True Martial World Chapter 553

Chapter 553: The Sixth Level
Chapter 553: The Sixth Level

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong stood before the two portraits, silent and in deep thought.

Just now, while they were each within their own lengthy dream, they had each experienced the Azure Yang Lord and the ancient Great Empress’ lives. They had used the ancient couple’s eyes to see this world, and to understand the Yin-Yang laws.

This was a rare opportunity for both Yi Yun and Lin Xintong.

Both of them looked each other in the eye. They felt they had deepened their understanding of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, and if they were to begin cultivating now, it would not take long for them to succeed in cultivating the Jade Marrow Spiritual Energy and the Nine Yang Spiritual Energy.

“Who would have thought that the Tian Yuan world had such a secret. The world we are in is just a sealed vessel, and the eternal whirlpool in the God Burial Abyss is the core of the seal. The Tian Yuan world is just a huge magical item, so as to suppress and seal…”

Yi Yun still remembered the first time he arrived in the Tian Yuan world. It was floating above the Untraversable Sea, and it had smooth edges that were steep cliffs. From afar, they looked like infinite divine walls that lay across the horizon.

Back then, Yi Yun was struck by the magnificent appearance of the Tian Yuan world, only now did he realize that it was a magical item!

“The ancient evil demon within the God Burial Abyss is too terrifying. Just to seal it again, even the Azure Yang Lord and the ancient Great Empress never returned after they left… They eventually failed to complete the seal, and now, this mission has landed on our shoulders…” Lin Xintong sighed. There was some hesitation in her eyes, but she was also a lot more determined.

In the Great Empress mystic realm, she had found the way to join up her naturally terminated meridians. The ancient Great Empress was like a master to her. Naturally, she could not let down the important task entrusted by the ancient Great Empress. Besides, the Lin family was in the Tian Yuan world, be it Su Jie or Matriarch Lin, they were the dearest people to Lin Xintong, other than Yi Yun. She could not sit idly by while the Tian Yuan world was destroyed.

Lin Xintong turned towards Yi Yun. She noticed he was silent and had his eyes closed, as if he was digesting all that he had seen. After a long time, he whispered, “Xintong, let us go, to that place. I believe we can now enter it.”

As Yi Yun spoke, he walked out the hall which was at the third level of the God Advent Tower. Lin Xintong silently followed him. She followed in the footsteps of the ancient Great Empress who followed the Azure Yang Lord so many years ago.

The two of them moved up the staircase. They walked slowly, step by step.

They passed by door after door of light. It took them a full hour before they arrived before the sixth level of the God Advent Tower.

This was the top level of the God Advent Tower.

Back when they came here the first time, the door was tightly shut and stood motionless.

After cultivating for five years and experiencing the ancient Great Empress and Azure Yang Lord’s lives, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong once again stood before the door, but their mentalities were completely different from before.

They looked each other in the eye as they placed their palms on the door.


Both their Yuan Qi exploded!

The complex ancient patterns on the heavy door began to light up one by one. Pure Yin and Yang laws surged between their bodies.

The glow emitted by the ancient door began to grow in intensity as it illuminated the entire God Advent Tower.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong circulated their energies to a maximum, as their Yin and Yang energies interwove in the void, forming a Great Dao picture.

The ancient door seemed to melt as it echoed a “Ka Ka” sound. Finally, the two sides of the heavy door slowly opened up from the middle.

Ever since entering the Great Empress mystic realm, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had spent six years in it. After six years, they managed to step into the last level of the God Advent Tower. Finally, on this day, the God Advent Tower had opened up to them completely!


The door fully opened, and as if a piece of dusty history was pushed apart, a primordial aura surged out before they could even enter.

It seemed like there was a pair of eyes in the space behind the door, which traversed across the sea of time and was watching them from a distance.

It seemed like a whisper was coming from behind the door. It was unknown whose voice it belonged to. The flittering sound, was like if it was calling out to someone, or telling a story no one knew.

This special feeling made Yi Yun and Lin Xintong hold their breaths. Yi Yun sensed that something in it was resonating within him.

He took a deep breath and, while holding Lin Xintong’s hand, slowly walked through the door.

Inside, it was surprisingly quiet.

They were the first to step into this space that had been sealed for so many years. It was just a quiet room.

In front of them there was a wooden table, placed above some bamboo mats.

The wooden table was smooth and remained dustless. The table’s wooden texture was apparent to the eyes and there was a cyan light coming from a lamp flickering above it. The tiny bit of light was like starlight in the dark night.

It was unknown for how many years the lamp had been lit. It was as if the owner of this room had never left.

After looking at the wooden table, Yi Yun could not help but walk up to it.

Back then, it was most probably that the Azure Yang Lord sat on the bamboo mat…

Yi Yun sat down, and in a trance, the voice he previously heard as a whisper echoed in his ears once again. It was as if an invisible figure was sitting there, just like him, reciting a poem.

This was not Yi Yun’s hallucination, but an actual voice.

The Azure Yang Lord was gone, but his aura from back then and his voice still remained undissipated. Even though it had been so long, it still could manifest in this chamber.

This proved how deep and profound the Azure Yang Lord’s understanding of the laws was.

And such a person was helpless against the terrifying existence beneath the eternal whirlpool…

Yi Yun looked at the wooden table while deep in thought. A black disc, which was not very eye-catching, was placed on it. Other than that, there was a cotton bag nonchalantly left beside it as well.

Yi Yun picked up the black disc and instantly, an intense resonance happened. Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi was hauled by it as it erupted. The circular disc lit up and projected an image.

The image was a mini tower.

“It is the God Advent Tower,” Lin Xintong exclaimed.

Yi Yun was also surprised. This circular disc had projected the God Advent Tower, and by carefully sensing it, he was even more surprised.

The circular disc was the core disk array of the God Advent Tower!

With the Azure Yang Token in hand, Yi Yun sank his perception into the disk array. Suddenly, he felt his perception spread across to every corner of the God Advent Tower. Everything within the God Advent Tower was now at his fingertips.

This feeling was extremely wonderful.

“This is where the core of the God Advent Tower is?”

Lin Xintong clearly guessed it as she asked.

Yi Yun nodded, and a hint of excitement could be seen in his eyes.

Previously, the inheritance he obtained only controlled a tiny portion of the God Advent Tower, but with this disk array, he would be able to completely control the entire God Advent Tower!

As long as he refined this disk array, he would become the true master of the God Advent Tower!

The God Advent Tower was not just a place of trials, it was also an immortal cave, as well as a magical item.

When Yi Yun was sufficiently strong, he and Lin Xintong could power the God Advent Tower, sealing the Sun and Moon, suppressing the mountains and rivers!

Then, no matter what enemies they encountered, they would be able to completely seal and suppress them!