True Martial World Chapter 525

Chapter 525: Purple Lightning, Swimming Dragon
Chapter 525: Purple Lightning, Swimming Dragon

Yi Yun faced the approaching Shen Tu Nantian on high alert. He had discovered that the rules had become ineffective, so with the lives of Lin Xiaodie, Lin Fengyue and company in danger, he had no choice but to prematurely exit the chamber. In fact, now was not the best time for Yi Yun and Lin Xintong to exit. There was still a lot of room for their strengths to increase, and once they came out, they would face a very complicated situation.

Besides the life-and-death enemy like Shen Tu Nantian, they also had to deal with the other cultivators. About 90% of them were enemies.

After Yi Yun and Lin Xintong appeared, many people guessed that they had treasures on them. No one knew what would happen if this carried on.

The only thing they could rely on was the shock and awe of their strength.

Yi Yun grasped the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow tightly. With a tiny step back, a Wind Chasing Arrow appeared in his hand.

Upon seeing this scene, Shen Tu Nantian laughed. Clearly, he was mocking Yi Yun for overestimating himself. However, at this moment, he suddenly made an “En” sound.

His cultivation level was higher than Yi Yun, so he could clearly read Yi Yun’s cultivation level. He was surprised to discover that Yi Yun had condensed a Dao Seed!

“Dao Seed realm! Slightly less than a year ago, he was at the peak of the mid-stages of the Yuan foundation realm, but now he has already condensed the Dao Seed!?”

It was an incredible leap to go from the peak of the mid-stages of the Yuan foundation realm to the Dao Seed in just ten months. No one present could do so.

Immediately, everyone looked at Yi Yun in shock.

The sharp increase in strength in this short period of time usually had only one possibility, that was, he had to have eaten some divine medicine.

As for obtaining an incredible cultivation technique to be the reason for the leap in strength, this possibility did not occur to the cultivators present as it was too abnormal.

No matter how incredible a cultivation technique was, it was unlikely to have such heaven-defying effects. And the more heaven-defying the cultivation technique was, the harder it would be to master.

Within such a short period of time, and with Yi Yun’s cultivation level being so low, even if he obtained an incredible cultivation technique, as a Yuan foundation realm warrior, it would be impossible for him to master it in less than a year.

This made people even more assured of their belief that Yi Yun had eaten some heavenly treasure that allowed his cultivation level to make such a quantum leap. However, such an increase had its advantages and disadvantages. When one’s cultivation level increased too fast, there would be other aspects that could not keep up. Their foundation would not be stable, leaving to adverse consequences in the future.

Such a warrior would not only meet a bottleneck in his future cultivation, his strength would also be inferior to a warrior on the same level as himself.

The most effective way of using a heavenly treasure was to work hard at suppressing one’s cultivation level after consuming it. There was no rush to level up, instead one should ponder over the laws. Only after engaging in practical combat over time, allowing one’s body to slowly absorb the energy, would one naturally increase one’s strength.

What a waste.

Many of them were jealous, but also felt a sense of pity. Such a heavenly treasure had been destroyed by an retard like Yi Yun. It was really like the destruction of Heaven’s property.

“No matter how much help you get, you won’t have any achievements.” Shen Tu Nantian’s eyes sank. “To think that the Great Empress mystic realm let an idiot like you obtain opportunities. I wonder what the ancient Great Empress was thinking! Although the divine medicine has been eaten by you, if I were to use your blood to refine into elixirs, I can still extract the medicinal essence. As for you… Lin Xintong…”

Shen Tu Nantian turned towards Lin Xintong and a deviant sparkle appeared in his eyes. The remaining words were said using a Yuan Qi transmission into Yi Yun and Lin Xintong’s ears, “I will make you regret ever betraying me. I will wipe away your martial arts, and make you become a s*x slave cultivating companion and then suck you dry of your Primordial Yin!”

Shen Tu Nantian’s words made Yi Yun’s face sink, “Using blood to refine into elixirs…”

How could Yi Yun forget the first time he met Shen Tu Nantian, when Shen Tu Nantian discovered Jiang Xiaorou’s identity as being one of the Desolate race, the first thing he wanted to do was to use Jiang Xiaorou’s blood to refine into a Desolate race blood pill.

And now, he wanted to refine him too, and was even coveting Lin Xintong. He and Shen Tu Nantian had already reached an irreconcilable point

“Accept your death!” Shen Tu Nantian suddenly leaped up and his muscles bulged. Powerful Yuan Qi surged through his meridians, causing his body to emit the sound of thunder!

To have thunder, which vibrated the eardrums of others, emit from the circulation of his Yuan Qi, made people again understand how powerful Shen Tu Nantian was.

Ignoring his insight into the laws, just the terrifying amount of Yuan Qi he had was several times that of a warrior at the peak of the Dao Seed realm. How was one to block this?

“This kid is finished. What a pity that the treasures on him and that delicate, pretty babe will belong to Shen Tu Nantian!” People were envious of the benefits Shen Tu Nantian would obtain.

No matter how high one’s talent was, it was impossible to compensate for the absolute gap in cultivation levels. No matter how much of a genius one was, without the time for him to mature, it was also useless!

In a split second, Shen Tu Nantian, who was in the air, seemed like a hawk eyeing its food. He slammed down with his palm towards Yi Yun!

