True Martial World Chapter 566

Chapter 566: Yuan Opening Realm
Chapter 566: Yuan Opening Realm

The roar came rolling like thunder from the distance.

Yi Yun however, turned a deaf ear to it and did not stop. He continued to slap Gongsun Yang until his body turned limp, as if he had turned boneless. He was then tossed aside like a dead dog.

After doing that, Yi Yun turned around to face the person rushing over.

There were a total of three people. Two of them came from the Li Fire Sect, while the last person wore a yellow robe with the Shen Tu family clan’s family emblem on it, which made it apparent that he was from the Shen Tu family clan.

Ever since the Shen Tu family clan reached the point of irreconciliation with the Lin family, the Shen Tu family clan would join in on any matter that had to do with the Lin family, even if there was not a single benefit.

These people looked like they were in their fifties. When they flew over, their stance was aggressive and looked like they were about to skin Yi Yun alive.

Yi Yun had been undergoing reclusive cultivation in the God Advent Tower for seven years and had greatly increased his strength. With him having the Purple Crystal as well as having opened his Heaven’s Eye, he could easily tell their cultivation level.

Their cultivation realms were above the Dao Seed realm, in the Yuan Opening realm.

The martial cultivation path first emphasized the five stages of training one’s body to lay the foundation, before they started gathering Qi in their body.

When their blood contained purple Qi, and their marrow had become fully red, they would have reached the Purple Blood realm.

And upon reaching the peak of the Purple Blood realm, a warrior could lay the Yuan foundation to cross over into the Yuan foundation realm.

The Yuan foundation realm was the beginning steps of one’s martial path. The nomological seed planted within the Yuan foundation was the Dao Seed realm.

Once the Dao Seed germinated, it would break open the Yuan foundation and slowly mature until it became a Heavenly Dao tree that reached the heavens.

And the initial stages of the germination of the Heavenly Dao tree, the process of the Dao Seed breaking out of the Yuan foundation was known as “Yuan Opening”.

Causing the Dao Seed to germinate was not a simple task. Although warriors were able to condensed a nomological seed, they might not be able to germinate their sole Dao Seed throughout their entire lives as a result of their Yuan foundation not being solid enough, or their nomological seed being of too low a quality.

Such a Dao Seed was also known as a dead seed.

To be able to let the Dao Seed germinate to break through the Yuan foundation realm and step into the Yuan Opening realm, proved that they were the best amongst those at the Dao Seed realm.

If a Yuan Opening realm expert was placed in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, that person would be known as a Sage.

The billions of people in the entire Tai Ah Divine Kingdom might not even be able to produce a single Sage in a period of a few hundred years.

And even if one appeared, they would usually barely be able to break out of the Yuan foundation, forever ceasing their progress at the early stages of the Yuan Opening realm.

However, even so, they would still be considered mighty figures who were equal to the Divine Emperor of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. They could establish an ancient family clan and ensure that their family clan would enjoy prosperity perpetually.

As for the Tian Yuan world, there were numerous experts there and was not something the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom could compare with. Even so, Yuan Opening warriors were still not common in the Tian Yuan world and were considered important figures who could dominate in certain aspects.

For example, Yi Yun had previously killed an Eight Limbed Sea Dragon in the Misty Fey Sea, saving several White Soaring Sect disciples. The White Soaring Sect was one of the most famous factions within that region, but their Grand Elder was only at the mid-stages of the Yuan Opening realm.

Such a Grand Elder was enough to create a deterrence, and such a cultivation realm would allow for one to become guardian of a sect.

As for those who could really exceed the Yuan Opening realm, they were known by commoners as Empyreal Kings!

Factions, who had Empyreal Kings, were definitely the top powers in the Tian Yuan world. They included the Lin family, the Li Fire Sect and the Shen Tu family clan.

In these family clans, the number of Empyreal Kings were few and far between. Back when Shen Tu Nantian laid a trap in the Chu Prefecture City by using Yi Yun to lure the Shepherd Boy, he had invited an Empyreal King, the Ten Thousand Empyreal King.

