True Martial World Chapter 564

Chapter 564: Humiliation
Chapter 564: Humiliation

“Yi Yun, what do we do now?” Lin Xintong could not think of any good ideas as the enemy was too strong.

Yi Yun faltered slightly as he said, “Now, the Blood Moon has definitely put us on top of their killing list. However, with the ‘Star Transference Heaven Changing Book’, it won’t be easy for them to find us. We should first take our time before making a decision. We should start investigating the Blood of Destruction.”

The sudden appearance of the Blood of Destruction cast a dark cloud over Yi Yun’s mind. It was impossible for the Martial Alliance to allow something that was termed ‘the blood of gods’ to reach the Tian Yuan world.

While Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were communicating through Yuan Qi transmissions, Lin Qing and company had caved in in front of the Lin family’s mountain entrance.

How could one not bow to the circumstances? This was also what the Lin family Elders had exhorted the juniors to do. They had to endure as much as possible.

Now, the Lin family had offended several large factions and they had been targeted by the Martial Alliance. The Lin family disciples, who traveled around in the Tian Yuan world, were extremely careful. Even a drop of a tree leaf made them fear for their heads.

“My interspatial ring is here. I’m warning you Gongsun Yang. Times and situations change. Be sure not to cross the line. Who knows what will happen in the future!”

Lin Qing had no choice but to hand her interspatial ring to him. With their senior sister taking the lead, the other youths had to hand over the rings as well even if they were extremely unwilling.

“Miss Qing’er, what you say isn’t right!” Gongsun Yang slowly shook his fan, and hung his trademark scholarly smile, “Miss Qing’er, I’m just serving the Martial Alliance. Everything is just a routing inspection. Why do you make it sound like I’m forcing you? I’m doing it for your own good. Now, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong are the focus of the Martial Alliance, so it’s best if Miss Qing’er draws a clear line from them!”

As Gongsun Yang spoke, he began to rummage through Lin Qing’s interspatial ring.

He deliberately slowed his motions. He even took the items in Lin Qing’s interspatial ring out one by one. There were pills, relics, cultivation technique manuals, weapons and disk arrays…

These things were not precious, but Lin Qing’s face turned red. She felt humiliated.

Later on, Gongsun Yang began to take female clothing out of Lin Qing’s interspatial ring, such as skirts, tunics and sleeveless waistcoats.

Many of Gongsun Yang’s lackeys laughed the moment they saw this.

“Hahaha! Fragrant! Really fragrant!” A few lackeys even took deep sniffs, as they made exaggerated motions of smelling Lin Qing’s dress, as if they were reveling in Lin Qing’s bodily fragrance.

Gongsun Yang scolded with a smile, “You worthless bunch, have some decency! I’m here working. I wonder if there’s anything hidden in these clothes. For example, that little bastard Yi Yun bringing out some cultivation technique manual from the Great Empress mystic realm… ”

“Haha, Young master, you are right. What about her undergarments? You must check them as well! Some inheritance might be very small, and they might be hidden in there!”

The group of lackeys let out a lewd laugh. The eyes of the Lin family disciples turned red as they reached the limits of their anger.

Lin Qing clenched her fists and emitted killing intent from her eyes. Her undergarments were all placed underneath her outerwear. If Gongsun Yang carried on rummaging through it, he would definitely take them out.

How could a lady allow her undergarments to be rummaged through in public? That was no different from her being stripped naked in public.

“Gongsun Yang, if your hands make another move, I’ll kill you!”

Lin Qing’s hand was already placed on her sword’s hilt. She was carrying her companion sword as she did not place it in her interspatial ring.

Gongsun Yang looked at Lin Qing and sneered, “Miss Qing’er, I’m doing this for your own good. Didn’t your Lin family already draw a clear line with that demonic couple, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong? Many factions do not believe in it, so I’m allaying the suspicions for you. Furthermore, you are also not my match… ”

“Only if Yi Yun and Lin Xintong come out of the Great Empress mystic realm can they arouse my interest. As for the other Lin family disciples, hehe, I can’t take them seriously at all.”

Gongsun Yang completely ignored Lin Qing’s threat. He was in his thirties, and his cultivation level was much higher than Lin Qing’s. And in terms of his combat ability against people his own level, he far exceeded Lin Qing, so what was there to be afraid of?

“What nerve! If Yi Yun and Senior Sister Lin comes out of reclusion, they would destroy you with a finger!”

Lin Qing snapped. Although the Lin family had announced that they had cut all ties with Yi Yun and Lin Xintong, all of the Lin family disciples knew that it was an expedient measure. In private, the Lin family disciples idolized Yi Yun and Lin Xintong.

In the future, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were likely to become a peerless Great Emperor and Great Empress respectively. What sort of glorious scene would it be for the Lin family when two peerless Great Emperors appeared!?

“Yi Yun? Lin Xintong? Hahaha!” Gongsun Yang erupted with laughter, “Do you think that as long as your Lin family waits to the point of Yi Yun and Lin Xintong’s exit from reclusion, your Lin family will increase in strength and soar?”

“You are so naive! I’m not afraid to tell you, that it’s alright if Yi Yun and Lin Xintong do not come out of seclusion. However, the moment they come out, they would definitely die horribly! They have offended so many large factions and the Martial Alliance as well. They have long been passed the death sentence! The power of the Martial Alliance is nothing you can imagine!”

“So what if Yi Yun and Lin Xintong are geniuses? In front of the Martial Alliance, they are nothing but ants. Ignoring the important figures in the Martial Alliance, even the young geniuses of the Martial Alliance might not be people Yi Yun or Lin Xintong can match!”

“The Martial Alliance has set up a Heavenly Dao Union that controls several impressive mystic realms and inheritance! There are countless numbers of geniuses within them, do you know? Tsk! And, I, Gongsun Yang also had the chance to be selected into the Heavenly Dao Union for cultivation!”

“When the time comes, I wouldn’t even be bothered to glance at people like you. And even if Yi Yun and Lin Xintong appear, so what? I’ll still defeat them!”

As Gongsun Yang spoke, he casually threw the interspatial ring to his lackeys beside him, “Have fun with this!”

A lackey smiled lewdly as he carried on rummaging for the undergarments in the ring.

Lin Qing’s eyes turned cold.


With the sound of wind breaking, Lin Qing attacked!

A four feet long azure sword moved like an azure snake as it stabbed at the throat of the lackey standing beside Gongsun Yang. However, Gongsun Yang was already prepared and with a hand, he grabbed Lin Qing’s sword!


Gongsun Yang’s right hand emitted a reddish fiery glow. His hand was encased in flames, while Lin Qing’s sword was deadlocked by him!

“Zhi Zhi Zhi!”

Lin Qing’s soft sword began to twist under the immense power, but the blade still could not escape from Lin Qing’s palms!

He grabbed a sword with his bare hands without leaving any wounds on it!

This was a move cultivated by Gongsun Yang, named “Inferno Metal Melting Hand”. It used the fire and metal elemental laws of the five elements as its foundation. Against opponents weaker than him, he could use his bare hands as weapons. And if his opponent’s weapon was even more inferior, he could use his own fire-elemental Yuan Qi to melt his opponent’s weapon!