True Martial World Chapter 520

Chapter 520: Small Success in the Heart Sutra
Chapter 520: Small Success in the Heart Sutra

Time passed without them realizing. Lin Xintong and Yi Yun had now been in their reclusive retreat for five months.

Five months did not seem like a very long period of time.

However, if two people stayed together alone in a chamber, and faced each other all day, many things would happen.

These small things would change a person’s state of mind in a very subtle manner.

For example, sleep. The two of them would duo cultivate for ten to twenty days. After cultivating, they would have a spiritual overdraft and be completely exhausted. Even meditating was no longer enough for them to recover, so they could only enter deep sleep.

The two of them would sleep in the large futon without changing their clothes. It was also considered sharing a bed.

Also, take bathing for example. Actually, warriors could choose to not eat and maintain their lives with Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. This way, they would not be contaminated. They could really be described as otherworldly. At the same time, martial art practitioners would be dust free. As recorded in the scriptures, “Fragrant skin, as wonderful as lotus, not contaminated like water.” Under such circumstances, warriors did not need to bathe.

However, Lin Xintong was a person who liked cleanliness. Especially after duo cultivating with Yi Yun, her body would be drenched in sweat. Her clothes would stick to her body, even though she could evaporate the sweat using Yuan Qi she disliked the feeling.

Hence, she would always bathe after each session of cultivation.

She had a bath bucket in her interspatial ring. As for bathing water, Lin Xintong could condensed the water Yuan Qi present in the environment.

The two of them stayed in the chamber and every time Lin Xintong bathed, it was in the main hall, just a few steps away from Yi Yun. There was a stone wall in between them which did not even have a door.

The sound of water would be clearly heard by Yi Yun. The atmosphere was one of ambiguity.

Under this situation, although the two of them had no substantive contact as male and female, Lin Xintong was slowly beginning to accept Yi Yun.

After all, this level of ambiguity was too much for Lin Xintong, but towards Yi Yun, she could still accept it.

Three months in, Lin Xintong and Yi Yun’s cultivation in the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” was reaching the end of the first stage.

A cultivation technique at the level of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” was very impressive even at just the first stage. However, the further they went along in the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, the more contact there would be between man and woman.

For example, just the end of the first stage meant that both of them had to use both hands to press on each other’s 108 acupuncture points. According to a demanding and complicated order, they had to transmit and blend the Yin-Yang Yuan Qi. There could not be any mistake or else they would fail.

For example, there was nothing much about the Tian Fu and Tian Quan points that were on the arms.

However, points like the Ling Hui, Shen Cang, Tian Xi points, they were located at Lin Xintong’s chest. That was too sensitive.

If it was at the beginning of cultivating the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, Lin Xintong would absolutely not be able to accept this degree of bodily contact.

Now however, after three months of being together, she had barely made the requisite mental preparations.

Yi Yun sat on the futon and had already taken off his shirt, leaving him bare-chested.

When cultivating the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, it required both of them to be one in both flesh and soul. There was to be no obstruction between their acupuncture points.

It was best if both man and woman took off all their clothes.

However, Lin Xintong only took off her outerwear. She was still wearing a thin layer of silk. She still struggled to face Yi Yun naked. That was also something that would have made Lin Xintong overly embarrassed, which would cause chaos in her body’s Yuan Qi circulation, thus affecting the cultivational effects.

Actually, the clothing Lin Xintong wore was very thin. The barrier between the two of them was extremely minute, so there was not too big of a hindrance to completing the first stage of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”.

Lin Xintong sat across from Yi Yun. Previously, she had already calmed her heart and believed that she could face it with a calm mind and complete the cultivation without any mistakes. However, when she really began, she still suffered from some shortness of breath.

“Shall we begin?”

Yi Yun had gathered his body’s Yuan Qi and was preparing to make his move. Lin Xintong slowly nodded her head…

At the beginning of the cultivation, Yi Yun’s hands would follow Lin Xintong’s arms, stretching all the way to her armpits and then press on the acupuncture points at Lin Xintong’s shoulder. He would then slowly transmit pure Yang energy to her.

As for Lin Xintong, she would embrace Yi Yun’s back and press on the Zhi Yang point on his spine. This was a key acupuncture point when both of them cultivated the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”. It was a channel for pure Yang Yuan Qi to flow.

At the same time, the Tan Zhong point at their chests had to be matched. Their bodies’ contact made Yi Yun clearly feel the elasticity and softness by his chest.

Yin-Yang Yuan Qi circulated in a prescribed order between Lin Xintong and Yi Yun. Lin Xintong suppressed her embarrassment and focused on the cultivation.

Pure Yang energy transpired as frost ice froze and melted. The melted ice gathered on Yi Yun’s firm skin, forming tiny droplets of water. At the same time, they stayed on Lin Xintong’s body, drenching her already thin clothes.

With her clothes sticking to her body, it perfectly outlined Lin Xintong’s slim but unyielding figure.

Slowly, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong changed their poses. Yi Yun hugged Lin Xintong from behind. The Zhong Ting acupuncture point by his chest stuck close to Lin Xintong’s back where the Zhi Yang point was. This way of energy transference was even more direct.

