True Martial World Chapter 554

Chapter 554: Draco First True Gold
Chapter 554: Draco First True Gold

On the wooden table, beside the God Advent Tower’s disk array, there was a cotton bag that was left behind by the Azure Yang Lord and the ancient Great Empress. And beside the cotton bag, there was a carved lacquer wooden box.

Yi Yun could faintly sense that the items in the wooden box and cotton bag were extremely extraordinary.

Previously, people had guessed that there was a Great Empress vault in the mystic realm. And if he was not wrong, this was probably the vault.

However, the vault was too different from what people guessed.

The treasures in the vault only numbered a few, but each treasure was extremely precious.

Yi Yun opened the wooden box. After millions of years, the first opening of the box emitted a faint ice-blue runic pattern. As an icy mist rose, it hazed up the void.

Yi Yun focused his eyes and he saw that in the wooden box, there was a hairpin.

The hairpin looked like it was carved out of crystal. On one end of the hairpin, there was a life-like blue jay carving that looked extremely intricately carved. And the other end was covered with profound-looking runic lines.

This hairpin was apparently a treasure.

Yi Yun looked at the hairpin and he felt that the gaze that he sensed while standing outside the door came from this hairpin.

The hairpin, when in hand, somehow made him feel like he was being watched…

Yi Yun sank his perception deep into the hairpin and he realized that it contained the aura of the ancient Great Empress. The pure Yin laws that the ancient Great Empress cultivated were after all not the same as what Yi Yun cultivated, so he found it difficult to thoroughly understand the profoundness in it.

“This hairpin is a treasure left behind by the ancient Great Empress. Xintong, you can refine it.”Yi Yun handed the hairpin over to Lin Xintong, to which she nodded and took the hairpin.

The hairpin’s aura was something Lin Xintong could not understand either. She could vaguely sense that the ancient Great Empress had left behind a lot of Dao charm and insights within the hairpin.

This made the hairpin have some spiritual quality to it, resulting in people feeling like they were being watched.

Ignoring that the hairpin could be used as a Dao item itself, just wearing it alone would allow one to gain insight into the charms within. It was a very big opportunity for Lin Xintong.

After the hairpin, Yi Yun turned his attention to the small cotton bag.

The cotton bag was about the size of a palm and it was light in his hand. When Yi Yun sank his perception in, he realized that the cotton bag contained a vast independent space within it.

It was a Cosmos Bag.

The Cosmos Bag was similar to interspatial rings, and it was used to store treasured items.

However, several interspatial rings had a limited lifespan. According to the quality of the ring, after tens of thousands of years, the space within the interspatial ring would destabilize, and it would eventually crumble completely.

However, the Cosmos Bag in Yi Yun’s hand would not. Even after billions of years, it would also not be destroyed.

Since the Cosmos Bag was now ownerless, when Yi Yun sank his perception in, he could easily open it.

The space within the Cosmos Bag was very large. It was thousands of times bigger than the interspatial rings Yi Yun possessed. However, it was largely empty except for one item.

The item was about seven feet tall. It stood vertically and it looked like a stone statue used for carving.

The surface of the stone statue was covered with beautiful runic patterns that resembled flames.

At this moment, Yi Yun’s understanding of the pure Yang laws was extremely deep. He just needed one look to realise that these flame-like runic patterns were because this piece of stone had been placed in a pure Yang land. After millions of years, the pure Yang Great Dao had naturally formed runic patterns on it.

Yi Yun had some thoughts as he gently touched the stone with his hand.

The stone was heavy and hard, but the instant Yi Yun’s fingers touched it, several cracks appeared on its surface!

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

A barrage of soft cracking sounds echoed as the number of cracks increased and turned clearer. They looked like spider webs.


Lin Xintong was alarmed. The strange stone was naturally a precious treasure to be placed here, but why did it crack the moment Yi Yun touched it?

“No worries!”

Yi Yun waved his hand, as he stared intently at the strange stone. His understanding of the pure Yang laws were naturally deeper than Lin Xintong’s. Since it was a divine item that was the outcome of being born in a supreme Yang land, he knew what was going on.

The number of cracks increased and they became bigger. After a few seconds, golden light shot out from the cracks.

These beams formed a rainbow in the sky and it was absolutely gorgeous.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Accompanying the golden light, the external layers of the cracked stone began to peel off.

The moment the external layers landed on the ground, they became white dust and scattered across the ground.

Lin Xintong could not help but squint as the beams were too intense.

Finally, all the external layers of the stone had fallen, and an odd item landed on the ground.

The odd item was about three feet long. It was completely smooth and it looked like a fetus curled in its mother’s womb…

It was dark gold, it looked extremely heavy and it had a metallic texture, so how did it look anything like a fetus?

“What is it?” Lin Xintong could not help but ask.

“A divine item nurtured from an extreme Yang land… ” Yi Yun gently touched the dark gold item as he carefully sensed the Dao patterns within it.

In this world, examples of extreme Yang lands were the deepest depths of pure Yang lava, or in the cores of special stars.

The pure Yang energy in these areas were strong beyond imagination. Even a mighty master skilled in pure Yang laws might burn to ashes if they entered such a place.

However, there were divine items that could absorb the essence of its surroundings and gradually form itself.

After millions of years of pure Yang energy’s refinement, these precious treasures reached an unfathomable level of quality and value.

“If I’m not wrong, this is Draco First True Gold!” Yi Yun explained for he knew more about pure Yang Dao than Lin Xintong.

“Draco First True Gold!” Lin Xintong was stunned. As she looked at the precious item again, a glimmer appeared in her eyes. A divine item of this grade was equivalent to a legend.

A strange stone that absorbed the essence of the world as it refined itself in an extreme Yang land would form a natural Dao rune that resembled the most primal nomological form. The strange stone then refines itself into True Gold.

This was the so-called “golden touch”. The Draco First True Gold was the extreme point of having experienced the golden touch.

“This sort of material is a real gem. If it is used to cast into a weapon, it would create a divine artifact. Unfortunately, it’s too difficult to refine it!”

Lin Xintong shook her head gently. Whether it was her or Yi Yun, it was not possible for them to refine the Draco First True Gold.

How could a natural divine item that was formed after being refined in pure Yang divine infernos in an extreme Yang land be refined by the two of them?

“This sort of item is very valuable, but we can’t use it for the time being… ”

As Lin Xintong said that, Yi Yun stood in front of the Draco First True Gold in deep thought. He gently touched the Dao runes on the surface of the Draco First True Gold. After a long while, a strange glimmer appeared in his eyes.

He said happily, “There’s no need to refine it. I know how to use it. It is already a divine item that has been tempered by extreme Yang infernos. It’s value is unimaginable!”