True Martial World Chapter 543

Chapter 543: Large Calamity
Chapter 543: Large Calamity

The two Yin specters ran up the path leading to the heavens. They would occasionally encounter people from the Martial Alliance; however, strangely, none of these people managed to discover them. It was like they did not exist.

The Martial Alliance’s headquarters was situated at the end of the path.

The headquarters was a magnificent stone tower. It was simplistic in style, and towered above the low-lying dark clouds which were rumbling with lightning.

The two Yin specters entered straight into the highest level of the stone tower.

It was dim inside the stone tower. There was only a single bean-sized torch illuminating the empty tower.

Upon entering the stone tower, it was as if the outside world became isolated from them, leaving only a dark and silent space as well as that tiny bit of light. In this space, it seemed like life and time did not exist. Even the concept of space did not seem to exist. It was as if everything had come to a halt in here.

The moment the two Yin specters entered the stone tower, they fell to the ground and revealed an extremely placatory look, “Lord Sacred Ambassador, us, subordinates have failed in our mission, please punish us.”

The two knelt on the ground and remained silent for a long period of time. Deep in the grand hall, there was a tall figure wearing a heavy long robe. He slowly walked out from the darkness.

His looks were concealed by the shadows in the grand hall. One could only faintly discern a light red scar in the middle of his eyebrows. The scar seemed to radiate with a burning flame.

If the House Heads of the various large factions of the Tian Yuan world were here, they would immediately identify this person with the fire scar. He was the current Alliance Leader of the Martial Alliance!

He led several large factions in the Tian Yuan world. He had absolute authority in the Tian Yuan world and his power was unfathomable!

“The two of you entered the Martial Alliance’s headquarters directly in such a rush. There are many human experts here. With your cultivation levels, even if you use your Yin specter illusion magic, you could still be easily noticed. This would lead to unnecessary suspicion!”

“May the Sacred Ambassador forgive us. It is because of the sudden turn of events that these two subordinates need to report it to the Divine Master with such urgency!” The two Yin specters lowered their bodies even more.

The Divine Master they mentioned was sleeping deep within God Burial Abyss. These two Yin specters did not have the right, or ability, to see the real Divine Master.

In fact, the Divine Master was practically a legend to them. They only had the right to meet the black-robed Sacred Ambassador standing before them.

The Divine Master’s orders were all conveyed through the black-robed Sacred Ambassador, who was also the Martial Alliance’s Alliance Leader.

The Martial Alliance had existed for a very long time. Over tens of millions of years, the Martial Alliance had taken deep root in the Tian Yuan world. It had matured to become a terrifying faction that was affiliated with various sects in the Tian Yuan world.

As for the Alliance Leader of the Martial Alliance, he was designated only when the former Alliance Leader was near his deathbed.

Every Alliance Leader had mysterious backgrounds. Other than the former Martial Alliance’s Leader, no one knew where they came from. Over time, people began to believe that every Alliance Leader would secretly nurture a successor. Before the successor was revealed, his identity was kept completely confidential.

The man with the burning scar remained expressionless, making it impossible for one to tell if he was happy or angry. He slowly said, “The two of you entered the Great Empress mystic realm while aiding Black Specter. Now, Black Specter’s soul jade slip has already shattered, while both of you are in such a state… Speak. What happened? How did the power of the Divine Master’s Eye of Destruction get cut off by the God Advent Tower?”

With the Eye of Destruction that appeared out of the God Burial Abyss mentioned, the two Yin specters became even more placatory. They were absorbed by fear at the mention of the Eye of Destruction, as well as the Sacred Ambassador before them.

The Yin specters bowed their heads and recounted everything that had happened in the Great Empress mystic realm.

The black-robed Sacred Ambassador listen in silence. It was impossible to read his thoughts from his eyes. Only when the Yin specters mentioned that Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had obtained the recognition of the Great Empress mystic realm, as well as them inheriting a portion of the Great Empress’ inheritance, did his expression change.

“That woman actually managed to find a successor? Hmph! It is useless. What can two young successors do? They no longer have the time…”

The black-robed Sacred Ambassador muttered to himself as he turned around and began walking back towards the deep recesses of the grand hall.

Seeing the black-robed Sacred Ambassador taking his leave, the two Yin specters said with their knees still on the ground, “Lord Sacred Ambassador, over the past few years, the Desolate race has already begun preparations. They have unsealed several of the seals in the ancient Divine Tomb. The former Desolate Queen has also relinquished her position to a new Desolate Queen. They have probably summoned their Sacred Spirit. We are bound to have a war with them. What should we do?”

“The Desolate race? Summoning their Sacred Spirit?” The black-robed Sacred Ambassador stopped in his steps and said coldly, “We do not need to do a thing. We just need to wait.”

The black-robed Sacred Ambassador sneered. His gaze seemed to penetrate the grand black hall as it extended past the entire Tian Yuan world, all the way to the red Untraversable Sea…

The seawater of the calm Untraversable Sea that resembled death, turned redder the farther one went.

It was unknown when seven mountain peaks had suddenly appeared out of empty and endless Untraversable Sea, which was impossible for a Great Emperor to cross.

These seven pure black mountain peaks stood erect like black giants. However, if one looked carefully, one would discover that a few of the mountain peaks resembled human forms, especially the one in the middle. It looked like a man, dressed in black battle armor with his hand seemingly holding a lance.

In contrast with the calm sea water, at the foot of these divine mountains, a dark red vortex formed. The Untraversable Sea was experiencing something different from the Tian Yuan world, which was still experiencing daytime. Above the seven mountain peaks was a clean-washed night sky with flickering starlight.

The vast star-filled galactic arm spread across the sky, shining, together with the moonlight, onto the black-stoned mountain peak. The light seemed like countless blades that were polishing the fuzzy black armor on the man, making its texture turn clearer…

A few billion miles away, the black-robed man in the Martial Alliance’s grand hall seemed to witness this scene. The corners of his mouth began to suffuse a deep smile.

The Black-armored Demon Gods were about to awaken.

The Black-armored Demon Gods were indestructible and had unlimited strength.

Millions of years ago, the Azure Yang Lord and the ancient Great Empress had failed to completely destroy them!

When the seven Black-armored Demon Gods were reborn, nothing in this world could stop them!

The Black-armored Demon God mountains in the Untraversable Sea permeated a murderous atmosphere that could cause chaos in the world, but at this moment, the face of a Black-armored Demon God was just an image in the disk array that Yi Yun was holding…

Ever since Yi Yun obtained the disk array from the first level of the God Advent Tower, he had been constantly trying to further his insights up to now.

The sword attack that the Azure Yang Lord used to defeat the black-armored warrior, was filled with endless charm.

Previously, Yi Yun had laid the necessary foundations for this attack at the Pure Yang Sword Palace. He had managed to see some of the charm of this sword attack, but it still could not compare with the present him. After Yi Yun began to cultivate in the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, he started to gain even more insight every time he studied this sword attack.

Outside the Great Empress mystic realm, there was already a rising wind foreboding the coming storm. Although Yi Yun did not know what had happened outside, he could faintly feel that a large calamity was about to come…