At the same time, Yi Yun’s fingers flickered across Lin Xintong’s neck, gently moving downwards…

Wherever his fingers brushed across, a layer of tiny goosebumps would appear on Lin Xintong’s skin.

This touch made Lin Xintong speed up her breathing and at the same time, feel ripples in her heart.

This feeling that came from the throbbing of her heart did not affect the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” cultivation. Instead, it promoted the Yin-Yang integration between the two of them due to the throbbing that was a result of emotions.

Lin Xintong could not help but close her eyes. Her eyelashes gently trembled. She gave Yi Yun free reign in letting his chest stick close to her back…

In Lin Xintong’s mind, she was recalling the various encounters she had had with Yi Yun…

From meeting in the Cloud Wilderness, to reuniting in the Tian Yuan world. If they were only considered friends during this period, then later on, at the Desolate Heaven technique tea session and the Shen Tu family clan’s Relic Trial, where Yi Yun solved Lin Xintong’s dilemma and revealing the Shen Tu family clan’s conspiracy, he had saved her life once. Then at the celebratory party, the promise Yi Yun made to her caused Lin Xintong to feel indescribable sincerity.

In this vast universe, Lin Xintong, who had naturally terminated meridians, had faced the world alone. She did not rely on anyone, except for Yi Yun. Due to his Purple Crystal Origins, he was the only one, and also the only person who could tug at her naturally terminated meridians as well as her lonely heart.

This was also why Lin Xintong dreamed of Yi Yun joining up her naturally terminated meridians during the mental demons test in the Great Empress mystic realm, resulting in them keeping each other company forever.

If all of this only planted a seed of emotion in Lin Xintong’s heart, then at the extreme frost icy plains, when Yi Yun had appeared as Lin Xintong was at her weakest, pulling her out of despair, that was the moment that made the seed in Lin Xintong’s heart sprout, filling her entire heart.

Be it when they were sharing the hot springs in the endless snowy plain, or them currently being in the chamber, the intimate contact between the two of them had made Lin Xintong wholly give her heart to Yi Yun.

At this moment, Lin Xintong had a heartfelt emotion towards Yi Yun. Her hands moved through Yi Yun’s armpits and gently stroked his steaming hot back.

With their pure Yang and pure Yin bodies, which were excellent physiques as a foundation, coupled together with the Purple Crystal’s catalytic properties, the thick Yin-Yang energy in the chamber seemed to be further refined.

In the room, a reddish-golden pure Yang dragon appeared behind Yi Yun.

And behind Lin Xintong, pure Yin energy condensed, forming into a beautiful, ice-blue phoenix.

With the golden dragon and the ice phoenix appearing, it was the purest energies of the most essential laws that resulted in these phantom images, formed from Yuan Qi. They continuously entered Yi Yun and Lin Xintong’s body, opening up their acupuncture points and meridians.

This made their strengths increase at an astonishing speed.

Previously, Lin Xintong had suppressed her cultivation level so as to consolidate her foundation, but now, she was unable to suppress it any further. The essential Yuan Qi expanded in her Dantian as it condensed under Lin Xintong’s Yuan foundation where the Dao Seed was, causing the crystalline Dao Seed to become even clearer.


With a soft sound, it was as if something shattered. Lin Xintong’s cultivation level had already risen to the mid-stages of the Dao Seed realm at this very moment.

She could have reached this step a long time ago, but now, with the catalytic push from the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, it made this breakthrough of hers even more perfect.

And this was not the end. The pure Yin grand Dao nomological seed also became more and more pure in the following seconds. Lin Xintong’s cultivation level was continuously increased, all the way to the peak of the mid-stages of the Dao Seed realm before it gradually slowed down. She was just a step away from the late-stages of the Dao Seed realm.

Compared to Lin Xintong, Yi Yun had an even greater transformation.

Yi Yun’s face, neck and his naked upper body had all turned fiery red in color.

The blood vessels beneath his skin protruded upwards. His blood vessels were flowing with golden light, as if it was not blood that was flowing within, but sparkling, melted, divine gold!

Yi Yun’s meridians began to tremble as wave after wave of hot air spewed out from his acupuncture points and pores.

As for the surrounding Yin-Yang Yuan Qi, they formed into a faint whirlpool that gathered towards Yi Yun’s Dantian!

The pure Yang energy was like a vast ocean surrounding Yi Yun.

As for the pure Yin energy, it was like a river pouring into the sea. Yi Yun’s Yuan foundation in his Dantian was continuously expanding outwards.

The Yuan foundation was like a tiny world in a warrior’s body. Although it was within the Dantian, there was still space within it, with various sizes depending on the warrior.

The Yuan foundation was a warrior’s martial arts foundation. Practicing martial arts stressed one’s solid foundation. Many geniuses willingly suppressed themselves at a realm, so as to not break through unless their Yuan Qi could no longer endure the suppression. This way, their foundation would be further reinforced.

As for the degree of consolidation of their foundation, most of the time it depended on the expansiveness of the Yuan foundation.

The wider the foundation, the more it could support a magnificent martial peak!