True Martial World Chapter 532

Chapter 532: Compromise
Chapter 532: Compromise

The atmosphere over the black stone square was tense. Yi Yun and Lin Xintong stood facing the crowd of cultivators. A few Dao Seed realm cultivators were standing at the forefront of the crowd.

“Xiaodie, Lin Lang, come over here.”

Lin Xintong said to Lin Xiaodie and company. The few of them walked over to behind Lin Xiaodie and waited in a prepared stance. From the numbers, it was completely out of proportion, comparing the both sides. However, just Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were enough to make everyone dread them.

At this moment, a tall, thin and tanned cultivator in his thirties walked forth from the crowd.

“Everyone, let us put down our weapons first. Let us negotiate!”

The lanky male’s cultivation level was also at the peak of the Dao Seed realm. His strength was not much worse than Shen Tu Nantian’s. What he said was somewhat convincing to the cultivators. After all, to those cultivators, who were weaker, a mighty figure like the lanky male was a protective charm against Yi Yun.

Yi Yun faltered slightly, but he did not put down the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow in his hand. He lightly said, “Just say whatever you want to say.”

The lanky man flashed a smile, as if he was using this method to lighten the atmosphere. “Young master Yi, I almost never submit to others. I did not even submit to Shen Tu Nantian, but against you and Fairy Lin, I can only say that I am fully in awe and submission.”

“I have lived for thirty years and respect heroes the most and I admire outstanding people, especially the peerless figures written about in the ancient records. I have always yearned to be like them. As for you and Fairy Lin, it is insufficient to describe the two of you as a phoenix and dragon pair. In time to come, the both of you are very likely to become like those written about in ancient records!”

“Although I have to admit that I am very envious of the inheritance that you have obtained, and really wish to seize it through murder, but I need to have my life to actually obtain it, right? I also know that the both of you do not want the news of this to be spread. Once the Tian Yuan world knows that the Great Empress’ inheritance has been obtained by the two of you, it will be a disaster to both you and the Lin family.”

“However, if you were to silence us, that would not be an easy task either. Let’s ignore our strength, for even if you manage to kill all of us, when you exit the mystic realm, it would not be an easy task to account to the factions we belong to!”

The lanky male slowly said. This person was well versed in the art of speaking. His words had complimented Yi Yun and Lin Xintong in a subtle manner, so as to show a sign of good faith. At the same time, his words were frank and did not conceal any of his inner thoughts.

“Then?” Yi Yun asked in a deadpan manner.

The lanky man said, “What I want to say is that I do not plan on fighting for this opportunity. The Great Empress’ inheritance may be good, but it is not something that I am blessed to enjoy. It is a hot potato. Once blood lust blinds us all, a bloody brawl would be set off in just this mystic realm. There will be few survivors left. And once we leave, it will result in a greater massacre. It might result in rivers formed of blood. If my Xue family is unlucky, it might even be destroyed at that point!”

“What I said would be things you and Fairy Lin will face. I can only wish you good luck.”

“In the pugilistic world, warriors would encounter numerous enemies, however no one likes to constantly face enemies everywhere. To bury the hatchet and become friends would be the best outcome. Unfortunately, there are many times when friends will back stab each other, catching people off guard.”

“Young master Yi has expended a great deal of Yuan Qi, so I believe that if a few of us at the peak of the Dao Seed realm were to join forces, we would be able to handle you. However, when Young master Yi completely recovers, if you were to fight together with Fairy Lin, and sneak up on us, it is very likely that the few of us would die there and then.”

The lanky man’s words were reasonable. Yi Yun nodded slightly, “So, you mean?”

“What I want to say is that since we are having a truce, I suggest we sign a soul contract. Before leaving the Great Empress mystic realm, Young master Yi and Fairy Lin are not allowed to attack us. At the same time, after we leave the Great Empress mystic realm, we would keep the fact of Young master Yi obtaining the inheritance an absolute secret. How about it?”

This made Yi Yun think. This proposal could not be any better.

Yi Yun also did not want to begin a mass slaughter. As for keeping the Great Empress mystic realm’s news a secret, Yi Yun knew very well that this matter was not something that could be concealed.

The soul contract was not omnipotent. There were many methods the Elders of the large factions could use to crack a soul contract signed by juniors like them. The news of them obtaining the Great Empress’ inheritance would be leaked out sooner or later.

However, Yi Yun also did not count on staying alive by getting these people to keep the secret. After refining the Azure Yang Token and being able to freely enter the Great Empress mystic realm, Yi Yun already knew of another entrance to the Great Empress mystic realm. He and Lin Xintong could exit smoothly without any trouble.

Of course, the lanky man knew that there was no way of concealing the truth. The reason why he suggested this proposal was also to befriend Yi Yun and Lin Xintong.

Just as he said, to befriend someone after burying the hatchet was the best outcome.

As long as the two did not die in the future, they would become peerless Great Emperors. If it was impossible to murder them to seize the treasures, then befriending them would be the second best outcome. It was also a consolatory result.

