True Martial World Chapter 519

Chapter 519: Restrictions Sealed
Chapter 519: Restrictions Sealed

The Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill itself was not poison. It was an extremely oppressive frost-based supplement. If one was cultivating in extreme frost cultivation techniques, and one’s cultivation level was high enough, one could resist the frost toxins in the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill, then it would only be beneficial to consume the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill.

However, for Yi Yun, who was lacking in cultivation level, and a injured Shen Tu Nantian, eating the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill was equivalent to eating a deadly poison.

Back then, Yi Yun had used the Purple Crystal to control the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill’s frost toxins and sealed it all within the Purple Crystal. It was ranked alongside the energy essence, the Pure Yang spirit, that he had obtained at Fallen Star Gate.

This frost-based energy conflicted with the laws Yi Yun practiced, so he was unable to use it all this time. However, now, it was slowly merging into Yi Yun’s meridians, becoming a part of Yi Yun’s energy.

Actually, compared to treasures like the red lotus’ seeds, the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill’s frost-based energy was much lower in quality, but everything was difficult in the beginning. Yi Yun was currently cultivating what was equivalent to both Yin and Yang at the moment, so the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill’s frost toxins were equivalent to giving Yi Yun a hand. It allowed him to harmonize with the pure Yin energy that came from Lin Xintong. It gave the feeling of obtaining double the results with half the effort.

The more the two cultivated, the smoother it became. From her initial tense state, Lin Xintong began to slowly calm her mind and conscientiously duo cultivate with Yi Yun.

After all, having reached this point together, Lin Xintong was already committed to Yi Yun.

Under the circumstances, her body no longer rejected being close to Yi Yun. While duo cultivating with him, although it did not reach the point of them becoming one physically, there was however no gaps or barrier between the two of them on a spiritual level.

Helping Yi Yun increase his strength and letting him mature step by step to the point of becoming a peerless Great Emperor, and then head towards the 12 Empyrean Heavens and becoming a lord, was something Lin Xintong looked forward to. She was willing to help Yi Yun reach that step.

Upon thinking of this, Lin Xintong invested more in the duo cultivation.

Actually, the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” highly recommended that both duo cultivation partners have similar cultivation levels. This way, there could be a perfect balance between Yin and Yang. However, currently, Lin Xintong’s cultivation level was a realm higher than Yi Yun’s.

Commonly, during duo cultivation, the partner whose cultivation level was weaker would benefit more from the duo cultivation.

Hence, at the beginning of the cultivation, Lin Xintong was already prepared to provide more pure Yin energy to Yi Yun, allowing him to obtain more benefits.

As for the pure Yang energy she got from Yi Yun, she restrained herself in a relative fashion. She want to give priority to increasing Yi Yun’s strength, and as Yi Yun wished, to break through to the Dao Seed realm as soon as possible.

However, when they really began cultivating, Lin Xintong realized that she had been looking down on Yi Yun.

Although Yi Yun’s cultivation level was weaker, the pure Yang energy in his body was like a vast ocean. Wave after wave, it surged over without a break. It was as if it was infinite.

Despite continuously cultivating for so long, the pure Yang energy in Yi Yun’s body did not seem to weaken.

This made Lin Xintong extremely alarmed. It was impossible for a peak-Yuan foundation realm warrior to have so much energy in his body. At this speed of cultivation, his Dantian should have been drained dry.

But with the fact before her, Lin Xintong began to carefully observe. She soon discovered that the cultivating Yi Yun seemed to blend with the surrounding environment.

In the pure Yang pool not far away, there were tens of pure Yang streams condensed together. It was like an invisible pure Yang river that flowed in the air, as they constantly flowed into Yi Yun’s body.

Even the red lotus that was planted in the pure Yang lava pool was also swaying its seedpod, transmitting an even higher quality of pure Yang energy to Yi Yun.

This red lotus had intelligence. It seemed to be grateful for Yi Yun not refining it into an elixir, and he had even planted it in a pure Yang treasure land that surpassed the second level of the God Advent Tower. Hence, when Yi Yun was cultivating, it was willing to contribute the pure Yang energy accumulated within its body.

This situation allowed Lin Xintong to understand, that although Yi Yun was at the peak of the Yuan foundation realm, and he could not have much energy in his body, he could constantly replenish his energy from his surroundings, allowing his body’s energy to reach a balance. So he could cultivate indefinitely.

Under the circumstances, the help Yi Yun provided to Lin Xintong was also pretty impressive.

This terrifying energy absorption speed alarmed Lin Xintong. Using this ability to cultivate the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, Yi Yun was able to do so at a rapid pace, and it made her envious.

“Is this the effect of a perfect pure Yang body……? Maybe even a typical perfect pure Yang body isn’t as heaven defying as this…”

Lin Xintong knew that Yi Yun had already attained a perfect pure Yang body. Although she had never seen a perfect pure Yang body before, she had a pure Yin body, and that was on par or even better than a perfect pure Yang body. She believed that even she could not do so when she was at the peak of the Yuan foundation realm.

Even now, her absorption speed of the extreme Yin energy from the ice bed was not as fast as Yi Yun’s.

