True Martial World Chapter 546

Chapter 546: Previous and Present Life (Two)
Chapter 546: Previous and Present Life (Two)

After several years of courting, the 12th Prince finally became a couple with Bai Yueyin.

Soon after, a grand marriage ceremony was held.

The marriage ceremony was spectacular. The Great Qian Capital held a feast for 12 days. Ancient countries and divine sects from all over the world sent envoys to send their congratulations.

There were numerous elites and this grandeur prevailed for some time.

After the marriage, the 12th Prince and Bai Yueyin devoted themselves to martial arts. Bai Yueyin was limited by her origins, so even though she was an amazing genius, she was constrained by resources and inheritance. However, after tying the knot with the 12th Prince, they were no longer a problem.

Bai Yueyin could learn the best heritage and enjoy the best resources possible. Even the small sect that Bai Yueyin originally came from developed astoundingly. It eventually became the number one sect in the Great Qian dynasty.

Bai Yueyin was extremely talented in martial arts. After making up for her lack of inheritance and resources, her strength increased by leaps and bounds. Soon, she was a daughter of Heaven who was without match against peers her own age. Eventually, her cultivation level was not much worse than the 12th Prince.

She and the 12th Prince would occasionally spar against each other, so they progressed together and their cultivation levels increased at a rapid pace.

Shortly after that, the two were given the titles, Sacred Emperor and Sacred Empress. One of them was unconventional and unrestrained, as he helmed the ancient country, while the other was modest and open-minded, as she was like a mother to the country.

The both of them were not only astonishingly powerful, they were also wise and astute. They were praised by the people.

Later on, at a martial tea session organized by several ancient countries, the Sacred Emperor and Empress attended the event. Their peerless and astounding strength impressed everyone at the tea session, as they displayed the Great Qian country’s absolute sovereignty!

At this moment, people believed that the 12th Prince had reached his life’s peak. And in fact, things that happened later caught people unaware.

Several years later, when the 12th Prince and Bai Yueyin traveled together, they entered a sinkhole mystic realm. Space was in chaos in there. Many elites had fallen there. It was a place many powerful figures in the world did not dare to enter.

The 12th Prince had always been prideful and uninhibited. He moved in the sinkhole as he wished, worrying his convoy.

Under these circumstances, something out of the blue happened as space-time went into chaos in the sinkhole. It caused the 12th Prince to be separated from his convoy!

This terrified his subordinates. They searched for him to no avail. This lasted for two years, but they still failed to find him.

They had no choice but to leave some people behind to stay guard, as they returned to the Great Qian country.

This unexpected turn of events separated Bai Yueyin and the 12th Prince.

After Bai Yueyin returned to the country, she took care of the Great Qian country using her status as Sacred Empress. The entire country remained in good shape. Everyone commended Bai Yueyin on her ability to undertake this responsibility despite being a woman. It was a blessing that the Great Qian country had a Sacred Empress like her.

But even so, the disappearance of the Sacred Emperor made the citizens worried.

As such, twenty years passed.

Everyone believed that the Sacred Emperor had died in the sinkhole mystic realm.

However, as people began to get used to the lack of a Sacred Emperor, he returned.

Not only did he return alive, he returned with his cultivation level increased by leaps and bounds!

He had managed to find a stunning treasure as well as two supreme Great Dao remnant manuals in an ancient ruins in the sinkhole!

He had mastered a tiny portion of these two supreme Great Dao remnant manuals. This caused his strength to have a qualitative leap!

It could be said that it was his destiny to defy the Heavens!

With the Sacred Emperor’s return, the whole country celebrated.

However, before people could set up the banquets to celebrate, they received some sensational news that shocked the entire country.

In the Central State Divine Territory, an older generation Divine Lord was near his death. Before he died, according to the Divine Territory’s regulations, the next Divine Lord of the Great World had to be decided.

All the citizens of the Central State Divine Territory, were qualified to become a Great World’s Divine Lord regardless of their age or sex! They just needed to meet the requisite power requirements and to not have done heinous acts.

