True Martial World Chapter 565

Chapter 565: Face Smacking
Chapter 565: Face Smacking

The flames carried on burning. As Gongsun Yang held Lin Qing’s sword, a relaxed smile hung on his face. He was 10 years older than Lin Qing, so unless one was a peerless genius, it was impossible to bridge the gap.

“Tsk, Miss Qing’er’s temper sure isn’t good!”

Gongsun Yang laughed without restraint as he increased his strength and a raging flaming Yuan Qi surged into Lin Qing’s sword. The sword began to tremble so vigorously that Lin Qing almost let go.

She bit her lips and used all her strength to hold on to her sword. This sword of hers was not of good quality, but it had accompanied her since her childhood, so she had an emotional attachment to it. However, now, she felt an unbearable heat wave coming from the sword in her hands, as her eyes turned misty with a layer of tears.

The injustice!

She had never felt such a grave injustice in all her life!

She knew that there were several elders around the Lin family’s mountain entrance. They could see this scene, but they did not appear.

They could not be blamed. This was because the Li Fire Sect and several other large sects also had Elders in the vicinity. If an elder of the Lin family appeared, they would appear as well. If a fight started, it would result in the Lin family suffering eventually.

Being bullied by others, and her strength being inferior than theirs made her feel helpless!

The several Lin family disciples behind Lin Qing could no longer bear it and they were about to make their moves.

As for Gongsun Yang’s lackeys, they naturally could not to be outdone. In terms of strength, the Li Fire Sect was stronger than the Shen Tu family clan, and they surpassed the Lin family.

“Why? Are you making your move?” The corners of Gongsun Yang curled upwards. He felt secure with the strong backing he enjoyed. He also knew that the Lin family would not dare to make a move.

At this moment, far away in the bamboo forest, Yi Yun had seen everything. His gaze turned cold. He pressed one hand on his interspatial ring…

“Yi Yun, what are you doing?” Lin Xintong transmitted her voice when she noticed Yi Yun’s action.

Yi Yun shook his head, “Since we are determined to go against Blood Moon, we need to appear anyway. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few days early.”

Lin Xintong took a deep breath. Seeing the Lin family disciples insulted, how could she feel at ease? However, due to the circumstances, she was also out of options.

She exhorted Yi Yun, “Don’t cause too much trouble, in case it brings trouble for the Lin family.”

“Don’t worry. I know myself.” As Yi Yun spoke, he had already walked out the forest.

The disguised Yi Yun was tall and thin. He was plain-looking and his face was the kind that no one would recognize if he was thrown in a crowd of people. He was wearing a black shirt with a bamboo hat and his stance gave him a sharp air of mystery.

At this moment, the situation in front of the Lin family’s mountain entrance was all set for a showdown. With Yi Yun suddenly appearing, everyone was stunned.

“Who!?” Gongsun Yang shouted. Yi Yun gave a sidewards glance at Gongsun Yang, but he simply ignored him.


Gongsun Yang frowned. He had been enjoying an elevated position for a long period of time. He now had the chance to enter the Heavenly Dao Union for training, and he was naturally arrogant. To be met with such contempt made his heart burn with anger.

Momentarily, he forgot about making things difficult for Lin Qing. His inspection of Lin Qing was not really part of his errand for the Martial Alliance, it was his own intention to smack the Lin family’s face, as well as take liberties with a genius girl of the Lin family.

Yi Yun glanced at everyone present and said nonchalantly, “I come from the Southern Sea. On a lone island in the Southern Sea, I’ve been practicing saber techniques. After mastering it, I am peerless in the way of the saber. As such, I came into the heartlands, hoping to defeat all the young elites of the heartlands so I can obtain the title of Saber Saint! I heard that the Lin family’s sword techniques are legendary, so I came especially to challenge them.”

By saying this, not only were the people from the Li Fire Sect stunned, even the people from the Lin family were stunned as well.

Who was this guy? Wasn’t he too erratic? To say that he was peerless in the way of the saber? He wanted to challenge all the elites of the Tian Yuan world alone?


The warriors from the Li Fire Sect roared with laughter. Under normal circumstances, people who dared to say such words were complete idiots.

Especially when this guy said that he came from the Southern Sea.

What sort of place was the Southern Sea? The Southern Sea was in the southern region of the Untraversable Sea and there were only a few small islands in the Southern Sea, which were remote lands of savages. The further one went into the Southern Sea, the thinner the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was, which resulted in a lack of treasures.

How could such terrible environments give birth to a genius?

An idiot who came from such a place probably had beaten a few small tribal clans, hence, he thought that he was invincible. So how could he imagine the terrifying power of the family clans of the heartlands?

“What are you laughing at?” Yi Yun looked towards Gongsun Yang and said dismissively, “I came here to terrorize the Lin family and challenge their geniuses. You don’t seem like someone from the Lin family at all, so go hide in the corner! Don’t be an eyesore for me!”

As Yi Yun said those words, his eyes glistened with a sense of pride while he took on a supercilious demeanor.

Far away, Lin Xintong suddenly felt like laughing after seeing Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was too immersed in his role. She knew Yi Yun’s motive. The reason why he said those words and took on such an expression was to prevent people from suspecting that he was related to the Lin family. If not, it would bring trouble for the Lin family.

Hearing Yi Yun’s derision and seeing Yi Yun’s eyes of contempt, Gongsun Yang could no longer smile. How could he endure such insults?

