True Martial World Chapter 562

Chapter 562: Blood Of Destruction
Chapter 562: Blood Of Destruction

“Xintong, in your opinion, are there any pills that are cheap to make but are able to extend lives?” Yi Yun asked Lin Xintong. Pills that extended lives were extremely important. With Longevity Extending Pills, the Martial Alliance had a lot of say in the Tian Yuan world. It could command several large factions in the Tian Yuan world, and few would defy them.

Lin Xintong contemplated for a moment and then transmitted her voice, “I don’t know of such a pill previously, but if it were the 12 Empyrean Heavens, the Empyreal Kings of the Tian Yuan world are nothing. If some pills are able to extend a warrior’s life at the expense of cutting their martial progress or stimulate a low level warrior’s life potential, it is nothing surprising. In the 12 Empyrean Heavens, very few people would use such live extending pills. However, in the Tian Yuan world, the older warriors would not mind such things. Their martial progress would usually have come to an end.”

Yi Yun nodded slightly after hearing Lin Xintong’s analysis.

With the Longevity Extending Pills in hand, along with forming a martial tea session and leading many large factions to explore mystic realms, the Martial Alliance accumulated its power in a constant fashion. This was not good news.

Yi Yun then looked at Zhou and asked, “Are there any other major happenings? For example, the Desolate race… Did you hear of any abnormal behavior from them?”

The Desolate race and the Human race were sworn enemies before the Azure Yang Lord came to the Tian Yuan world.

Later on, when the Desolate race fought the Blood Moon, they had rushed into the Tian Yuan world, causing blood to flow like rivers!

The Azure Yang Lord should have handed the mission of guarding the God Burial Abyss to the Desolate race. They were to prevent the ancient evil demon buried deep within the God Burial Abyss from appearing again.

However, after millions of years, it would be hard to say if this mission for the Desolate race endured the test of time.

And even if they abided with their mission, it was not optimistic as to how much of a role the Desolate race could play in the calamity.

“Desolate race? Those savages haven’t been idle. Their actions these past few years haven’t been small. Maybe before long, they will invade the Tian Yuan world. However, it doesn’t matter. Under the leadership of the Martial Alliance, these savages would be fine if they didn’t come. But if they do, they will never return to where they came from!”

Upon mentioning the Desolate race, Zhou turned excited. Clearly, the hatred the Human race had for the Desolate race had deeply rooted itself.

Yi Yun sighed. He knew this was something inevitable.

Ignoring the fact that the Desolate race and the Human race did not have amiable relations, especially after millions of years, the historical facts had already been destroyed. With the Blood Moon gradually controlling the Human race, wouldn’t history be fabricated by people from the Blood Moon?

This made Yi Yun understand why there were so few records regarding the ancient Great Empress after she disappeared. This was also the reason why Lin Xintong did not know how the ancient Great Empress joined up her naturally terminated meridians.

This was a preposterous matter considering she was an absolutely peerless Great Empress with unfathomable power.

Only after the Shen Tu family clan discovered the hidden Great Empress mystic realm did a small number of people know more about the ancient Great Empress. At this moment, the hidden Blood Moon could no longer stay hidden. They resorted to sending mysterious figures in the organization to scheme against the God Advent Tower.

Even the Eye of Destruction that had been sleeping in the God Burial Abyss had been startled because of this!

From the looks of it, the historical records regarding the ancient Great Empress had been deliberately erased by the Blood Moon.

And no one knew of the massive war that happened tens of millions of years ago. As for the Azure Yang Lord, he had disappeared in the river of time. He was not even found in any sect’s historical records.

Tens of millions of years ago, history was in much greater detail and martial arts civilization was even more brilliant. But after that apocalyptic war, no one knew how many martial arts inheritances were severed. With the Blood Moon’s deliberate manipulation, it caused this world’s martial arts civilization to slowly weaken…

Yi Yun figured out all sorts of things. Many of his questions had been answered.

“Do you know if any top faction in the Tian Yuan world had recently suffered?” Yi Yun asked this naturally to find out about the Lin family’s situation!

Lin Xintong’s pupils shrunk as she subconsciously clenched her fingers. Even though the Lin family did not leave good memories for Lin Xintong in her early years, she did not wish for her family to suffer a catastrophe.

“No,” Zhou shook his head, “The past few years have been very calm in the Tian Yuan world. No large faction has made any abnormal moves, but as for the future… it will be hard to tell… ”

“Oh? Why?” Yi Yun’s eyebrows tensed just after he heaved a sigh of relief.

“It’s this… And also something I’ve heard… ” Zhou lowered his voice, “Senior, you may not know, but I heard that several years ago, a few of the top factions in the Tian Yuan world joined forces to explore the God Burial Abyss. Near the God Burial Abyss, there was an incredible mystic realm. I heard that it was the tomb of a peerless Great Empress, but after they explored it for a while, guess what happened?”

Zhou seemed to be relieved after guessing that Yi Yun would not kill him, so he began to keep Yi Yun guessing, “According to rumors, a gigantic eye appeared in the God Burial Abyss! It occupied the entire God Burial Abyss. When Empyreal Kings looked at it, they felt their soul sea crumble. It was no trifling matter!”

“This eye has been termed ‘Eye of Destruction’ by the people of the Tian Yuan world. Following that, this matter did not come to an end… In the following few years, the storm around the God Burial Abyss became even more horrible. No one dares to approach it. Even the Patriarchs of those large family clans would not be able to do so either. Then… something flew out of the God Burial Abyss!”

Zhou’s words made Yi Yun and Lin Xintong’s hearts tense up.

“What flew out of the God Burial Abyss?”

“I do not know the details either. I heard that it was filled with murderous intent, but it was an item that brought about great opportunity. Some people said that… it was the blood that flowed out from the Eye of Destruction…”


Yi Yun was stunned. That ancient evil demon bled?

“Who knows? I heard that when the Eye of Destruction emerged, a gigantic pagoda came crashing down on it, hurting the Eye of Destruction. If the Eye of Destruction was severely damaged, it would not be surprising for it to bleed.” Zhou’s words made Yi Yun’s expression sink.

The Eye of Destruction was injured by the God Advent Tower?

Yi Yun found it unlikely. Logically speaking, the contingency preparations left behind by the ancient Great Empress and the Azure Yang Lord in the God Advent Tower would not be able to injure the mysterious ancient evil demon no matter how powerful it was.

However, Yi Yun was unsure how great the injuries were inflicted on the Eye of Destruction by the Azure Yang Lord and ancient Great Empress after they sacrificed themselves millions of years ago in that huge battle.

Undoubtedly, the Eye of Destruction was currently extremely weak or it would have broken through the enchantment, nor would it have been repulsed by the final power left behind by the ancient Great Empress and the Azure Yang Lord.

What did it mean for the Eye of Destruction to bleed?

Seeing Yi Yun interested in this matter, Zhou added on, “Senior, you may not know, but that Blood of Destruction is no trifling matter! Rumors say that the Eye of Destruction has already become a god. Think about it, who would not want a god’s blood!?”

“However, two portions of Blood of Destruction have already fallen into the hands of the Martial Alliance, so no faction dares to vie for it.”

“However, the Martial Alliance’s Alliance Leader has said that the Blood of Destruction might appear once again, but their Martial Alliance would no longer vie for it to prevent public outrage. If that is the case… no one knows how many large factions would be involved in it. It might trigger huge bloodshed in the Tian Yuan world!”