True Martial World Chapter 559

Chapter 559: Exiting the Great Empress Mystic Realm
Chapter 559: Exiting the Great Empress Mystic Realm

As the screen of light scintillated, the surrounding Heaven Earth Yuan Qi became thicker, as if it was condensing into a liquid.

At this moment, under the sea, a huge shadow slowly approached. It was like the sea surface was sprayed with a layer of ink.

“What’s that!?” A White Soaring Sect disciple noticed it, but he said it through a Yuan Qi transmission, as he was afraid to make a noise.

This terrifying beast was definitely not a sea beast like a bloodthirsty shark. It was a massive behemoth.


Large amounts of sea water separated and splashed out like a waterfall. A huge black head emerged out from the surface of the sea.

The black head was covered in seaweed, barnacles and seashells. No one knew how deep it came from.

The moment it opened its eyes, it was like the black gigantic rock had two glimmering points that gave shivers to people.

Around this head, there were several grayish black snakes that resembled flood dragons. They were wantonly sprawling around in the seawater, setting off even more strong waves.

Seeing this scene, Zhou’s pupils constricted as he broke out into a cold sweat!

Eight Limbed Sea Dragon!

All the other disciples of the White Soaring Sect turned pale.

“Eight Limbed Sea Dragon, is it really the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon?”

The oval-faced girl’s lips were white as she muttered to herself. She had heard of this terrifying monster as it was recorded in several of the sect’s books.

In the Misty Fey Sea, the “Fey” was actually referring to the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon.

The Eight Limbed Sea Dragon was not a dragon, it was a gigantic octopus. Its eight tentacles were like flood dragons in the sea. Not only was it extremely destructive, there was a pair of jaws on the ends of each tentacle.

The eight tentacles gave rise to the name of Eight Limbed Sea Dragon!

Only the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon could attack the spirit boats of the neighboring small sects, causing tragedies to the boats and people!

The Eight Limbed Sea Dragon was definitely an overlord of this region of sea. As for the bloodthirsty sharks the White Soaring Sect was hunting, they were like plankton to the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon.

The low-grade Fey Luring Pill would not have attracted such a horrifying existence. The Eight Limbed Sea Dragon was attracted by the surging Heaven Earth Yuan Qi that usually accompanied a treasure that was about to appear!

Zhou’s blood seemed to freeze.

He felt that the terrible luck he was experiencing had reached an extreme. He encountered a treasure’s appearance the first time he brought a team of disciples out into the deep sea, and now, they encountered this monster that was lured here!

Under the pressure of the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon, he did not dare to escape. The Eight Limbed Sea Dragon was extremely bad tempered. It would kill all humans and it was extremely fast, so escaping was equivalent to suicide!

However, if they stayed here, from the keen senses of the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon, they might even have been discovered by it, do there was nothing left for them to do but wait and die!

Upon realizing this, Zhou broke out into a cold sweat.

At this moment, the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon suddenly opened its mouth. It’s massive body seemed to have escaped the surface of the water, causing water to splash up into the sky, obscuring one’s sight. It seemed like it was trying to devour the energy vortex.

The powerful energy fluctuations caused Zhou and company’s perception to be completely cut off. They could no longer sense what was happening.


There was an explosion in the water, causing a resounding boom, as the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon returned back to the sea surface. The Eight Limbed Sea Dragon’s tentacles were still waving and it seemed like it had failed to devour the energy vortex!

However, the next scene alarmed Zhou.

No one knew when a young man and woman floating high in the sky in the layers of water mist had appeared!

The man looked like he was in his twenties. He had a cyan band on his head and he looked very ordinary. He looked like a mortal scholar.

As for the woman, she was wearing a long turquoise dress. There was a thin veil that made it hard to see her face. However, just from her figure and discernible facial contours, it was easy to guess that she was a peerless woman.

Could this couple, that suddenly appeared above the sea, be here for the treasure?

Seeing the young couple against the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon, weren’t they going to end up being killed by the large mouths of the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon?

Zhou held his breath. His life was already in peril, so he could not spare the effort to care about the sudden appearance of the couple.

To him, younger generation core disciples of even a large faction in the Tian Yuan world, let alone their small sect, would not be the match for the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon.

The couple, who suddenly appeared in the air, was also slightly taken aback when they saw this scene.

However, they only seemed like they never expected to encounter such a situation. They did not seem to panic at all.

“Yi Yun, what’s the matter? This octopus seems to be coming at us… ” To be attacked after having just appeared out of the Great Empress mystic realm, Lin Xintong was quite surprised.

Yi Yun said, “Maybe it was attracted by the energy emitted by the Great Empress mystic realm. For safety’s sake, I had chosen the exit farthest away from the Great Empress mystic realm main entrance. It’s tens of millions of miles away, and since it took a long time to open the exit, the pure energy from the mystic realm dissipated out. So it’s not surprising that it attracted this desolate beast!”

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had been in reclusion in the God Advent Tower for many years. They had expected that the large factions in the Tian Yuan world would not abandon the Great Empress’ heritage. The mysterious Blood Moon organization might also do something unfavorable to them.

These people would definitely set up layers of posts near the Great Empress mystic realm to keep track of their appearance. They might even set up a large array that spanned tens of thousands of miles. As long as there was a spatial Yuan Qi fluctuation, they would immediately flock to it!

Under this scenario, as long as they used a portal to enter the Untraversable Sea, their positions would be discovered.

Then, using the Star Transference Heaven Changing skill would be meaningless as their identities would still be under suspicion.

Hence, Yi Yun decided to choose the farthest exit.

Tens of millions of miles away, all the way to the southern waters of the Tian Yuan world made it meaningless even if the Blood Moon was extremely powerful. They could not sense a region that spanned tens of millions of miles with a large array. And even if they did, it would be meaningless above such a massive sea, as there were countless numbers of warriors being transported through space. It was impossible for them to track each and everyone of them.

To be transported to this exit, Yi Yun had consumed a large amount of energy and he took a long time to open this exit. As such, the mystic realm’s energy that emitted was naturally a lot more.

The energy from the Great Empress mystic realm was extremely pure and refined. The sparse Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and Power of Desolates the Untraversable Sea was nothing in comparison.

To the sea beasts in the Untraversable Sea, who were accustomed to the lacking amounts of energy and grew up over long periods of time, such thick Heaven Earth energy was naturally a supplementary item that they had never seen before.

Hence, it was understandable that the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon had mistaken it for a treasure appearing.