True Martial World Chapter 529

Chapter 529: Starlight Befalls
Chapter 529: Starlight Befalls


Thunder roared as Shen Tu Nantian’s sword came slashing down. This was the ultimate sword move that he had gained insight on – Sword of Heavenly Punishment!

When the sword was swiped downwards, an endless sea of lightning appeared in front of Yi Yun!

The blood red divine lightning was like a blood pool from hell. It devoured everything!

Yi Yun remained calm. All sorts of images flashed past in his mind. The scene of the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner slashing that world-shocking attack, and the figure of Azure Yang Lord’s slashing that uninhibited and free sword attack.

Everything gathered onto Yi Yun’s sword!

The ancient broken sword seemed to open a gulf through space-time, with a blinding sword beam appearing out of the void from ancient times!


Yi Yun’s sword beam slashed through the lightning sea!

At this moment, Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi was completely drained. This battle with Shen Tu Nantian had already used Yi Yun’s essential life force power in order to continuously attack three consecutive times at full power!

The lightning was overwhelming, but the sword Qi was indomitable.

A broken sword had been stabbed straight at Shen Tu Nantian’s navel!

At that instant, Shen Tu Ya, who was like a hiding venomous serpent, roared out suddenly from the crowd. He drew out a white bone saber from his interspatial ring and leaped forward!


Six Dao Seed realm warriors, including Shen Tu Ya, attacked!

They put all they had in them, and they had chosen to strike after Yi Yun attacked with all his strength!

Being covered by violent sword Qi, once Yi Yun succumbed to the sneak attack, he might receive a backlash from his own sword Qi. He could even be carved into pieces by the sword Qi!

The moment that Shen Tu Ya chose was extremely opportune and sinister.

Yuan Qi of all colors covered the horizon as complex laws came down on him like a torrent of rain!

Not far away, Lin Xiaodie, Lin Fengyue and company could not help but shout out in alarm. Who could withstand the combined attack of so many Dao Seed realm warriors?

Ignoring the fact that Yi Yun was fighting Shen Tu Nantian, and that he no longer had any strength left, even if he was prepared for the attack, he might not have been able to withstand it!

His life was on the line!

And at the same moment, Lin Xintong, who had been forbearing while standing beside Yi Yun, made her move!

Ever since Yi Yun and Shen Tu Nantian began fighting, no matter how intense the battle was, Lin Xintong had remained motionless and speechless. Now, she had finally made her move!

Lin Xintong flew up. With her white dress and sprawling dark hair, she looked like a fairy coming down to the mortal world from Heaven.

She brandished her sword and star-filled galactic arms fell from the Heavens. All the star light was gathered on Lin Xintong’s sword.

With frost Qi bursting forth, infinite snow and ice spread out in all directions with Lin Xintong as the center.

The black stone square was frozen. A frozen lotus quickly bloomed on the black stone. Those cultivators, who did not make a move, retreated in fear as they were attacked by the frost Qi.

Just the afterwind of the sword Qi had so much power. Not only was it extremely powerful, the sword Qi contained the nomological insights of Lin Xintong. The snow that covered the ground were interspersed with worldly laws!

With Lin Xintong attacking, that sword attack seemed to be the only thing that existed in the world. It stabbed straight at Shen Tu Ya.


Seeing Lin Xintong move, a cruel glimmer flashed in Shen Tu Ya’s eyes.

This woman is courting death!

He had not forgotten Lin Xintong, but he believed that with six Dao Seed realm warriors attacking together, they could destroy anyone!

“I’ll grant you your wish to die!”

Shen Tu Ya roared loudly. Behind him, a phantom image of a three-headed hell hound appeared. This was Shen Tu Ya’s Aspect Totem.

Legends said of a three-headed hell hound that guarded the gates to Hell. Besides being evil and bloodthirsty, it was extremely strong.

With the three-headed hell hound supporting him, a vast sea of blood suffused out of Shen Tu Ya’s saber beam. This saber beam and Aspect Totem seemed invincible.

However, the moment the blood red saber beam appeared, another infinite ice-blue galactic arm fell from the sky. It enshrouded it like a waterfall.

Extreme frost Yin, annihilation… emptiness… silence…

The three-headed hell hound was covered by the ice-blue galactic arm. Its body abruptly froze as it let out a forlorn cry. As for Shen Tu Ya’s saber beam, it slashed into the frost ice sea and was immediately frozen by the endless frost Qi. Blood froze, turning into red ice crystals.

His vitality was quickly depleting as ice began covering his skin. The expression on Shen Tu Ya’s face changed.


What was devouring him was not just simple frost Qi. This frost Qi was not only cold, it also devoured one’s life force!

His flame of life was quickly weakening and extinguished. His vitality was also quickly depleting. It was as if time had sped up hundreds of times. He could see himself aging rapidly with the naked eye.

“What sort of sword attack is this!?”

Shen Tu Ya wanted to shout, but his voice had already been devoured by the silent power. The moment the sound waves appeared, it disappeared in the power of silenceness, turning into nothingness.

With this, in a silent world with a ice-blue sea, it not only shrouded Shen Tu Ya, it also shrouded the five cultivators behind him.

Ice crystals had already formed on all of their bodies. As for their moves, they had been annihilated the moment they were immersed into that star-filled sword beam.

“Ka Ka Ka!”

Shen Tu Ya’s expression was frozen. A layer of ice completely covered him. His body was completely frozen.

His sallow and twisted face and his thin and slightly short body were forever sealed in ice!

The three-headed hell hound also disappeared with a pathetic cry. Lin Xintong appeared in front of the frozen Shen Tu Ya like a divine goddess.


With a flash of a sword beam, no one saw where the sword had been stabbed. No blood was spilled, but Shen Tu Ya’s eyes turned dim quickly after the attack. His life had been removed and his Dantian destroyed.

He’s dead!?

After many of the cultivators surrounding the black stone square saw this scene, their pupils constricted. They were appalled!

Two attacks. She had only used two attacks!

One to seal them in ice, and one to annihilate!

Shen Tu Ya, whose cultivation level was at the mid-stages of the Dao Seed realm, only ended up being instantly killed by Lin Xintong, whose cultivation level was the same as his!

This impact was too great on their hearts. Lin Xintong’s power was so terrifying that it led them into despair!

Not only Shen Tu Ya, the other five Dao Seed realm warriors behind him had been trapped by the Nine Nether frost Qi, with no way of escaping!

Their sword beams and laws vanished in front of the pure Yin laws that far exceeded theirs. They did not manage to do a thing.

Lin Xintong’s expression was cold. She brandished her sword as she flew towards the five Dao Seed realm warriors.

“Wait… Wait!”

The five Dao Seed realm warriors were scared ashened. At the moment of their deaths, no matter how bright their futures and lives would be, they would all turn to dust. The fear in their hearts were obvious!

“Don’t attack, I have something to say… ”

Someone shouted, but Lin Xintong’s sword heartlessly fell!

Lin Xintong’s hands were seldom stained with blood, but she was never benevolent. At this moment, there was only one word that needed to be used when facing these people, who had attempted to sneak up on Yi Yun, hoping to gain benefits — Kill!

“I’ll fight it out with you!”

Noticing that Lin Xintong was not going to spare them, a cultivator roared as he brandished his saber at Lin Xintong. However, his saber slashed into nothingness, as Lin Xintong’s figure seemed to pass through him like smoke.

His body suddenly froze. A sword had slashed through his body, but it did not leave a single wound. Not a single drop of blood flowed out. It was like a dove shuttling through smoke.

A strike without a mark had caused the cultivator’s eyes to lose its glimmer…