True Martial World Chapter 552

Chapter 552: The Seven Demon Disciples
Chapter 552: The Seven Demon Disciples

The faces of the seven cloaked figures were hidden. Only indistinct pairs of glowing red eyes could be vaguely seen. Their gazes were cold and indifferent as they stood there like statues.

Just from the aura alone, the Azure Yang Lord knew that these seven were not from this world. He was certain that they had come out of the ancient enchantment.

Although the ancient eye had cracked the enchantment, it seemed to end up consuming too much energy, resulting in it entering a deep sleep. On the other hand, these seven people were not human. They were the evil demon’s guardians, and were named Demon Disciples.

The reason why the seven Demon Disciples came to the Azure Yang Lord was to make him one of them, to make him the eighth Fiend Disciple, a Fiend Disciple of the Human race.

They promised a lot, but all of these promises sounded extremely harsh in the Azure Yang Lord’s ears.

The Azure Yang Lord was already suffering from having greatly sinned by causing the huge destruction onto the Tian Yuan world. So the moment the seven Demon Disciples opened their mouths, a murderous intent emitted from the Azure Yang Lord’s gaze!

Since they were messengers of the ancient existence, they deserved to die!

There was no need to speak, all that mattered was to battle!

The Azure Yang Lord’s was always true to himself, and the ancient Great Empress, who was always silent, had already silently conjured an ice lotus beneath her feet.

The Azure Yang Lord’s sword was unsheathed.

The ancient Great Empress’s figure was like a snow fairy as she floated forward.

The two worked together in the battle, fighting two against seven!

However, the seven black-armored warriors were extremely powerful. Every attack they made contained nomological charms that were completely different from this world. With the seven of them fighting alongside each other, the battle with the Azure Yang Lord and the ancient Great Empress was really world changing.

Even the people in the Tian Yuan world, who were ignorant of the ongoings, looked at the sky in shock and fear.

The entire sky was filled with black clouds and bolts of lightning. There was also a thick blood red color amidst it. It felt like the sky would shed blood at any moment.

The Azure Yang Lord and the ancient Great Empress was at a disadvantage against the black-armored warriors. However, with the two of them cooperating, neither side could overpower the other. Eventually, several of the seven black-armored warriors were injured, while the Azure Yang Lord and the ancient Great Empress were seriously injured. Without being able to carry on the battle, they could only retreat.

After the Azure Yang Lord retreated, the seven Demon Disciples did not return to the eternal whirlpool. They instead began killing several martial family clans and sects in the Tian Yuan world. They made people submit to them, as for those who did not, they were killed on the spot.

They threw the murdered warriors into the eternal whirlpool as a sacrifice and food for the evil demon.

It seemed like it was a form of sacrificial offering that would make the ancient existence inside the whirlpool recover faster.

In time, the Tian Yuan world was overwhelmed by murder. People had to fend for themselves.

The lands disintegrated, but there were courageous and righteous warriors who would rather die than submit.

However, not everyone were like that. Against such a terrifying existence, some people began to suspect that the world was changing. The existence sealed within the eternal whirlpool was about to reign supreme.

Their era was about to be overturned and buried.

With the apocalypse coming, the ugliness of human nature was revealed. Some people, in order to become stronger, to survive, or to seek revenge against those who towered above them, were willing to become traitors.

In this way, the seven Demon Disciples began to expand and develop their own faction.

As for the Azure Yang Lord, at this moment, he discovered the Desolate race.

The Desolate race and the Human race had always drawn a clear line between themselves. They did not interact with each other.

To the Human race, the Desolate race’s existence was not only ancient and mysterious, they were also extremely dangerous.

By the time the Azure Yang Lord discovered the Desolate race, the situation had already deteriorated to the point where nearly all martial arts of the Tian Yuan world had been destroyed. On the other hand, the Desolate race’s strength was still preserved almost perfectly.

The Azure Yang Lord gained the approval of the Desolate race’s Desolate King back then, allowing for him to become their leader.

With the enchantment cracked, the Demon Disciples went rampant. The world was on the brink of destruction. It was not only a tragedy for the Human race, but for the entire world.

The Azure Yang Lord and the ancient Great Empress, led the Desolate race as they launched a counterattack against the Demon Disciples and their faction.

Every battle caused blood to flow like rivers. It resulted in countless numbers of death and injuries!

And during this process, the Azure Yang Lord and the ancient Great Empress cultivated the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” together. Every duo cultivation they partaked in allowed for them to break through time and again. Their minds became one as their strength increased.

