True Martial World Chapter 516

Chapter 516: Yin-Yang Integration
Chapter 516: Yin-Yang Integration

“Yi Yun, let’s not think about those questions for the time being. Regardless of the matter, increasing our strength is what matters most.”

Although the Desolate race’s Shepherd Boy’s motives were unknown, and the mysterious faction behind the swarthy youth made Lin Xintong worry, at this moment in time, she and Yi Yun were unable to change anything because they were too weak.

Not only them, even if it was the entire Lin family, they would be helpless against a tsunami that could engulf the entire Tian Yuan world.

For a warrior, his own strength was of utmost importance. If Yi Yun and Lin Xintong could match the ancient Great Empress and the Azure Yang Lord in terms of strength, then they too, would not be at a loss against any shocking turn of events.

“Miss Lin, you are right. Let’s focus on studying the heritage left behind by the ancient Great Empress, so as not to let down senior Item Spirit!”

Yi Yun nodded and he was about to carry on reading the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, but Lin Xintong’s ears turned slightly red. After some hesitation, she said softly, “In the future, you can just call me Xintong.”

Lin Xintong had a cold personality ever since she was young. She did not like to speak or laugh. From the age of 12, after she matured into a young lady, she had never been addressed so intimately by a person of the opposite sex. The feeling she gave people was that of solitude, making it difficult for any male to get close to her. Even those who treated Lin Xintong as their ideal lover would subconsciously be very courteous towards her when they met her. It was any normal person’s reaction.

However, now, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had reached this point because they had trusted each other. Their relationship was already extremely close, so for the first time, Lin Xintong felt that the salutation, “Miss Lin” seemed to be pretty distant.

“Eh… Alright then… ” Yi Yun was a modern person in his previous life, so he did not care much about propriety, so he naturally accepted this form of salutation.

“Xintong, let’s carry on reading the ‘Great Empress Heart Sutra’.”

“En.” Lin Xintong nodded. With martial arts mentioned, the ripples in her heart quickly calmed down. As Yi Yun said, she could not let the ancient Great Empress’ heritage down.

The “Great Empress Heart Sutra” required a man and a woman to cultivate it together, combining Yin and Yang.

On the woman’s side, she focused on a pure Yin cultivation technique. When cultivating it, her whole body would emit frost Qi that would flow through all her meridians. It could really be described as extreme Yin!

Yin was not just simple coldness, it was something that would drain one’s Qi, blood and flame of life. When Yin reached an extreme, it did not mean coldness, it represented darkness and death…

Even if a warrior, strong in both Qi and blood, let such extreme Yin Yuan Qi flow through his body, his body would find it difficult to bear. Finally, his flame of life would be extinguished, causing him to die.

And since Lin Xintong had natural Yin Meridians, it was something impossible for her to bear.

Similarly, when the man cultivated the cultivation technique, it focused on pure Yang. It was the “Pure Yang Manual” that represented the supreme grand Dao. Once it was cultivated, pure Yang fire would circulate in his meridians, and his 36,000 pores would spit out burning pure Yang energy. Even peerless geniuses in the Pure Yang Empyrean Heaven would find it difficult to bear it when cultivating the “Yang God Manual”. Furthermore, with the ” Yang God Manual” being extremely profound, it was nearly impossible to master it!

Yi Yun had a perfect pure Yang body and he had the Purple Crystal Origins to help him. So he naturally had an advantage over the typical geniuses when cultivating the “Pure Yang Manual”.

However, it could not fix the problem of his cultivation level being too low. This was like a toddler who just begin to walk, trying to push a thousand-pound boulder. Even though the toddler had great talent, he was still unable to push the boulder and he might even injure himself.

This was the reason behind lone Yin did not lead to birth and solitude Yang did not allow growth.

Hence, it was destined for the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” not to be separately cultivated by a man and a woman. They needed to unite Yin and Yang. When the female’s Yin energy reached an extreme, the male would use his abundant Yang energy to neutralize it. When the male’s body was burnt with Yang energy, the female would rejuvenate him with clean Yin energy.

By helping each other, the two would work together to push through their difficulties.

However, for the two to help each other, there had to be physical contact. Having their palms in contact was just the beginning.

The deeper they cultivated in the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, the more contact there was between them.

People who practiced martial arts had 360 acupuncture points. These acupuncture points had to be matched correspondingly. When cultivating the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, both the man and the woman had to allow free flow between their acupuncture points.

This meant that contact between their bodies could not be avoided. If they transmitted Yin and Yang energy through empty space, it would still work, but there would be a lot of transmission loss.

One had to know that when cultivating martial arts, especially when cultivating a top-grade cultivation technique like the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, one could fail even if he tried his best. Failure could happen easily, so everything had to be done to one’s best…

Seeing this description, Lin Xintong had a strange feeling in her heart, however she was naturally calm and cool. Previously, when she understood the essence of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, she already had some expectations and she was mentally prepared.

