True Martial World Chapter 534

Chapter 534: Completely Wiped Out
Chapter 534: Completely Wiped Out

Before entering the Great Empress mystic realm, the Shen Tu family clan had already formed an alliance with the other factions by signing a soul contract.

Now however, with the Shen Tu family clan’s juniors murdered, the Elders from the other factions felt a sense of schadenfreude. Firstly, this was because all the large factions in the Tian Yuan world were at odds against each other, be it openly or secretly. No one wanted the other to succeed. Secondly, back when the Shen Tu family clan sold the information to the Great Empress mystic realm, they had ripped off all of the other family clans, so there was some resentment in many of the family clans.

Up to now, it was still unknown if the value of the Great Empress mystic realm was worth what they paid.

Hence, with the Shen Tu family clan now in such a dire state, the other factions began to mock them as well as make sarcastic remarks. No one stood forward to show any empathy.

This made many Elders from the Shen Tu family clan become even angrier. They were on the brink of exploding.

At this moment, amongst the Shen Tu Elders, Thousand Hand Granny suddenly screamed. She pointed at the Lin family and viciously said, “It is them. It must be the little bastards from the Lin family who killed our people!”

There was no need to mention the vendetta between the Lin family and the Shen Tu family clan. In the Great Empress mystic realm, the faction that was most likely to target the Shen Tu family clan was the Lin family.

Although the other family clans did not have good relations with the Shen Tu family clan, they were still bound by the contract between them and the Shen Tu family clan. If they violated the contract, they would be punished by the soul contract. As such, it was unlikely that anyone of them would risk it to massacre the Shen Tu family clan’s disciples.

The most likely people to have done such a thing was the Lin family.

The four consecutive corpses, especially Shen Tu Ya’s death, were completely unacceptable for the Shen Tu family clan.

Upon hearing the Thousand Hand Granny’s words, the green-clothed elder, who had caught the corpse, looked coldly at the Lin family and said in a deep voice, “Lin Fengxian, my great grandson died in the mystic realm today, I want you to answer for it!”

Immediately, the atmosphere became tense. The Shen Tu family clan and the Lin family had been guarding against each other for the ten months they were near to the eternal whirlpool. The hostility accrued between them was too much. At this moment, it had reached an extremum and was about to break out at any moment.

When that happened, the clash between the two family clans in the Tian Yuan world was something the other factions would greatly desire.

On the Lin family side, Elder Tianzhu had already silently placed his hand on his sword’s hilt.

Matriarch Lin slowly scanned the faces of the Shen Tu family clan, and sneered, “Answer for it? You are speaking without any proof. To accuse my Lin family’s disciples of killing your disciples, yet you want me to answer for it?”

“Accuse? Hmph!” The Thousand Hand Granny’s shrill voice was ear-piercing. Her thin and old body was trembling from anger, “Other than the Lin family, who else could it be!?”

Thousand Hand Granny pointed to the arrow wound on one of the corpses. The corpse previously had a cultivation level at the peak of the Yuan foundation realm, and was about to break into the Dao Seed realm. The Thousand Hand Granny had previously favored this junior, and wanted to nurture him to aid Shen Tu Nantian, but now, with him shot dead with an arrow, this hope had crumbled.

Matriarch Lin roared with laughter, “Why? Just because of a fatal arrow wound, you are suspecting us? Who knows if that underachieving disciple’s strength was so lacking that he could not withstand the difficulty in the Great Empress mystic realm, so he was killed by bow and arrow puppets! Furthermore, even if he was killed by someone with a bow and arrow, how can you be sure that it was done by my Lin family?”

When Matriarch Lin said these words, Thousand Hand Granny’s old face twitched. Her features were all twisted together. What Matriarch Lin said were the same words she had previously said.

More than half a year ago, when a Lin family junior, named Lin Ping was killed, the Thousand Hand Granny had used those words to mock the Lin family.

Now, Matriarch only changed a few words, and returned them intact. How could the Thousand Hand Granny not be incensed?

The Thousand Hand Granny’s face sank. She stretched out her right hand. On her dry hands that resembled chicken feet, a faint black glow suffused. Even her nails turned black. It was as if she was about to attack at the very next moment.

“Other than your Lin family, all the other family clans have signed a soul contract with the Shen Tu family clan. This arrow wound still has remnants of pure Yang laws. That is all positive proof! I know that the little bastard, Yi Yun, uses a bow and arrow. He also cultivates in the pure Yang laws!”

“Oh? From what you say, that indeed sounds reasonable.” Matriarch said in an agreeable fashion. She then said, “I will do a proper investigation. If that was really what happened, I will punish those aggressive juniors from the family clan. I will punish them by getting them to reflect on it for a hundred days as a way to answer to the Shen Tu family clan. But…”

When Matriarch said this, she suddenly switched gears and frowned, “I do not really understand. How can Yi Yun, a sixteen-year-old youth with a cultivation level at the mid stages of the Yuan foundation realm kill three of your juniors with a bow and arrow, whose cultivation levels have reached as high as the Dao Seed realm?”

Matriarch Lin’s words were full of sarcasm, however she remained frowning, as if she was being extremely serious. For a moment, many of the Elders from the surrounding family clans could not help but laugh aloud.