As for the seven Demon Disciples, they were ultimately no match for the combined forces of the Azure Yang Lord and the ancient Great Empress. After a bitter final battle, the faction established by the Demon Disciples was uprooted. The seven Demon Disciples were also killed one by one, after the Azure Yang Lord and the ancient Great Empress paid a heavy price.

After this huge battle, be it the Tian Yuan world or the Divine Wilderness’s Desolate race, they were all in a disastrous state, people were plunged into an abyss of misery.

It was unknown how many martial arts inheritances, which had been passed down for ages, were severed. Many large family clans who had hundreds of thousands of years of inheritance, had been completely destroyed and left with no descendants.

Seeing the miserable outcome of the war, the Azure Yang Lord sighed.

His life was full of ups and down!

In the Yang God Empyrean Heaven, he was previously high-spirited and was the ruler of a country. He then became a Great World’s Divine Lord, receiving the admiration of the people.

Then, he was betrayed by his wife in his cultivation chamber. At Wanshi mountain, he suffered a devastating defeat while battling against Sha Hongxue. After losing everything, his friends from the past began to drift away from him. He traveled alone and entered the sinkhole, eventually losing his way back…

After coming to this world, he fell for the scheme in the whirlpool, making a grave mistake that was nearly impossible to redeem.

His life could only be described as extremely bleak…

However, amidst this continuous sequences of failure and misery, he met her. She was a girl with naturally terminated meridians, but she had never abandoned the opportunity to reverse her own fate.

Whether he was down or had suffered failure, no matter if he had made a grave mistake causing the deaths of billions, or him unsheathing his sword to engage in a bloody battle with the seven Demon Disciples…

She always silently followed behind him, never abandoning him.

If he wanted to roam the world, she would accompany him to travel the world. If he wanted to engage in a bloody war, she would accompany him in battle. Through it all, she had never complained once.

She was like a star in his bleak life that illuminated everything.

The Azure Yang Lord realized that it did not really matter whether he returned to the 12 Empyrean Heavens. What was most important was to cherish the person before him.

So what if he washed away the disgrace of his defeat back in the Central State Divine Territory?

So what if he unwinded the obsession and indignance he experienced from Bai Yueyin’s betrayal?

With a woman accompanying him to the ends of time, what else was there to wish for?

However, by the time he understood all this, it was already too late…

The Tian Yuan world’s calm was just on the surface. The seven Demon Disciples had just been suppressed. They appeared to be undying and indestructible. They would eventually awaken again in the future.

Furthermore, the terrible evil demon in the eternal whirlpool was just temporarily asleep. Since the enchantment had been cracked, once it woke up, the Tian Yuan world would experience a real apocalyptic catastrophe.

The Azure Yang Lord knew that he was running out of time.

The enlightenment he received in his heart was already sensed by the ancient Great Empress who was silently accompanying him.

The two of them began the final preparations.

Together, they established the Great Empress mystic realm. They left their inheritance in it, hoping that a successor would inherit their unfinished mission in the future.

In the Great Empress mystic realm, the Azure Yang Lord moved the grass hut, where he first met the ancient Great Empress, in its entirety.

In the grass hut, one of them brandished a sword while enjoying alcohol, while the other played the zither and sang. They were like an immortal couple.

The Azure Yang Lord’s uninhibited life was filled with ups and down. Having felt both extreme happiness and sadness, he knew how difficult it was to earn happiness.

If he could make this moment last forever, that would be a blissful matter…

However, be it the Azure Yang Lord or the ancient Great Empress, they knew that these days were not going to last.

They had a tacit understanding, as they experienced the last moment of warmth together, cherishing their every breath.

However… they eventually had to bring an end to all of this.

After leaving the grass hut, the Azure Yang Lord left behind a paragraph of text, solely wishing that he and the Great Empress would be able to lead ordinary lives, sticking with each other until their hair turned gray.

Only if all of this ended.

After that, the Azure Yang Lord and the ancient Great Empress entered the eternal whirlpool hand in hand, so as to mend the already broken seal.

The memory ended there, for none of them ever returned…

Lin Xintong had already awoken at this moment. She did not know what had happened after that. She had no idea if the Azure Yang Lord and the ancient Great Empress had been killed by the existence within the eternal whirlpool or… if they had used their lives to form an enchantment in order to seal the evil demon…

Thinking back to the ancient Great Empress and the Azure Yang Lord’s lives, the great sorrow and joy filled them with emotions.

And now, she and Yi Yun had inherited their inheritance, and also their legacy.