When the Sacred Emperor heard of the news, he was already heading towards the Central State to vie for the position of the Great World’s Divine Lord!

A Great World’s Divine Lord held a Divine Lord’s mark. They were legendary existences.

Although the Great Qian Empire had been established for a long period of time and had controlled vast territories with billions of people under its wing, it had never produced a Great World’s Divine Lord!

An Empire that was bigger than the Great Qian country by tens or hundreds of times was needed. Furthermore, it needed the country’s luck to accumulate to an extreme before there was a minute chance of that happening!

Although everyone in the Great Qian country felt admiration and loved their Sacred Emperor, very few were optimistic about his vying for the position of the Great World’s Divine Lord.

It was too difficult. Those competing with the Sacred Emperor were peerless elites. They were figures that far exceeded their comprehension!

As they were concerned about their Sacred Emperor, many citizens traveled to the Central State Divine Territory. They wanted to witness the full glory of the event.

However, the competition of a Great World’s Divine Lord was mysterious and grand. Ordinary people had no chance to come into contact with it.

The people who stayed around the Central State Divine Territory only saw the sky light up. There was endless Heaven Earth Yuan Qi flowing in the skies, forming gigantic waves. It enshrouded the Central State, as if a terrible battle had appeared in the sky over the ancient country.

This battle lasted for more than ten days and nights. The battle was in a state of chaos and darkness!

The people didn’t know the state of the battle. They only knew that on the 13th day, their Sacred Emperor had returned.

He was wearing a long tattered gown. He stood alone between the Heavens and Earth with his sword alone!

He had won. He had been victorious against his numerous competitors and he had obtained the position of the next Great World’s Divine Lord!

Throughout the Great Qian country, people cheered as they seethed with excitement!

From then on, he was no longer the Sacred Emperor of the Grand Qian country. He was also the Central State Divine Territory’s Great World’s Divine Lord — Azure Yang Lord!

His surname was “Jian (sword)”, and after becoming the Azure Yang Lord, people called him Jian Qingyang (Sword Azure Yang)!

A country’s Sacred Emperor as well as a Great World’s Divine Lord. He held the Divine Lord Royal Seal. At this point, Jian Qingyang’s life had reached his highest point!

However, the position of a Great World’s Divine Lord also implied a great challenge.

In ancient times, after the Ancestor Gods, who controlled the Heavenly Dao, were annihilated, the Heavenly Dao laws which crumbled into nothingness permeated throughout the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

These Great Dao laws spontaneously formed a supreme Dao Mark. Every Empyrean Heaven had 72 Dao Marks. They were controlled by the 72 Great World Divine Lords and they were also known as the Divine Lord Royal Seals.

By refining a Divine Lord Royal Seal into one’s body, one would obtain matchless strength.

The power of the same genius with and without the Divine Lord Royal Seal was highly disparate!

And the higher one’s cultivation level went, the harder it was to improve it. The gap between two martial arts realm was usually a chasm that was impossible to cross.

The Divine Lord Royal Seal made others envious!

At the same time, people also found out that Jian Qingyang had managed to find a treasure and two supreme remnant copies of an inheritance in the sinkhole.

The two inheritance were the “Yang God Manual” and the “Nine Nether Sacred Manual”!

The two inheritance were extremely remarkable.

In the 12 Empyrean Heavens, every Empyrean Heaven had its own supreme Great Dao. That was something predestined, or it could be said to be a Heavenly Dao law.

Every law had a Divine Canon that approached a Heavenly Dao.

Rumor has it that the 12 Divine Canons were created by the 12 Primordial powers who created the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

There were also rumors that the 12 Divine Canons were condensed after endless amounts of time after a Primordial Ancestor God died…

People were more inclined to the latter that the 12 Divine Canons were the result of the condensation of the Heaven and Earth Great Dao.

No matter which one was correct, the preciousness of a Divine Canon was indubitable!