“Who are you!? How dare you speak to me like that!? Do you know who I am!? I pity an indigenous person from the Southern Sea. Even if I were to tell you my identity, you would not even understand it! Killing a person like you is an insult to my status as a person who can enter the Heavenly Dao Union! However, since you insist on dying, I’ll grant it to you! If I want to kill you, no one in heaven or on the earth can save you!”

As Gongsun Yang spoke, he released Lin Qing’s sword and without a weapon, he punched at Yi Yun’s face!

His hands were still burning with a reddish flame as a heat wave explosively surged forward!

One’s facial features would be burnt to a crisp if they were struck in the face by this attack!

However, against Gongsun Yang’s “Inferno Metal Melting Hand”, Yi Yun only sneered, “You? You aren’t even worthy of me unleashing my saber!”

Yi Yun also put his hand out to strike Gongsun Yang. His actions could only be described as being extremely arrogant.

Gongsun Yang laughed from extreme anger. He found it incredulous to think that there was such a fool in this world whose stupidity would kill himself. His Inferno Metal Melting Hand could break metallic weapons, so engaging in direct contact with naked flesh would just turn his opponent to ashes!

“Be careful of the flame!”

Seeing that Yi Yun was not going to avoid it, Lin Qing hurriedly sent a voice transmission. Although the strange man who suddenly appeared seemed crazy, he had rescued her after all, so Lin Qing did not wish for him to end with a fatal outcome.

However, before her voice transmission ceased, Yi Yun’s hand had already clashed with Gongsun Yang’s!


Their fingers collided and red flames exploded. The ground beneath them sunk as a large amount of sand turned into lava!

In the God Advent Tower, Yi Yun had bathed in the pure Yang lava pool daily, so how could Gongsun Yang’s tiny bit of fire-elemental laws amount to anything?

Yi Yun grabbed Gongsun Yang’s hand and grinned, “Jumping out with just this bit of skill? I was wondering how powerful you were.”

The sudden change of events caught Gongsun Yang off-guard. He expected Yi Yun’s hand to be burnt to a crisp from the flames that his hand was emitting. But now, Yi Yun appeared to not feel a thing. Instead, a terrifying energy and wanton Yuan Qi came surging into his hand.

“You… you… ”

This energy was too powerful, he felt like his hand was breaking!

Before Gongsun Yang could finish his words, Yi Yun shook his right hand, as if he was flinging a snake that he had caught!


A series of bone cracking sounds was heard as Gongsun Yang cried out terribly. The hand that Yi Yun had grabbed burst at all the joints and his arm dislocated. It was now limp without any strength left in it!

And at this moment, Yi Yun did not go easy on him. He grabbed Gongsun Yang’s flailing arm and pulled him over like a little child. Following that, Yi Yun used his other hand to slap Gongsun Yang’s face.


With a snap, Gongsun Yang cried out and crumbled to the ground.

Half of his face had been smashed by Yi Yun. A shocking bloody palm print was embedded on his face.

However, Yi Yun did not stop. He pulled Gongsun Yang up again, and gave him a backhand slap.

This slap hit the other half of Gongsun Yang’s face. With another clear snap, the sound reached deep into everyone’s ears!

Gongsun Yang vomited a mouthful of blood as a few of his teeth dropped out!

“You… You… ” Gongsun Yang was completely dazed from the hits. His voice was trembling as he tried to say something to Yi Yun.

But at this moment, Yi Yun raised his hand again…

“Wait… Wait… ”

Gongsun Yang opened his mouth again, but Yi Yun’s palm came crushing down on him and then, Yi Yun gave him a flurry of slaps!

“Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!”

There were continuous slapping sounds as Yi Yun hit Gongsun Yang’s face on both sides. Each slap landed on either side of Gongsun Yang’s head, and his head shook like a rattle.

Blood was continuously flowing from his face as teeth shot out of his mouth along with minced meat.

After a few seconds, Gongsun Yang’s face was completely unsightly. Even his skin had been ripped off by the slaps!

On the sides, Lin Qing as well as the other Lin family disciples watched with widened eyes.

“What the hell… happened?”

What sort of person was this saber user from the Southern Sea? How could he be so powerful?

Gongsun Yang liked to brag, saying that he was powerful enough to compete with Yi Yun and Lin Xintong without feeling a hint of embarrassment. He was, in fact, one of the top few figures in the Li Fire Sect in terms of strength. If he was in the Lin family, very few people of his age could defeat him.

How could he be beaten so badly by a person of unknown origin!?

That person did not unsheathe his saber as he said! He had forcefully incapacitated Gongsun Yang’s Inferno Metal Melting Hand, and he held Gongsun Yang like a tiny child and did as he pleased. The difference in strength was not trivial!

It was apparent that this saber user, who could ravage Gongsun Yang so easily without unsheathing his saber, was really peerless in the way of the saber. It no longer seemed like an exaggeration that he could challenge all the genius elites of the Tian Yuan world.

This gave the Lin family disciples a feeling of bumping into an ordinarily-dressed man on the street, who claimed, in a crazy manner, that he was the emperor. And when they finally checked, they realized that he really was the emperor!

There was such a person in the islands in the Southern Sea?

The Lin family disciples were extremely surprised. As for Gongsun Yang’s lackeys, they were all stunned with fear of the malefic Yi Yun. Not one of them dared to save their boss and they could only watch as their boss was brutally beaten up by Yi Yun.

Just as Yi Yun was brutally beating Gongsun Yang to the point of him almost dying, a fierce voice sounded from a distance, “Vile little spawn, stop!”