The Ten Thousand Empyreal King had joined forces with many Yuan Opening realm experts to fight against the Shepherd Boy, but they still ended up being annihilated by the Shepherd Boy. Even the Ten Thousand Empyreal King had been killed by the Shepherd Boy, and because of this, Shen Tu Nantian had lost a lot of prestige in the Shen Tu family clan.

Later on, Shen Tu Nantian could have once again consolidated his position in the family by marrying Lin Xintong, but his plans were subsequently destroyed by Yi Yun. He was then thrown into the Lin family’s dungeon to suffer brutal torture and he even had all of his wealth robbed clean. Finally, the Shen Tu family clan had to pay a price to get Shen Tu Nantian back.

At this point, Shen Tu Nantian had been completely discredited. His final bet was placed in the Great Empress mystic realm, but this time… he even lost his life.

Yuan Opening realm warriors had a certain status in the Shen Tu family clan, and were able to take on the responsibilities of an Elder. Even Thousand Hand Granny was just at the peak of the Yuan Opening realm.

These years, Thousand Hand Granny had been leading the Shen Tu family clan’s people to patrol around the eternal whirlpool in the Untraversable Sea. She used all of her wealth to set up several large arrays, so as to monitor a fifty thousand kilometer radius around the Great Empress mystic realm’s entrance. Not even the slightest disturbance could be hidden from her eyes.

She swore to find traces of Yi Yun, and was no different from a mad demon now.

As for this Elder, who had been sent to the Lin family by the Shen Tu family clan, his responsibility was to monitor the Lin family’s activity. He was in the early-mid stages of the Yuan Opening realm.

“Vile little spawn! I ordered you to stop, are you deaf!?”

The Li Fire Sect’s exterior Elder was filled with murderous intent. He had been the one to shout at Yi Yun to stop, but Yi Yun had completely ignored him. How could he tolerate a junior ignoring him?

He stared at Yi Yun. As a Yuan Opening realm warrior, he had long since opened his Heaven’s Eye, and also had a technique to see through people.

Although Yi Yun was mysterious and seemed to use some mystic technique to conceal his cultivation level, making it look seemingly false and real at the same time, this Li Fire Sect Elder could still sense that Yi Yun’s cultivation level definitely could not exceed the Yuan Opening realm. He just had amazing talent.

If that was the case, then Yi Yun was just a junior.

“Brother Gongsun, why bother wasting words with him. Just capture him and send him to the Li Fire Sect for disposal!”

The Shen Tu family clan Elder said and was about to attack Yi Yun. And at this moment, an old man’s voice was heard from the Lin family’s mountain entrance, “Everyone, please wait!”

Everyone looked towards the sound and saw a pudgy middle-aged man with round, small eyes flying out from the Lin family’s mountain entrance.

He may be fat, but his speed was amazingly fast. With a fast walking pace, he had already arrived.

He was the exterior Elder in charge of the Lin family’s security. It was not appropriate for him to appear in a conflict between juniors, but now, with the opponent’s junior beaten up, and the older ones appearing, he had not choice but to appear.

“Everyone, please do not be rash. What is the matter?”

The pudgy, middle-aged man took on the role of peacemaker. With his harmless looks, it made him seem like a nice person.

However, Yi Yun noticed a trace of Schadenfreude in the pudgy middle-aged man’s eyes when they landed on Gongsun Yang’s terrible state.

To be repressed by several factions, along with the Martial Alliance, for so many years, there was no doubt that the Lin family members were all angered.

“Fatty Qiao, stop acting the fool. Someone from my Li Fire Sect has been beaten up so badly at your Lin family’s mountain entrance. Your Lin family must answer to our Li Fire Sect on this matter!” The Li Fire Sect Elder said angrily.

The pudgy middle-aged man was named Lin Qiao. He was in charge of the Lin family’s security, so it was natural that he knew the Li Fire Sect Elder who was monitoring them.