmetic box. Lin Xintong gently opened it.

In the wooden box, there was a bluish-white ancient book. The ancient book was similar to the handwritten book left behind by the Azure Yang Lord. It was equally thin like a cicada’s wings, but it felt like metal.

Flipping the ancient book open, the first page was an introduction that described the origins of the ancient book.

When the primordial Universe was first created, it gave birth to the twelve Empyrean Heavens. There were mighty primordial figures who gained insight on the natural laws, slowly establishing martial arts heritages.

The ultimate martial art heritages were regarded by warriors in the twelve Empyrean Heavens as Divine Canons, which were supreme techniques that approached the Heavenly Dao.

Maybe, it was somewhat destined that the natural laws had a particular rule that only allowed one Divine Canon to approached the Heavenly Dao. After the long river of history, each one of the twelve Empyrean Heavens’ Divine Emperors had a Divine Canon each.

And the Divine Canon owned by the Yang God Empyrean Heaven was the “Yang God Manual”!

The Azure Yang Lord came from the Yang God Empyrean Heaven, so he had cultivated the first volume of the “Yang God Manual”. His martial arts also came from the “Yang God Manual”.

The “Yang God Manual” was the supreme Divine Canon for cultivating pure Yang laws. Even the Azure Yang Lord himself was extremely limited in gaining insight into the “Yang God Manual”. As for the ancient Great Empress, she had natural Yin meridians, so the cultivation techniques she cultivated were all pure Yin cultivation techniques.

No matter how good the “Yang God Manual” was, she was unable to cultivate it.

However, maybe the ancient Great Empress was not fated to die. The Azure Yang Lord was born with great fated luck. Because of this, other than cultivating the “Yang God Manual” in the twelve Empyrean Heavens, he had also obtained a remnant copy of a “Nine Nether Sacred Manual” in a mystic realm expedition.

And the “Nine Nether Sacred Manual” happened to be a supreme technique for cultivating the pure Yin laws.

In the past, although the Azure Yang Lord had obtained the “Nine Nether Sacred Manual”, he could not cultivate it, since he cultivated pure Yang cultivation techniques, and his body’s Yuan Qi was that of pure Yang.

This changed only when he came to the Tian Yuan world and met the ancient Great Empress.

The two of them fell in love. Although the Azure Yang Lord was the ancient Great Empress’ Dao partner, he was also her master.

The Azure Yang Lord handed the “Nine Nether Sacred Manual” to the ancient Great Empress.

However, the Azure Yang Lord probably did not realize that he had inadvertently allowed the accomplishment of a real peerless genius.

When he and the ancient Great Empress were in duo cultivation, the ancient Great Empress would refine the Yang God Yuan Qi that the Azure Yang Lord had from cultivating the “Pure Yang Manual”. Although she was unable to join her naturally terminated meridians up, she was still slowly being healed, allowing her to prolong her lifespan by a thousand years.

And a thousand years later, at the age of 1200, the ancient Great Empress sensed that her flames of life were gradually weakening. If she carried on, she would reach the end of her life, so she decided to enter reclusive death training which lasted for more than 90 years.

From the “Yang God Manual” and the “Nine Nether Sacred Manual”, she gained insight into a cultivation technique that belonged to her, the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”.

This “Great Empress Heart Sutra” cultivated both in pure Yin and pure Yang. It was a cultivation technique manual that combined Yin and Yang.

It was most suitable for her and the Azure Yang Lord to cultivate together.

The both of them cultivated it together and they finally succeeded. As such, the ancient Great Empress managed to break through the shackles of her naturally terminated meridians. With their cultivation technique mastered, she toured the world with the Azure Yang Lord!

When Yi Yun and Lin Xintong read up till here, they were shocked. It was unbelievable that the ancient Great Empress was able to merge supreme techniques like the “Yang God Manual” and the “Nine Nether Sacred Manual” together.

Such a genius was extremely rare. Even if one searched amongst the top geniuses in the twelve Empyrean Heavens, it was also difficult to find a person with such ability. To refine the heritage in the twelve Divine Canon for one’s own use, let alone the combination of Yin and Yang to create a cultivation technique!

“So this book is the ‘Great Empress Heart Sutra’… ”

Previously, at the relic trial, Shen Tu Nantian had a plan. His family clan’s Elders had obtained the description to the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” while seeking opportunities in the Great Empress mystic realm. As such, Shen Tu Nantian wanted to use Lin Xintong to cultivate the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”. Even if he had succeeded in obtaining some superficial knowledge, it would greatly improve his cultivation level, and he could become the sovereign of the Tian Yuan world.

And throughout the whole Tian Yuan world, only Lin Xintong, who had naturally terminated meridians and a pure Yin body, could help him accomplish this.

As long as he mastered the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, he had nothing to do with Lin Xintong, be it the length of her lifespan, or whether she was dead or alive.

And now, right in front of Lin Xintong and Yi Yun was the complete “Great Empress Heart Sutra”!

This cultivation technique that was supreme in both Yin and Yang already far exceeded the martial arts heritage of the Tian Yuan world!

“Is this… the chance for me to join my naturally terminated meridians up… ?”

Lin Xintong’s fingers trembled, but she was in no hurry to flip the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” open. She straightened her dress and bowed deeply to the bookshelf three times.

When warriors trained in martial arts, they could disrespect the Heavens and Earth, they could have contempt for worldly etiquette, but they could not disrespect the predecessing sages. This was because the martial heritage that warriors cultivated were obtained only because of the predecessing sages who had gone through countless numbers of meditative thoughts and took on risk to test it to slowly develop them.

After the bowing, Lin Xintong respectfully took the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” out and she placed it flat on the desk.

When scholars read the books of sages, they would go through a ritual of burning incense and washing hands before flipping the book open. This was to calm one’s heart down, so that they could understand the meaning of the words of the sages.

It was the same with warriors. Lin Xintong meditated for nearly an hour in front of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” before opening her eyes.

When she opened her eyes, Lin Xintong’s gaze was completely calm. Even though a supreme canon that determined her fate was laid in front of her, she used a respectful and calm mood to slowly flip it open…