True Martial World Chapter 521

Chapter 521: Condensing the Dao Seed
Chapter 521: Condensing the Dao Seed

Yi Yun’s Yuan foundation was already much larger than a typical warrior of the same level by several times. Even Shen Tu Nantian’s Yuan foundation when he was at the peak of the Yuan foundation realm was only about 60-70% the size of Yi Yun’s.

And now, with pure Yang and pure Yin energies continuously being injected into Yi Yun’s Yuan foundation, it began to expand like crazy!

At this moment, Lin Xintong, who was connected with Yi Yun on a spiritual level, sensed this change. She looked on in great alarm as Yi Yun’s Yuan foundation was rapidly expanding.

In just tens of seconds, Yi Yun’s Yuan foundation increased by two times in size!

And it was still growing. At the same time, beneath the Yuan foundation, extremely unadulterated pure Yang and Yin energies were gathered. Inexplicably, a nomological seed was being formed.

Dao Seed realm!?

Seeing this scene, how could Lin Xintong not know what was happening? What was happening to Yi Yun was the precursor to breaking through to the Dao Seed realm.

The “Great Empress Heart Sutra” was indeed a top level cultivation technique that was extremely close to a supreme Great Dao. Despite Yi Yun having only mastered the first stage of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, it had already given him heaven-defying benefits.

Breaking through to the Dao Seed realm required him to do it in one go. And the condensing Dao Seed required large quantities of energy. Many Yuan foundation realm warriors would prepare for this for years by accumulating energy, but even so, they could still end up having their Yuan Qi shatter, causing them to fail in condensing their Dao Seed.

The danger of failing would naturally not affect an elite like Yi Yun. However, at the critical moment, the more supple and pure the energy there was, the higher the quality of the condensed Dao Seed would be. Lin Xintong naturally would not allow for Yi Yun to have any lack in energy, which would cause him to have flaws in the Dao Seed that he condensed.

She immediately circulated her Yuan Qi and gave him her fullest support.

At the key moment in Yi Yun’s breakthrough, Lin Xintong no longer cared about the embarrassment between man and woman. She removed her sweat-drenched piece of clothes and hugged Yi Yun with her naked body.

When his manly body, which was emitting a burning Yang-elemental aura, touched her body without any obstructions between them, Lin Xintong jolted.

This was a kind of touch that she had never experienced. Under the catalysis of the Yin-Yang laws, it felt extremely marvellous.

Very quickly however, Lin Xintong suppressed the palpitations in her heart. She began to fully focus on circulating her pure Yin energy so as to constantly transmit it to Yi Yun.

At the key moment of Yi Yun’s cultivation, she wanted to guarantee that Yi Yun would form a Dao Seed under the most perfect environment. It was not allowed for there to be room for any mistakes!

As time passed, Yi Yun entered a completely ethereal state. The two of them faced each other naked as they elevated as a result of the Yin-Yang interaction. In the chamber, numerous lively energy-based phantom images appeared due to the laws.

In a daze, Yi Yun also felt Lin Xintong’s soft but firm body against his, as well as her body fragrance.

This feeling made him feel like he was being covered in the purest of spring waters when his body was burning up. It was an extremely comfortable feeling.

Yi Yun momentarily sensed that something had happened, but he did not have a single perverted thought. He fully focused on gathering the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi as well as planting the Great Dao nomological seed in his Yuan foundation.

Yin-Yang Yuan Qi first condensed into a liquid as it slowly became purer. The light that circulated within seemed like it was crystallizing into a gem.

With the pure Yang Yuan Qi as a base, the pure Yin energy circulated around the pure Yang energy. Like an ice-blue snake, it encircled the pure Yang energy.

Seconds changed to minutes. As Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi was too immense, the quality of the Dao Seed he condensed was even higher, but the energy required for it was naturally even greater.

Now, all it lacked was a bit more, if it did not get more he would not succeed.

Lin Xintong, who was already as one in spirit with Yi Yun, knew of the changes in Yi Yun’s Yuan foundation. She took a deep breath and twined her arms around his neck.

Then, as she circulated her Primordial Yin energy, she summoned her courage and kissed Yi Yun’s burning hot lips.

This deep and emotion filled kiss caused their lips to sentimentally lock onto one another.

Lin Xintong had a perfect, pure Yin body and natural Yin Meridians, causing her body to have a trace of a young girl’s perfect Primordial Yin.

This energy was different from pure Yin energy. It was a form of life force energy that belonged to Lin Xintong.

It would be passed on to the male the first time she had intercourse with a male. However, through her first kiss, she could also pass a tiny bit of her Primordial Yin energy to Yi Yun.

This energy, which was a life force essence, may not be as powerful as pure Yin energy, but it had the effect of giving the finishing touch. It gathered towards Yi Yun’s Dantian.

At this moment, it was like resplendent but impenetrable lava put under extreme pressure, as Yi Yun’s pure Yang Dao Seed finally grew in his Yuan foundation!

Lin Xintong’s Dao Seed was like a resplendent water crystal, Yi Yun’s Dao Seed however was completely different. It was like a fiery divine rock. It constantly emitted unadulterated energy. This energy condensed in all directions, forming a reddish-golden flame.

This flame would accompany Yi Yun’s flame of life, and would carry on burning without end.

And around the divine rock, inside the unadulterated reddish-golden color, there was a layer of tiny, blue ice crystals. These ice crystals were adorned on the divine rock, looking like beautiful snowflakes.

This was the condensation of pure Yin energy. It was the essential pure Yin laws that came from cultivating the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”. It also came from Lin Xintong’s Primordial Yin energy.


Yi Yun’s energy exploded. An alarming aura spewed out and the long screech of a Golden Crow sounded out. A three-legged Golden Crow’s phantom image shot out from behind Yi Yun, up to the chamber’s ceiling, turning into rolling, reddish-golden clouds.

At this moment, the chamber seemed to expand out infinitely, becoming a world governed by pure Yang laws.

And Yi Yun was the center and sovereign of this world!

Lin Xintong knew that this was the external projection of Yi Yun’s Yuan foundation realm. This also symbolized the end for Yi Yun in the Yuan foundation realm. He had finally stepped into the Dao Seed realm.

Dao Seed realm!

Lin Xintong held Yi Yun’s hands, and when Yi Yun opened his eyes, there seemed to be a pair of scorching Suns burning in his eyes.

And in the core of those Suns, there was a faint ice-blue phoenix flying.

Although Yi Yun cultivated the pure Yang laws, extreme Yang could give birth to pure Yin. This was the extreme of the Yang-elemental laws!

By having Yin-Yang harmony, one could avoid the bottleneck of how solitude Yang did not allow growth. This made Yi Yun’s starting line in cultivation be at a distance that left many elites in the dust.

Besides, he and Lin Xintong had just now perfectly mastered the first stage of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”!

A supreme cultivation technique of this level would give them greater benefits in the future the earlier they cultivated it.

For Yi Yun and Lin Xintong to master the first stage of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” at the Yuan foundation and Dao Seed realm, it was not only because of their talent and excellent physique, but also because of the aid they received from the Purple Crystal Origins.