“To think that he is such a cultivating genius. It is no wonder he came so far, and is slowly catching up to Shen Tu Nantian… ”

Lin Xintong felt that Yi Yun had most likely encountered an unknown opportunity. However, she did not plan on investigating it. She was happy with the opportunity and growth that Yi Yun enjoyed. She sincerely hoped that he would become her cultivation companion on the path to the peak of martial arts.

While they were cultivating, time had passed without them realizing.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong sat there silently for more than ten days and night, without rest.

The two of them had entered the No Law, No Shape, No Void, No Me ethereal state. They were dedicated to this amazing classic canon.

The reason why Yi Yun could endure such intensive cultivation was firstly because of his perfect pure Yang body, and secondly because of the Purple Crystal Origins.

With the Purple Crystal Origins, Yi Yun’s body was like a whirlpool that constantly absorbed the pure Yang energy from the cultivation treasure land.

Yi Yun’s Dantian was like a reservoir. Water flowed in and it was extracted. During this process, the reservoir was constantly being dug and deepened. Unknowingly, he was getting closer and closer to condensing a nomological seed, and coming closer to the boundary of the Dao Seed realm.

While Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were engaging in duo cultivation, in the other parts of the God Advent Tower, there were other changes…

Some cultivators were more sharper began to sense that the restrictions in the God Advent Tower were weakening.

“Oh? What’s the matter? My mirror virtual image isn’t as strong as before?”

On the stairs in the God Advent Tower that led from the first level to the second level, a cultivator muttered to himself. Over the period of several months, he had challenged the second level’s guardian a countless number of times. He was unable to withstand the two attacks from the guardian, causing him to be a bit dispirited.

After all, Yi Yun, who was together with them, had the qualifications to enter the second level of the God Advent Tower immediately. As for Lin Xintong, she had the qualifications to enter the third level of the God Advent Tower.

Compared to those two monsters, they were far from them.

“Maybe it is not the mirror image becoming weaker, but me becoming stronger… ” The cultivator found a reason to make himself happy. Filled with fighting spirit, he continued to challenge the second level’s guardian.

However, not everyone felt good about themselves like him.

“It has weakened again. If this carries on, I will quickly enter the third level of the God Advent Tower!” Shen Tu Nantian who had encountered the same thing. He was very sure that it was not him becoming stronger, but the guardian becoming weaker.

There was definitely something sinister due to the anomaly. Shen Tu Nantian did not know why there was such a change in the God Advent Tower, but no matter what, the guardian weakening was a good thing. This way, he could obtain even more opportunities.

Many cultivators had a similar mentality to Shen Tu Nantian.


When the God Advent Tower’s trial arrays stopped working, the God Advent Tower itself would begin sealing.

Since the God Advent Tower’s Item Spirit had entered her slumber, she was no longer able to preside over the God Advent Tower’s trials. Then, she would naturally not let to allow people who did not meet the mark to take the God Advent Tower’s opportunities and treasures freely.

With the trial halted, the treasures were naturally sealed away.

Hence… after a few more days, when Shen Tu Nantian, Gongsun Hong and company had passed the guardian’s test by withstanding the mirror image’s attack test, to the point of even defeating the mirror image, they had finally reached the third level of the God Advent Tower.

When that happened, they were dumbfounded, because all they saw was an empty grand hall.

There were only bare walls and a dome roof. There was not a single thing…

Shen Tu Nantian frowned seeing this. He knew that the Great Empress mystic realm was strange in every aspect. Back when the ancient Great Empress had set up this mystic realm, she had spent countless amounts of thought to design the traps in here.

If he was deceived by the external appearances, he would get nothing.

“This grand hall looks empty, but maybe it is just a smoke screen. There might even be some profound mystery going on in here.”

It was no wonder Shen Tu Nantian had such thoughts. He probably would never even dream that a swarthy youth had caused the God Advent Tower’s Item Spirit to use a sealed energy left behind by the ancient Great Empress, causing her to enter deep slumber. Thus giving her no choice but to terminate the trials.

To Shen Tu Nantian, ever since he entered the Great Empress mystic realm, there were opportunities everywhere. It all depended on his ability to find them.

Especially after entering the God Advent Tower, the variety of opportunities made him envious.

The God Advent Tower was a huge treasure vault. The benefits inside were uncountable. It was a pity that he had only obtained a tiny part of it.

This prevented Shen Tu Nantian from being content!

He believed that Yi Yun had received benefits that had likely exceeded his.

This made his jealousy towards Yi Yun increase.

“The first and second level of the God Advent Tower were filled with opportunities. I have also obtained some of them. I am now on the third level of the God Advent Tower, yet it gives me a confusion array. How can I give up? I will definitely find the opportunity in the third level. The harder it is to find, the more valuable the opportunity is!”

Thinking of the things he had gained in the first and second level, Shen Tu Nantian could not help but feel slightly excited. In the past few months in the God Advent Tower, the insights and benefits he gained far exceeded that of when he was in the Shen Tu family clan in terms of speed!

Now, the empty third level of the God Advent Tower not only did not frustrate Shen Tu Nantian, it ignited his fighting spirit. He foresaw that there was a stunning opportunity waiting for him.