True Martial World Chapter 561

Chapter 561: Situation in the Tian Yuan World
Chapter 561: Situation in the Tian Yuan World

To Zhou, an existence that could casually shoot the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon to death far exceeded the limits of his imagination.

Such a malefic existence only needed a thought to kill him a hundred times, so he did not have any intention of escaping in front of him. The White Soaring Sect disciples, who were behind him, would also have no hopes of making a narrow escape. It was useless even if they all dispersed and ran.

Upon realizing this, Zhou suddenly had an idea and he decided to take the initiative to meet Yi Yun and Lin Xintong.

Since such important figures wanted to meet him, how could he let them come over? Naturally, he had to take the initiative to go forward instead and leave a favorable impression. Perhaps, they would spare him.

After all, the treasure that had suddenly appeared might not be valuable to such an important figure, and they might not silence them because of it.

“Those of you who are here, shouldn’t you hurry up and follow me!?” Zhou said to the White Soaring Sect disciples whose faces had turned ashened from shock.

These youths were shivering in their hearts. They could no longer consider their fears as they bit their lips and followed Zhou.

Noticing that the group was taking the initiative to come over, Yi Yun slowed down.

“Greets to the two seniors!” Zhou bowed a junior’s greeting.

The man before him looked ordinary, but the girl, in her turquoise dress and fluttering hair, had her facial features covered by a veil. Only a pair of watery eyes could be seen. She had the demeanor of a fairy, which made people feel ashamed of one’s own ungainly appearance.

He did not know what sort of figures Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were. In a warrior’s world, there were people whose ages could not be guessed. These two may look young, but they might be reclusive experts.


Yi Yun rubbed his chin and a odd expression appeared on his face. Ever since Yi Yun and Lin Xintong stepped into the sixth level of the God Advent Tower, about half a year had passed.

As such, Yi Yun had remained in the mystic realm for nearly seven years.

He was now 23 years old. Before he entered the mystic realm, he was often addressed as “Kid” or “Junior”. Now that he was being addressed as “Senior”, he found it odd.

However, he did not correct Zhou, but instead asked, “Who are you people?”

“Answering the senior’s question, this lowly person is from the White Soaring Sect. This trip into the sea is to allow my sect’s juniors to gain some battle experience.” Zhou immediately answered. He was not counting on the White Soaring Sect to have any deterrent effect. Even the White Soaring Sect’s Head was not the match to the couple in front of him.

“White Soaring Sect… ”

Naturally, Yi Yun did not know of such a small sect. Small sects and family clans in the Tian Yuan world were as many as the number of grains of sand on a beach. Furthermore, the area they were in right now was a very remote place.

“Alright… you don’t have to be nervous,” Yi Yun chuckled after seeing Zhou’s forehead covered in sweat, “The two of us are a Dao couple that was in seclusion in the depths of the Untraversable Sea. We have not left our seclusion in many years, but suddenly, we had the intentions to come back out into the world to tour the Tian Yuan world and search for opportunities so as to make a breakthrough.”

“We husband and wife couple have no idea about the Tian Yuan world now, so tell me, what’s the situation with the Tian Yuan world now?” Yi Yun played on Zhou’s misunderstanding and he claimed to be a cultivator from far away.

There was a huge number of such people in the waters around the Tian Yuan world. Typically, they would occupy a spirit island and begin reclusive cultivation, ignoring the world.

This sort of people could have both high and low cultivation levels. It was anyone’s guess, so it was best used as an identity for people with unknown origin like Yi Yun and Lin Xintong.

As he spoke, Yi Yun wanted to prove his words. He glanced at the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon’s corpse he had just killed. With a thought, he nonchalantly formed a seal.

The Eight Limbed Sea Dragon was already floating on the surface of the sea. Its massive body was like a little mountain. The upper half was burnt while the lower half was blood red.

Yi Yun’s seal that he formed nonchalantly caused the massive body to tremble.

A beam of light shot out of the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon’s forehead into Yi Yun’s hand.

This beam of light formed into a shape in Yi Yun’s hand. It looked like a tiny octopus, which was the beast seal of the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon!

Yi Yun was cultivating the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem”. The Eight Limbed Sea Dragon’s beast mark could help him in forming his Aspect Totem by a tiny bit, so there was no harm in forming one.

Seeing Yi Yun nonchalantly forming such a perfect beast mark with a technique he knew nothing of, Zhou was even more humbled. He also believed Yi Yun’s words.

He finally understood that the fluctuation in the spatial laws were most likely due to the two of them traversing the void from far away to the Misty Fey Sea.

Warriors, who were able to grasp a bit of spatial laws and do spatial teleportation, were understandably powerful.

He carefully said, “Answering the senior, the large factions in the Tian Yuan world are separate, so the situation is stable… ”

“Stable?” Yi Yun secretly heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing that. He was afraid that the Tian Yuan world had already broke into war. For example, the appearance of Blood Moon would probably lead to great losses of life.

“Yes, especially under the Martial Alliance’s leadership. Previously, the Martial Alliance hid their capacities and they had little presence, but in recent years, the Martial Alliance has performed several huge matters. First, they held a martial tea session for the entire Tian Yuan world. All the human experts were rewarded. Following that, they formed a few mystic realm expeditions. Those factions who participated in it reaped huge benefits. It made people green with envy!”

When Zhou said this, he felt a silent regret. His White Soaring Sect was naturally ineligible to participate in a mystic realm expedition of such calibre.

“Martial Alliance?” Yi Yun paid attention to this news, but he did not have many suspicions.

“Yes, the Martial Alliance has several treasures. Especially the pills it can give to several mighty figures that would extend their lives. It made many legendary figures of the large factions come in droves for them!”

Zhou clicked his tongue. It was a pill that extended one’s lifespan. Old people, who had extremely high cultivation levels but neared the ends of their lifespan, would do anything for such a pill!

“Longevity Extending Pills… ” Yi Yun faltered slightly. It was not easy for the Tian Yuan world at its level of civilizational progress to refine longevity extending pills for Empyreal King realm experts.

At least, the Shen Tu family clan and Lin family had no such ability, unless they found an invaluable treasure.

And according to the man’s words, it seemed like the Martial Alliance was able to produce such pills in bulk?

This matter seemed unusual!

Unless, they had elixir refinement inheritance that far exceeded the level of the Tian Yuan world. If that was the case, the background of the Martial Alliance was intriguing.

Furthermore, with the Blood Moon about to appear in the coming years, for the Martial Alliance to suddenly increase its activity, it made it possible that the two parties were closely related. After all, the Blood Moon was also a Human race organization.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong looked each other in the eye. Lin Xintong also slightly nodded. Clearly, the two of them were already suspicious.