True Martial World Chapter 524

Chapter 524: Meeting of the Enemies!
Chapter 524: Meeting of the Enemies!

“Shen Tu Nantian! You!”

Lin Xiaodie looked angrily at Shen Tu Nantian. At this moment, Shen Tu Nantian nonchalantly lowered his head and looked at his palm that had made the attack. A grin appearing on his face.

“My guess was not wrong. The rules of the mystic realm have disappeared along with the ceasing of the arrays’ functionality!”

“What a pity… I wonder when that little bastard Yi Yun and Lin Xintong will come out. If they entered the treasure vault, I cannot do anything about them.. But if they do come out, I can take that opportunity to seek revenge. I can maim them of their martial arts and grab the opportunities they obtained in the treasure vault!”

Shen Tu Nantian slowly turned his palm into a fist, causing his knuckles to crack.

Ever since he entered the Great Empress mystic realm, he had been suppressed by the rules. Now, he could finally use his strength!

He sneered as he lifted his head and looked towards the cultivators from the Lin family.

Before this, quite a few of the Lin family’s cultivators had been eliminated. Other than Yi Yun and Lin Xintong, there were only four others left.

These people included Lin Xiaodie and Lin Fengyue who entered the Great Empress mystic realm together with Yi Yun. The two others were Li Daoxuan and Lin Lang.

“I say, the few of you. What opportunities did you obtain in the God Advent Tower?” Shen Tu Nantian grinned as he walked towards them.

Lin Xiaodie, Li Daoxuan and Lin Fengyue were touching their interspatial rings. The injured Lin Lang was also gathering his Yuan Qi to stand up and was on high alert.

Originally, with the protection from the mystic realm’s rules, they were not afraid of Shen Tu Nantian, but his attack just now showed that the protections from the mystic realm had already become ineffective.

These few Lin family disciples were all sharp people. They immediately understood the meaning behind this. Momentarily, all of them were highly tensed up.

The protective rules of the Great Empress had very likely disappeared along with the array’s energies.

This was disastrous news. None of them were Shen Tu Nantian’s match!

“Give me all the opportunities you obtained. I’ll validate them for you to see if they are good or bad!”

Even just a tiny bit of opportunities obtained in the Great Empress mystic realm was not trivial. Shen Tu Nantian had already made it clear that he was going to openly steal it from them. Not only was he stealing, he was also planning on killing them!

Since the Shen Tu family clan had already lost all decorum with the Lin family, so what if they were murdered?

Since he could not kill Yi Yun or Lin Xintong, attacking the other Lin family disciples could also ease his hatred. Besides, he could only attack the Lin family. As for the other factions, Shen Tu Nantian was worried that they would join forces against him.

The four disciples of the Lin family formed a battle formation, but the eldest amongst them was only 23 years old. Even his cultivation level was below Shen Tu Nantian’s, so he was in no way Shen Tu Nantian’s match!

Shen Tu Nantian was one of the most astounding figures amongst the younger generation of the Tian Yuan world. He focused on slowly cultivating, causing his foundation to be extremely stable. This gave him a battle power that allowed for him to surpass others, who were at a higher level than him. No one his own age could compare with him!

Under these circumstances, even if anyone of them were at the peak of the Dao Seed realm, they would still not have any confidence in resisting Shen Tu Nantian.

“Hmph! You over-estimate yourselves!”

Shen Tu Nantian sneered and unsheathed his sword. Ever since Yi Yun took away his companion sword, he would recall the humiliation he received at the Lin family whenever he drew his sword. He felt extreme hatred.

And now, it was time for him to relieve that hatred.

“Hahaha, big brother Nantian, why don’t you let us take care of these small fries.” The other disciples of the Shen Tu family clan joined in.

However, Shen Tu Nantian waved his hand, saying, “I alone will be enough.”

“Are you handing over the opportunities now? Or should I kill you first, then wipe the mental marks from your interspatial rings and search them one by one?” Shen Tu Nantian enjoyed this feeling of being able to do as he pleased due to his strength. His strength was practically the highest amongst everyone present. He himself was aweing to others.

And before entering the God Advent Tower, the Shen Tu family clan had sold their information, as well as come to an agreement with the other factions to attack the Lin family.

“What do we do? We are probably not his match…” Amongst the four, Lin Lang transmitted his voice using Yuan Qi.