This attack had a powerful aura. Shen Tu Nantian did not need to use such powerful strength to defeat Yi Yun, but he was afraid that the others would snatch the food from his jaws, so he wanted to suppress Yi Yun at an incredible speed, and then shackle Lin Xintong up and ravage her slowly, so as to prevent any external variables.


Purple lightning flashed. Shen Tu Nantian’s right hand was enclosed by purple lightning, It became a shimmering lightning blade as he slashed it down at Yi Yun!

Shen Tu Nantian focused on the Lightning laws!

Wind, Snow, Thunder and Lightning were each one of the ‘power of the Creator’ laws. Lightning was close to pure Yang. This was also why Shen Tu Nantian tried all he could to gain Lin Xintong so that he could duo cultivate with her.

Once his lightning was nourished by Lin Xintong’s pure Yin bloodline, his strength would have had a sharp increase!

In that split second, Yi Yun was surrounded by a sea of lightning. The lightning intertwined and trapped Yi Yun and Lin Xintong within. There was no way for them to dodge at all!

At the moment when Shen Tu Nantian’s right hand, which was in the form of a blade of lightning, was about to hit Yi Yun’s head, Yi Yun made his move!

He did not draw his saber or sword, but with the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow in hand, he used it as a weapon and slashed it at Shen Tu Nantian!

On the ends of the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow, there were sharp blades. The Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow was a divine weapon that had been a part of the Azure Yang Lord’s collection. The quality of the blades on the bow were far better than any weapons the cultivators present possessed!

Seeing Yi Yun use his bow as a weapon, Shen Tu Nantian laughed maniacally. A bow was used to shoot arrows, but to use it as a pole to beat others, wasn’t this just courting death?

“Die!” Shen Tu Nantian growled loudly. The terrifying lightning surged downwards in an indomitable fashion, clashing straight with the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow!

At that moment, Yi Yun’s pure Yang laws exploded. Vast amounts of pure Yang energy, which were following the circulation patterns of the first stage of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, were injected into the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow. The bow seemed to suddenly come alive. In the vast sea of lightning, it looked like there was a divine dragon shuttling through its lightning domain!


What seemed like a dragon’s roar sounded. The purple lightning bolts that filled the sky were swept up by the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow! It was like an invisible energy whirlpool that sucked up all the lightning. This was a nomological suppression as the pure Yang laws Yi Yun cultivated was one level higher than the laws cultivated by Shen Tu Nantian!

“You are the one dying!”

Yi Yun roared and an irresistible sharp aura around him became like a divine sword. His stance shot to unprecedented heights!

With the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow in hand, the purple lightning and pure Yang energy that were swept up were slashed towards Shen Tu Nantian!


Shen Tu Nantian felt his body slow down. Seeing the purple sea surging towards him, the energy that once belonged to him had been driven away by the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow, now being sent right back at him.

Shen Tu Nantian’s pupils constricted. He had never encountered such a situation, nor could he believe that such a situation could appear because of Yi Yun!

He had no time to consider. With his hand on his sword’s hilt, he slashed out with his sword!

Sword Qi roared and lightning spread in all directions!

In the sky, the purple sword and the golden bow clashed without any fancy developments. Energy exploded!


A terrifying energy wave was sent out in all directions. Cultivators who were not strong enough, were sent flying by the immense force. Their blood were in turmoil from the tremor!

Even Shen Tu Nantian himself felt his arms go numb due to the impact. He had nearly dropped his sword.

Raging pure Yang energy rushed into Shen Tu Nantian’s body. All of his meridians were in pain, as he was sent flying by the powerful impact!


Shen Tu Nantian slammed heavily into the crystal stone pillar. He felt a sharp pain in his back, but with Yuan Qi protecting his body, it was not that serious.

At this moment, he could not waste time checking on his injuries. He looked on in disbelief at Yi Yun. He saw that, although Yi Yun had retreated a few steps and had used the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow to stabilize his body, he did not seem to be in overdraft.

How could this be!

Shen Tu Nantian yelled in his heart. The scene before him nearly made him wonder if he had once again entered the mental demon realm, meeting the mental demon form of Yi Yun in his nightmares.

How could Yi Yun, who was just sixteen years old, be able to send him retreating? His cultivation was higher than Yi Yun’s!

Although Shen Tu Nantian had not used all his strength, that should definitely not have been the outcome.

He could not believe that this was true.

Shen Tu Nantian was not alone. The other cultivators present looked at his scene in inexplicable horror. Their faces were frozen and their mouths were slightly agape. They were like eastern zombies who had been frozen by a talisman. They were motionless.

Other than the purple lightning rolling in the sky, the entire black stone square had become like a silent graveyard. A few cultivators, who were standing close by, had been sent flying. They crawled up in pain as they revealed terror stricken eyes.

“Is that really…really Yi Yun?”

Lin Xiaodie, who was previously extremely worried, muttered to herself. She had entered the Great Empress mystic realm together with Yi Yun and came all this way together with him. Beside Lin Xiaodie was Lin Fengyue, who did not know whether to nod or shake his head. He had also become speechless from the shock.

A sixteen year old had suppressed Shen Tu Nantian despite the huge difference in cultivation level. Furthermore, Shen Tu Nantian was one of the most illustrious elites in the Tian Yuan world. His combat ability, compared to people at the same level, left them in the dust. However, with this scene happening before them, it was hard to believe that this was real.