True Martial World Chapter 517

Chapter 517: Extreme Yin and Yang
Chapter 517: Extreme Yin and Yang

Up to this point, they had read about 60% of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”. The remaining 40% mentioned the details on the cultivation after Spiritual Energy was created. As for anything that had to do with Yin-Yang integration regarding the Spiritual Energy, it was inseparable from duo cultivation.

What made Lin Xintong’s ears become even redder was that the duo cultivation written in the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” also paid close attention to postures as well as energy circulation.

The energy circulation was fine, but the duo cultivation postures made Lin Xintong extremely embarrassed.

In fact, several martial arts manuals would include cultivation formulas along with the actions the person learning it should perform. Some manuals would even draw out human figures, indicating what a warrior needed to do.

Although the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” did not do so, the descriptions with the Yin-Yang energy circulation was already explicit enough for Lin Xintong to understand the postures needed for duo cultivation.

Some of the postures themselves were nothing much, but if she did them in front of Yi Yun, then things would be different.

For an otherworldly girl, who was usually proud and indifferent, to do these actions was a challenge of Lin Xintong’s sense of shame.

The more she read, the more Lin Xintong found it difficult to accept. This caused her breathing to become chaotic as she became more and more embarrassed. Finally, she could no longer bear it further and snapped close the ancient book.

The simple cover was very well textured, so no matter how she looked at this classic canon, Lin Xintong found it hard to imagine that it was such a forbidden book from its cover.

She took a deep breath as she tried her best to calm herself.

Her back faced Yi Yun for another 30 seconds before she was finally able to appear without that clamped up and embarrassed expression. Only then, did she slowly turn towards Yi Yun.

It appeared as if she had never seen the explicit contents and nonchalantly told Yi Yun, “The content towards the end of the ‘Great Empress Heart Sutra’ requires a very high standard in cultivation level. I do not think we can cultivate it, so let us not look at it for the time being. There is no point in biting off more than we can chew. Let us slowly cultivate with the beginning content first.”

“Well… Xintong, you are right.”

Seeing Lin Xintong’s reactions, Yi Yun found it very interesting. Of course, with Lin Xintong already in such a predicament, Yi Yun would definitely not laugh out and make her more embarrassed.

He answered with the same calm and confident tone, “Alright, I can cultivate at any time.”


Lin Xintong nodded, and subconsciously touched her slightly hot ears, and picked up the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”.

The cultivation of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” was a gradual process. Before nurturing a Spiritual Energy, there was no need for real duo cultivation. Lin Xintong could still accept these things.

Just as Lin Xintong picked up the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, another door of light appeared in this elegant small building.

The cold voice previously said that Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had the right to enter three grand halls. The second door of light clearly led to the final grand hall.

The Great Empress mystic realm’s final rewards for Lin Xintong and Yi Yun were few in variety. There were no elixirs or pills. As for weapons, there was only the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow. The most important thing was the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, which was the core of the Great Empress mystic realm.

Elixirs and weapons were after all foreign objects. Only one’s own acquired strength was key.

Now, what could the opportunities that lied in the final grand hall be?

Lin Xintong and Yi Yun looked each other in the eye before they walked through the door of light, hand in hand.

The moment they passed through the door of light, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong felt an intense Yuan Qi fluctuation.

It was more appropriate to call this grand hall a stone chamber. Its interior was very simple. There was a stone table and a few stone benches. After such a long period of time, these stone furnitures were still very clean, with not a speck of dust on them. It was unknown if there was an array protecting this place, or if the Item Spirit cleaned it.

The stone chamber had a side chamber. Upon entering this side chamber, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were stunned upon seeing the scene within.

This side chamber was much bigger than Yi Yun’s imagination. In the middle of the side chamber was a large futon. The futon was about four to five meters in diameter, and was about half a meter thick.

Despite a long time having passed, this futon was still spotless.

“This futon is made of silk from the Nine Revolutions Silkworm. This silk is soft and lustrous. It is invulnerable to water and fire and dust free. It will forever appear as new. Furthermore, with the arrays protecting it, this futon will still remain the same even after a hundred million years.”

As Lin Xintong spoke, Yi Yun could not help but touch the large futon. Upon touching it, it was smooth and cool. It was like touching spring water that flowed from the mountains.

Although the futon was made from the silk of the Nine Revolutions Silkworm, it was not the reason why Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were stunned. They were stunned because, not far from the futon, there were two extreme spots joined together.

On one side was a lava pool that was 10 meters in radius.

It was unknown how deep this lava pool was. The lava in it was quiet and calm. It gave off a golden sheen. Just approaching it made one feel an extremely hot and terrifying pure Yang energy surge towards them. Even Yi Yun, who had a pure Yang body, was shocked over this.

Clearly this lava pool was many times hotter than the lava lake Yi Yun had seen in the second level of the God Advent Tower!

Jumping into such a lava pool was a huge challenge.

And on the other side of the lava pool, there was an ice bed that was 10 meters in radius!