Besides, Lin Xintong already treated Yi Yun as a lifelong friend. She could still accept such things.

However, when she flipped over to the second volume of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, the cultivation technique went one step further.

At this moment, both the man and the woman who were cultivating, had to constantly purify the Yin and Yang energy within their bodies. What was already pure Yin and Yang Yuan Qi had to be purified once again, which was a qualitative change.

According to the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, when pure Yin accumulated to an extreme, it could give rise to a life that would have a spirit.

When energy formed a spirit, it was no longer something trivial. It meant that it had a life of its own. It was on a different level to the natural laws.

Taking the Purple Crystal as an example, the Purple Crystal could freely control energy that did not have any life. But against energies with life or spirit, no matter how powerful the Purple Crystal was, it could not rob it from them freely.

The ancient Great Empress had named this spiritual pure Yin energy the ‘Jade Marrow Spiritual Energy’!

Similarly, the pure Yang energy which formed a spirit was named by her as the ‘Nine Yang Spiritual Energy’.

The Jade Marrow Spiritual Energy and Nine Yang Spiritual Energy were the essence of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”.

When the male-female duo, who were cultivating the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, produced these two energies, they had to transfer it to their partner before they could carry on cultivating.

However, controlling these two energy with spirits was extremely tough. Although Yin and Yang had a mutual attraction, they were after all, opposites. It needed constant guidance to merge them bit by bit.

When the energy had life, it also meant they were sentient. It needed the two energies to come into contact, and let them accept one another. However, this was extremely difficult.

At this moment, just being in contact through palms and acupuncture points was useless.

To let these two energies come into contact and cling together, it needed a further step, such as energy transference through their mouths. It even needed the two to be naked, and it might even need them to hug without any clothes separating them.

Upon seeing this, no matter how calm Lin Xintong was, she was no longer able to read it calmly.

Her chest began to rise and fall. A redness began to slowly appear on her jade snow-like face, spreading all the way to her ears.

Yi Yun was standing beside Lin Xintong, and he happened to see Lin Xintong’s red ears.

Her red exquisite ears were so beautiful that one could not help but love them.

He realized that although Lin Xintong seldom spoke or laugh, she had an interesting and cute side to her.

Lin Xintong actually seldom turned red from embarrassment. Even though she had previously been in close contact with Yi Yun at the hot springs, to Lin Xintong who had never been in a relationship, it was definitely something preposterous. However, Lin Xintong only had a faint redness on her face then.

However… Lin Xintong’s tiny ear was the only thing that betrayed her indifferent expression. It indicated its owner’s thoughts, and it showed that she was certainly far from being as calm as her expression.

As for Lin Xintong herself, it seemed like she did not notice this…

For example, now, she did not turn her head to look at Yi Yun. Facing the undisguised description in the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, she still could appear calm. She was still using her white fingers to flip the pages one by one…

Seeing this rare but cute side of Lin Xintong, Yi Yun could not help but feel a strange feeling rise up within him.

Especially when he thought of the explicit scenes described in the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, it made Yi Yun’s heart beat even faster.

As time passed by, Lin Xintong and Yi Yun stood there with their bodies close to each other. Together, they read what was a restricted book to Lin Xintong, but at the same time, it was a supreme sacred technique.

In this serene scene and the snow-covered small building, there were simple tea cups. The gentle wind that swept past the zither gave the atmosphere a very strange but warm feeling.

As a normal man, Yi Yun had to admit that although he appeared very thoughtful or did things because of “objective reasons” on the surface, in his heart, he felt that if such things really happened, they were definitely miraculous events that he exceedingly welcomed.

Especially with Lin Xintong, Yi Yun seemed to have an intrinsic attraction that was like pure Yin and Yang’s natural attraction to each other. This could also be described as the extreme point of man-woman relationships…

However, skin-to-skin contact was not the end to duo cultivation. The term duo cultivation originally referred to man and woman having intercourse, exchanging Yuan Qi to rejuvenate one another, so as to allow a breakthrough in their respective cultivations.

As for the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, in the third volume, there was no way of going around this problem.

In fact, although the ancient Great Empress and the Azure Yang Lord were one in mind, and had already affirmed that they were each other’s partner for life, both of them were dedicated to martial arts. They were people without sexual desires, so they were lukewarm towards sexual matters. What they strived for was supreme martial arts. The two found a connection because they had similar goals.

When they both cultivated the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, they had worked blindly together, but when the Yin-Yang integration reached an extreme, some things could not be avoided…

At this point, the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” made it clear that to reach the extreme point of combining Yin-Yang as one needed the man and the woman to become one.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xintong could no longer maintain her facial composure. Before reading the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, she had conditioned herself to be calm. However, that no longer had any effect. As such, in about half the time she used to take to read a page, her white fingers had already flipped to the next page. Then, she slightly clamped up as she stood there beside Yi Yun, unsure whether to turn her head…