Thousand Hand Granny’s face turned deep red. She was dying to tear Lin Fengxian’s body apart!

However, she also knew that once they made their move, it would reach an irremediable state. They and the Lin family would end up suffering serious losses, allowing others to benefit from it. If that happened, then no one would be able to receive the remaining few juniors of the Shen Tu family clan, including Shen Tu Nantian, when they came out of the mystic realm.

Be it the God Burial Abyss’ storm or the Elders from the other family clans, who were eyeing their treasures, any of them could cause Shen Tu Nantian to die on the spot.

“Lin Fengxian, do not be in a hurry! The corpses that come out might just be a small portion. Do you think that your Lin family will have no casualties? Do you think that little bastard, Yi Yun will be able to survive? What a joke! So, you do know that the little bastard is only at the mid-stages of the Yuan foundation realm? Do you think he was able to kill three of our Shen Tu family clan disciples? Stop dreaming! For him to be able to leave those arrow wounds on our disciples, it must have been because he sneak attacked them when both sides were warring against each other!”

“Other than that little bitch, Lin Xintong, who else can you talk about in the Lin family? Even that little bitch, Lin Xintong, is far from a match against Tian’er! Wait and see. Wait till Tian’er sends out corpse after corpse of your Lin family disciples!”

The Thousand Hand Granny said these words with a deluge of killing intent. And as if answering the Thousand Hand Granny, the Great Empress mystic realm’s entrance began to flash. Someone was going to be sent out again!

The Thousand Hand Granny jerked her head and looked towards the entrance. At this moment, she was dying to see the miserable outcomes of the Lin family disciples. She wanted to see Yi Yun torn apart. She wanted to see the scene of Lin Xintong being forcefully robbed of her Primordial Yin by Shen Tu Nantian before being killed.

At this moment, other than the Thousand Hand Granny, Matriarch Lin also turned nervous. She may have said those previous words with confidence, but deep in her heart, she was worried about the Lin family juniors. They were, after all, too young. It was a fact that they were no match for Shen Tu Nantian.

The beams of light around the entrance grew more intense. Finally, with a flash of white light, a bloody corpse with tattered clothes, and a pierced chest was ejected!

Compared to the previous four corpses, this corpse was clearly in a worse state.

The corpse’s hair was disheveled, concealing his looks. It prevented others from seeing who it was clearly. However, when it appeared, a rush of seawater pulled away the disheveled hair, finally revealing a face that was as pale as wax paper.

The expression on the face was ferocious and brought with it an intense indignant look. His facial features were all twisted together. He looked grim and terrible. It could be imagined that he died with a great deal of pain and resentment.

Upon seeing this face, the Elders from all factions felt their hearts miss a beat. Their faces were completely stunned.

Thousand Hand Granny was the one closest to the corpse. It was as if she had been struck by lightning. Her bent body seemed to turn rigid!

She stared wide eyed at the corpse. In her dirty yellow eyes, her pupils dilated. The blood vessels around her eyes appeared at a rapid pace. It caused both of her eyes to turn completely red!

Time seemed to stop as the corpse slowly drifted in the sea. The Thousand Hand Granny’s body was completely rigid. Her heart was pounding crazily. The blood vessels under her dried skin began to protrude up greatly. It made her thin body seem like there were worms crawling all under her skin.


The Thousand Hand Granny let out a shrill scream as her body violently trembled.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out. A red blood arrow shot through the seawater under her infinite hatred!

Shen Tu Nantian, her most outstanding offspring, a once in a millennium genius, a son of Heaven who could become the head of the Shen Tu family clan in the future, had died in the Great Empress mystic realm!

“Ah Ah Ah Ah!”

The Thousand Hand Granny screamed out loudly as she carried Shen Tu Nantian’s corpse in her arms.

On the Shen Tu family clan’s side, Shen Tu Jue narrowed his eyes. Cruel beams of light shone out from his eyes!

Shen Tu Ya’s death was already unacceptable. Shen Tu Nantian’s death made the Shen Tu family clan go even crazier!

With a flash, Shen Tu Jue appeared beside Shen Tu Nantian’s body. With his hand stretched out, he said after a probe, “Sword wounds!”

He looked up and stared at the surrounding family clan Elders. He was like a wounded beast that was about to flare up at any moment.

Who killed Shen Tu Nantian?

No one knew.

At this moment, even the Lin family Elders were looking at each other, let alone the Shen Tu family clan.

Matriarch Lin’s face looked puzzled. With Shen Tu Nantian dead, it couldn’t really have been Yi Yun who killed him, right?

“It is unlikely that it was done by our Lin family. However, this matter is very strange. These corpses were clearly killed by someone and not due to the mystic realm’s trials. If it was not done by our Lin family disciples, who could it be?”

Elder Tianzhu muttered to himself. He did not have time to think, for at this moment, a few more corpses floated out from the Great Empress mystic realm!

These corpses all belonged to the Shen Tu family clan as well!

Upon seeing this scene, Shen Tu Jue’s body trembled.

Dead! They were all dead!

Other than those weaker disciples, who were eliminated more than half a year ago, the remaining strongest and most talented disciples of the Shen Tu family clan had now all died.

Completely wiped out!

Why was there such an outcome!?

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