This ice bed was entirely blue in color, and it was crystal clear. It was like a huge piece of blue, cold jade.

What was most bizarre was that, in the blue ice, there were many things sealed within.

There were flora and fauna, creatures of all kinds. There were even mountains, lakes and rivers.

It was like a miniaturized world that had suddenly been frozen in ice. This made it seem like all life and landscapes in this world maintained the same state as they had before they were frozen.

Ignoring the mountains and rivers, looking at the various fauna, some of them were the size of a speck of dust, but when Yi Yun focused with his eyes, and with careful observation, he could see wings, eyes and even scaly textures…

They were lifelike!

“These are not true living things, nor is it a world sealed in the ice bed. It is conceived by the natural laws when pure Yin accumulates to an extreme.”

Lin Xintong touched the ice and the biting chill transmitted the feeling of pure Yin laws to her.

The mighty force of nature was magical. The Universe was created out of nothing. From chaos and nothingness, out came a huge world that was splendid in every way. There were astronomical bodies, water bodies, wind, rain and lightning. There was all sorts of living things, as well as intelligent life.

And these lives and forces of nature created ever-changing but magnificent wonders, creating beautiful civilizations.

And all of this was controlled by the most essential laws. They evolved slowly from chaos over a long period of time.

After the ice bed possessed the laws, it had the power of creation. Who would dare to doubt that, after an infinite amount of time, this ice bed would not give rise to a real world?

“This is really a spectacular place. Both pure Yin and pure Yang, extreme cold and heat are intertwined with each other. After millions of years, they still have not canceled each other out, and they are still distinct from one another. An array that can maintain all of this is really unbelievable. It seems impossible to catch up to the ancient Great Empress and the Azure Yang Lord’s understanding of the Yin-Yang laws.”

Yi Yun sighed from the bottom of his heart. Without a doubt, this third grand hall was actually a chamber for practicing martial arts!

Practicing in this stone chamber could be said to have double the results with half the effort.

The pure Yang lava pool and the extreme cold ice bed could allow their cultivation techniques to improve at a rapid pace!

As for the futon in the middle, that was the place Yi Yun and Lin Xintong could use when they had to exchange their energies, as well as when they needed to undergo duo cultivation.

Lin Xintong clearly was aware of this. Looking at the large futon made by the Nine Revolutions Silkworm’s silk, her ears turned slightly red, as her mind could not help but think of strange things.

Now, Yi Yun already had the Azure Yang token that allowed him free access into the Great Empress mystic realm and the God Advent Tower.

With the Azure Yang token, he could enter this chamber to duo cultivate the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”. This chamber would become a private place that belonged to the two of them.

By duo cultivating here, no one could disturb them.

Upon seeing this scene, Yi Yun suddenly had a thought. He took out the Everlasting Purple Gold medicine box from his interspatial ring. Upon opening the medicine box, a surge of pure Yang energy as well as a intoxicating fragrance emitted out. In the medicine box was the red lotus Yi Yun had plucked in the second level of the God Advent Tower.

“It’s it…”

When Lin Xintong saw the red lotus, she felt a sense of familiarity. In the extreme cold icy plains, Yi Yun had already told her that it was the lotus seeds of this red lotus that had saved her life, and this was the first time Lin Xintong saw the red lotus.

“Xintong, this red lotus is a heavenly treasure. It was born in a lava lake in the second level of the God Advent Tower. It had grown by absorbing the essence of the Heavens and Earth for countless numbers of years. It was not easy for it to grow, and we are indebted to it. I plan on growing it here.”

The Everlasting Purple Gold medicine box could perfectly preserve the red lotus’ vitality. However, as Yi Yun constantly plucked seeds from the red lotus, the luster in its rhizome had slightly diminished.

Although it was only a herbal plant, but due to all sorts of reasons in the past, Yi Yun could not bear refining it into an elixir.

Then, letting the red lotus take root here would not only purify the pure Yang energy in the chamber, it could also allow for him to pluck its seeds when they matured once more. It was a treasure that could be used to supplement his pure Yang energy. It was killing two birds with one stone.

Since this chamber would become a Yi Yun and Lin Xintong’s private world in the future, this red lotus would be a luxurious but also practical potting plant for the two of them.


Yi Yun’s thoughts were consistent with Lin Xintong’s intentions.

As such, Yi Yun took out the red lotus from the Everlasting Purple Gold medicine box and placed it into the lava pool.

Upon entering the lava pool, the red lotus seemed like a fish that had returned to water after a long period of time. It quietly stretched out its long roots deep into the lava pool.

The lava pool was of a much higher quality than the lava lake in the second level of the God Advent Tower. This red lotus had lived for a long time, so it had some intelligence. Coming to this new land of growth made it overjoyed. It greedily absorbed the vast and supreme pure Yang energy into the lava pool, and the flowers it bloomed after were vivid like fire.

Seeing the red lotus coming back to life, and looking better than ever before, Yi Yun was very pleased. He turned towards Lin Xintong and said, “Xintong, time is of the essence. Let us begin cultivating now.”