“There is no other way except to fight to the death!” Lin Xiaodie coldly said. “Even if we hand over the items in our interspatial ring, he will definitely not let us off! He probably has already decided on killing us!”

Lin Xiaodie had already sensed the killing intent in Shen Tu Nantian’s eyes.

Shen Tu Nantian laughed out loud, “Little beauty, you sure are clever. You are quite strong, and you are pretty. What a pity if I were to kill you! Actually I can spare your life. I have a duo cultivation technique which requires a talented young lady to be my s*x slave. It seems you are still are a virgin. Why don’t I offer you a way out? Yield before me and swear under the punishment of a mental demon to be my s*x slave, then I may consider sparing you.”

“Pui!” Lin Xiaodie spat, “Go find a b*tch to duo cultivate with!”

How could a proud girl like Lin Xiaodie become a s*x slave of someone else? It would have been worse than death.

And how could Shen Tu Nantian not realize this? The frivolous words he had said were just to tease Lin Xiaodie, as well as trample on the Lin family’s dignity.

It was because Yi Yun and Matriarch Lin had caused Shen Tu Nantian to hate the Lin family too deeply!

“Refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit!” Killing intent appeared in Shen Tu Nantian’s eyes. He circulated his Yuan Qi and was about to slash out with his sword, but at this very moment, he froze!


Shen Tu Nantian abruptly turned around and looked at the void not far from him. More than ten golden dots of light had appeared out of nowhere as they circled, becoming bigger instantly. In the middle of the light dots, a door of light appeared.

A young man and woman slowly stepped out from the door of light.

The young lady was wearing a white dress. Her disposition was extraordinary and her looks were as pretty as the moon hanging in the night sky.

As for the young man, his eyebrows were like swords and his eyes like stars. His face seemed to have been chiseled by an axe and he was dressed in an azure long robe. He looked like a scholar, but he was holding a bow in his hand. The longbow was golden in color, with several blood red patterns that circled around it. On the bow’s tips, there were two carved dragons, and on the back of each dragon, there was a sharp blade.

One look and one could tell that the bow, with its extraordinary aura, was a divine bow. It gave the scholarly youth a more terrifying air to him.

“Yi Yun! Lin Xintong!”

Seeing the pair of youths appear, Shen Tu Nantian was surprised for a moment before he became overjoyed!

These two had appeared at just the right moment.

He was still upset that he could not find them, but now, they had come knocking on his door!

“Hahahaha!” Shen Tu Nantian laughed wildly. He was extremely excited.

His hatred for Yi Yun had already turned into a mental demon that could no longer be vanquished. He thought of revenge day and night.

However, he was unable to seek revenge as Yi Yun was being protected by the Lin family.

What made Shen Tu Nantian feel even worse was that he realized that the talent of a poor commoner like Yi Yun had surpassed his own!

Shen Tu Nantian was extremely proud, so he could not believe it. However, with the facts before him, he was afraid that once Yi Yun matured, in a few decades, he would no longer be Yi Yun’s match!

He never expected for the chance of a reversal to be here.

As for Lin Xintong, she was a pain in Shen Tu Nantian’s heart. He had already treated her as his woman, yet she had slipped through his grasps.

“Yi Yun! Sis Xintong! Why did you appear now?” When Lin Xiaodie and company saw Yi Yun and Lin Xintong, they were worried. They believed that Yi Yun and Lin Xintong’s trial had just ended, resulting in them coming out at this coincidental moment.

Them appearing now was like sending sheep into a tiger’s mouth.

“The Great Empress mystic realm’s protective rules are no longer effective!” Lin Fengyue transmitted his voice to Lin Xintong as a warning.

Shen Tu Nantian had already guessed what their exchange was. At this moment, warning them was useless.

“Instead of going to Heaven, you choose to barge into Hell!”

Shen Tu Nantian no longer cared about Lin Xiaodie and company. He turned around and walked towards Lin Xintong and Yi Yun.

He still faintly looked up to Lin Xintong, but as for Yi Yun, he was someone trivial. Yi Yun was just a poor commoner who was half his age.

The cultivators from the other factions felt jealous upon seeing this scene.

Lin Xintong and Yi Yun had originally been evaluated to have the best talents. They had not come out after such a long time, which could mean that they had receiving additional benefits. However, from the looks of it, these things would clearly be swallowed up by Shen Tu Nantian alone.