True Martial World Chapter 555

Chapter 555: Refining the True Gold
Chapter 555: Refining the True Gold

Hearing what Yi Yun said, Lin Xintong looked at him in surprise. She did not understand such a divine item.

“Xintong, if I am not wrong, this Draco First True Gold was obtained by the Azure Yang Lord within the sinkhole. He knew what it was, but did not hastily refine it into a weapon. Instead, he placed it on the top level of the God Advent Tower, and used the God Advent Tower’s large array foundation to slowly nourish it. This is because the Azure Yang Lord had already realized what was so special about the Draco First True Gold.”

As Yi Yun spoke, he touched the Dao runes on the Draco First True Gold, so as to confirm his hypothesis.

He carried on saying, “The Draco First True Gold is a result of precious stone. It had experienced millions of years under pure Yang Heavenly Dao, eventually turning from stone into gold. The Draco First True Gold is also the extreme point of having experienced the golden touch. When the Draco First True Gold carries on existing in a extreme Yang land, it will absorb pure Yang, evolve and be able to sense the Heaven and Earth. Gradually, the True Gold will give birth to flesh and blood.”

“When that happens, the Draco First True Gold itself might possess life. In the future, once the Draco First True Gold comes to life, its body will possess a Dao body divine fetus, which would be a peerless person of excellence.”

Lin Xintong was stunned hearing what Yi Yun said, “You mean… the Draco First True Gold before us has already produced a body of flesh and blood!?”

“It is likely that it has happened from my sensing.” Yi Yun said in a certain manner.

In the middle of a precious stone was the Draco First True Gold.

In the True Gold was a body of flesh and blood.

This was equivalent to a divine body, formed naturally from the laws of Heaven and Earth. It showcased the miraculous power of creation.

“If there really is a body of flesh and blood within the True Gold, then refining it into a weapon would be too wasteful.” Lin Xintong shook her head. She knew that from Yi Yun’s confidence, he had already found a way to use this precious stone.

Yi Yun said, “Of course, if my guesses are correct, when the Azure Yang Lord obtained the Draco First True Gold, it had already given birth to a body of flesh and blood, but it was still not mature so it was unable to achieve the Azure Yang Lord’s goals.”

“The Azure Yang Lord left it here in the top level of the God Advent Tower, to let it be nourished by the large arrays for millions of years. While pure Yang energy was provided to it, some extreme Yin energy was also injected into it, causing Yin-Yang to complement each other, resulting in a peerless Dao fetus!”

“With at least millions of years of nourishment, this Dao fetus has already taken form, and before it was conceived, the Azure Yang Lord left behind a spiritual imprint in the Dao fetus. With this spiritual imprint, once the Dao fetus takes form, it will become an excellent avatar.”

Yi Yun was this sure because he had already sensed the Azure Yang Lord’s spiritual imprint within the Draco First True Gold Dao fetus.

If not for the spiritual imprint, the Draco First True Gold Dao fetus would take much longer than a few million years to form its own intelligence.

And once the spiritual imprint was planted, this Dao fetus would be of one mind with the Azure Yang Lord. And the Dao fetus’ own intelligence would not be formed.

However, with the Azure Yang Lord disappearing into the eternal whirlpool, together with millions of years having passed, the Azure Yang Lord’s spiritual imprint inside in the Dao fetus had already completely withered.

A thread of consciousness could not exist without the fires of life supporting it, especially after leaving its main body for so long.

“Yi Yun, according to what you said, if you plant your consciousness into the Dao fetus, wouldn’t the Draco First True Gold become an avatar of yours?”

Lin Xintong had realized what Yi Yun was hinting at. Once Yi Yun had the Dao fetus as an avatar, it would be extremely beneficial for Yi Yun.

Disregarding the insights gained from understanding the laws, just the Dao fetus’ strength alone would be extremely powerful.

Yi Yun nodded, “Yes, this Dao fetus is a grand legacy left behind by the Azure Yang Lord for people of the future.”

When the Azure Yang Lord headed into the eternal whirlpool in the God Burial Abyss to seal the ancient existence, the Draco First True Gold had not taken form. It was just too slow for such a mysterious treasure to take form. It could neither be sped up, even in a time enchantment. As time enchantment isolated themselves from the normal arrow of time, they would also isolate the Draco First True Gold’s ability to sense the Heaven and Earth Heavenly Dao.

The Azure Yang Lord could not wait for the millions of years to pass, hence, he simply left the Draco First True Gold here, giving people of the future an opportunity.

Now, after millions of years later, the embodiment had taken form by the time Yi Yun and Lin Xintong arrived here.

The Draco First True Gold was an extreme Yang object and could only be refined by Yi Yun. If Lin Xintong used her pure Yin energy to control this embodiment, she would likely injure herself.

Yi Yun placed his hand on what looked like the forehead of the Dao fetus, as he branched out a bit of his consciousness, injecting it into the Draco First True Gold.

Deep inside the True Gold, a fetus’ meridians, organs and blood vessels had already formed. Yi Yun’s consciousness followed the meridians and planted itself in the Draco First True Gold Dao fetus’ soul sea.

With Yi Yun’s consciousness entering it, the withered consciousness left behind by the Azure Yang Lord had completed its mission. It began to turn to ash like an already decaying piece of dead wood…

Sensing the Azure Yang Lord’s consciousness dissipating, Yi Yun was filled with emotions. A peerless figure of an era was turning to ashes in such a way. It was unknown how many excellent people had been buried in this magnificent Great World.

Yi Yun faced the Dao fetus and gave it a deep bow.

This bow was to respect the Azure Yang Lord’s magnificent martial arts and his character, as well as the kindness for leaving an inheritance for people of the future.

Yi Yun’s consciousness embedded itself deep inside the Dao fetus’ soul sea, as they slowly integrated as one.

With the split consciousness having a new body, it could sense the world through this body. This feeling was rather magical.

At this moment, the Draco First True Gold Dao fetus began to emit a dazzling divine light that was made up of gorgeous colors.

The Draco First True Gold slowly melted.

True Gold that was born from a extreme Yang land melted by itself, even though a martial arts master would find it difficult to refine.

The melted True Gold slowly condensed into lumps of dark golden armor.

A youth that looked very similar to Yi Yun appeared out of the golden light!

This youth was only similar to Yi Yun because he wasn’t completely in human form. Many parts of his body were not made of flesh and blood, but instead made of dark Draco First True Gold.

After all, for the initial incarnation of an avatar, this body had not completely evolved.

Yi Yun used his thoughts to control this external body. Bit by bit, he repaired the body, turning the Draco First True Gold into flesh and blood.

This repair was actually just on the surface.

The Draco First True Gold had not fully developed a body of flesh and blood, at least half of it was still True Gold.

Over time, once all of the Draco First True Gold was transformed, resulting in the avatar’s complete form, then it itself would become an extreme Dao body.

Yi Yun could even use this extreme Dao body to gain insight into the laws, resulting in a multiplication effect.


Yi Yun’s thoughts had already switched to his Draco First True Gold avatar. He slowly clenched his fists and used the vision of his avatar to look at his true body.

Since his true body and avatar were mentally interlinked, it was equivalent to him having dual vision.