“Alright!” Yi Yun agreed.

As for the other cultivators, they had no rights to oppose. Without the lanky man’s support, they would very likely be killed if they refused.

“Let us sign the contract!”

As Yi Yun spoke, a faint beam fell from the sky towards the black stone square. It shrouded Shen Tu Nantian as well as the corpses of the other Shen Tu family clan disciples.

After these corpses were illuminated by the beam, they slowly turned transparent and then quickly disappeared.

Upon seeing this scene, everyone was momentarily stunned. They quickly understood that these corpses had been sent out.

In the Great Empress mystic realm, as long as one died, then one’s corpse would be sent out of the mystic realm. This was one of the Great Empress mystic realm’s rules.

With many of the mystic realm arrays failing, many of the rules were no longer in effect, but unexpectedly, this rule was still preserved.

However, Yi Yun was not surprised by this.

This was the rule that ensured the exit of the mystic realm, so naturally it could not disappear. Before the God Advent Tower’s Item Spirit entered her slumber, she had likely, especially, left enough energy to support the mystic realm’s exiting rules. Without this rule, these cultivators would have been trapped in the mystic realm their entire lives.

If Yi Yun and Lin Xintong did not choose to finish traversing the extreme frost icy plains, then they would be trapped to death like the rest. Of course, the God Advent Tower’s Item Spirit would not let that happen.

Many of them, not only Yi Yun, realized this. This made them heave a sigh of relief.

It seemed like as long as they waited, they would still be able to leave the Great Empress mystic realm. This was good news. They had suffered from being trapped in the God Advent Tower for half a year.

“We will probably be able to leave shortly.”

Many people had such thoughts. At this moment, Yi Yun waved to Lin Xiaodie and company as he transmitted his voice, “Follow me. Xintong and I have words to exhort you…”

At this moment, outside the Great Empress mystic realm, many of the Elders from the various large factions were still guarding the entrance of the mystic realm in the God Burial Abyss’ underwater turmoil.

Since their respective juniors entered the Great Empress mystic realm, they had been waiting here for more than ten months.

To these Elders who had lifespans of thousands to tens of thousands of years, ten months were like the time it took to snap one’s finger. They could pass through this time in one meditation sitting.

However, they had gone through tribulations in what was a short period of time. They had withstood a tremendous test.

About half a year ago, the God Burial Abyss had a sudden, abnormal change. Tens of thousands of miles away, deep in the whirlpool, a huge eye had appeared. The eye was frightening. It made anyone who saw it feel like their soul was being sucked in.

With the eye’s appearance, the eternal whirlpool’s suction power also crazily increased. It conjured a terrifying black storm on the seabed.

The Elders of the various large factions, who were high ranking figures in the Tian Yuan world, also struggled to withstand the storm. They were nearly sucked into the whirlpool.

Once they were sucked into the eternal whirlpool, then they were bound to die without a proper burial ground. Ever since ancient times, even peerless Great Emperors could not come out after entering the eternal whirlpool.

At the moment when the Elders of the large factions could no longer cope, out flew a phantom image of a pagoda from the Great Empress mystic realm. This gigantic pagoda pulled all the turbulent power in the surroundings and crashed down onto the eternal whirlpool.

It had forcefully halted the eye!

Despite the clash at this level happening tens of thousands of miles away, it still gave off immense pressure and created shockwaves that reached the high ranking figures of the Tian Yuan world. Many of them even received internal injuries.

Thankfully, from then on, the eternal whirlpool eased up. The eye disappeared and the pagoda phantom image was also no longer seen.

The power of the underwater storm had weakened so it was no longer as difficult to endure as before.

However, these Elders never expected that they would end up waiting for half a year after this. And yet, not a single cultivator had been sent out from the Great Empress mystic realm.

Such a long period of time far exceeded their initial expectations. It caused many of them to worry. Could some accident have happened after the mysterious eye appeared and the clash between the eye with the pagoda phantom image that stemmed from the Great Empress mystic realm? Could the juniors, still in the Great Empress mystic realm, have suffered unexpected consequences?

These young elites were geniuses that the various large factions had spent great amounts of resources to develop. They were the future hopes of these factions. If they met with an accident, then it would be an incalculable loss.

Many of the Elders of the large factions could not help but feel worried. Now, they were not hoping that their juniors would obtain anything amazing from the Great Empress mystic realm. All they wished for was for them to return safe and sound.

During this half year period, not a single Elder from these factions dared to leave. Without them to receive the juniors, the juniors would not be able to resist the terrible underwater storm.

As their waiting time increased, more and more people suspected that these juniors had been killed by that heaven shaking clash.

However, no one expected that on this day, the entrance of the Great Empress mystic realm suddenly had a disturbance. It was as if something was going to be sent out.

The sudden change made everyone light up after such a long period of inactivity.

“The mystic realm’s entrance has been activated. It looks like someone is coming out!” An elder stroked his beard and said joyfully.


They had waited for so long, and finally someone were coming out.

Apparently, these juniors were still able to survive despite that terrible collision.