True Martial World Chapter 568

Chapter 568: Ignoring Face
Chapter 568: Ignoring Face

As Yi Yun looked at the Li Fire Sect Elder, a smile suffused on his lips. Coming to the Tian Yuan world with Lin Xintong to battle the Blood Moon, they had employed the identity of being peerless elites from overseas.

And as an overseas genius, Yi Yun had already determined his personality. That was him being publicly uninhibited and extremely proud. He emitted a stance of him being the only thing worthy in the world.

As such, he separated the original impression he gave people of being quiet and contemplative.

Yi Yun slowly wiped the blood off the edge of his saber as he glanced sideways at the Li Fire Sect Elder, and said lightly, “So much for the Yuan Opening realm!”

This sentence was filled with contempt and scorn. It made the Li Fire Sect Elder’s old face redden!

“Junior, you are courting death!” His heart was burning with anger. The staff in his hand had already begun to bend as a result of his tremendous power.

The staff had a great deal of flexibility and it could store energy. Once he fought with it, just the trembling force it emitted was very terrifying.

As the staff was bending, the Li Fire Sect Elder’s body surged with increasing Yuan Qi. His body seemed to become a bottomless hole as he wantonly absorbed the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi from his surroundings.

Anyone could tell that he was about to go all out!

Initially, he had taken Yi Yun lightly because he thought that Yi Yun was just a junior.

Now, he was planning to use everything to take Yi Yun down.

At this moment, Yi Yun gently flicked the blood stains off his sleeves. He did not even look straight at the Li Fire Sect Elder, and he did not take him seriously.

This kind of insolence that came from the bone made the surrounding juniors speechless.

This person sure was confident enough. One had to know that in their first exchange, Yi Yun did not retreat unscathed. He had been lightly injured. Now, with the Li Fire Sect Elder about to go all out as a Yuan Opening expert, it would be truly terrifying. It was very likely that an arrogant person like Yi Yun would end up suffering.

Yi Yun nonchalantly held the saber in his hand as his eyes burned with fighting spirit.

Having been in reclusion in the Great Empress mystic realm, Yi Yun had spent a majority of his time pondering over the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”. But his cultivation level had already reached to the late-stages of the Dao Seed realm.

As a twenty-three-year-old late-stage Dao Seed realm warrior, he had already pulled away from his peers in the Tian Yuan world. Furthermore, Yi Yun had combat capabilities that far exceeded warriors on the same level as him.

For a Dao Seed realm practitioner to battle a Yuan Opening realm warrior, there was one large realm separating the two. But in Yi Yun’s hands, he had changed the impossible to possible.

“Take him down. This guy is too terrifying! By having bred enmity here today, once he seeks revenge in the future, we will not be his match at all!” The Shen Tu Elder transmitted his voice. The three Elders came to a unanimous agreement. Just now, they had already expressed their intention to kill Yi Yun as well as taking him back to the Li Fire Sect for torturous interrogation.

This sort of murderous grudge was always eye for an eye in a warrior’s world. There was no other path.

Naturally, they would not sit idly for their deaths, so they had to kill Yi Yun!

Three Yuan Opening realm Elders transmitted their voice through Yuan Qi and they attacked at the same moment without any warning!

Once a Yuan Opening realm expert made his move, they would have a stance that seemed to carry the earth and was like a surging sea.

These three were in the middle of their lifespans, and they had already expended all their potential. There was no way for them to advance further in their martial path, but the Qi and blood within them had not weakened. With the three of them bolstered by their Qi and blood, their Yuan Qi exploded like a volcano eruption as it wove together, causing the ground to tremble!


“Retreat! Quickly retreat!”

Be it the juniors from the Lin family or the Li Fire Sect, their expressions all changed when they saw this scene. A battle at this level would tear them to pieces if they were embroiled in it!

How could a junior withstand such a terrifying attack!?

“These people… don’t even care about their faces anymore!”

In the storm, Lin Qiao could clearly see that the three old men at the Yuan Opening realm were about to attack a junior jointly. They were bullying him with their ages and with their quantity. Furthermore, it was a sudden sneak attack with no warning. They attacked with all they had right at the beginning. This was to ensure that Yi Yun was killed, even if they lost all face!

With the situation developing to this step, Lin Qiao could no longer ignore it. He pushed out his palms as Heaven Earth Yuan Qi flared, forming a large lake in the void.

This was the water-elemental laws that Lin Qiao cultivated. He used water that could engulf anything to stop the trio’s momentum, however, as he was slow in his attack, and he was going one against three, his strength was not up to the mark.

The three Elders’ attacks had already reached Yi Yun.

The Shen Tu Elder’s face was ferocious and murderous intent was revealed, “Who cares about face? The victor is king. Junior, die!”

“If there’s someone you would like to blame, blame yourself for being so overbearing and arrogant!”

Between the two Li Fire Sect Elders, a staff and a saber came falling downwards. Since they had already lost all face, it was of utmost priority for them to kill Yi Yun, regardless of the means.

This storm like attack was not something a Dao Seed realm junior could withstand, or it would be far beyond common sense!

Seeing the trio’s attack about to land, Yi Yun smiled in the eye of the storm, “To be so shameless to this stage, you guys are the best.”

At the moment of life and death, he actually managed to smile.

Everyone witnessed this smile and they were stunned. Could this madman have the ability to block the combined strike of three Yuan Opening realm warriors?

In a blink of an eye, no one had the time to think too deeply. They only saw Yi Yun smiling in the storm before he suddenly turned into a blur, eventually turning into emptiness.

After image!

At the moment Yi Yun smiled, he had already used his extreme movement technique — Golden Crow Sun Shift!

Yi Yun demonstrated a peerless technique, which was previously collected by the Azure Yang Lord. As fast as the wind or lightning, there was no way to confidently find his location.

“Oh!? He dodged them?”

People were shocked. It was impossible for Dao Seed realm warriors to forcefully resist the attacks of three Yuan Opening realm Elders.

However, to even manage to dodge the trio’s attack was already unbelievable.

An attack from a Yuan Opening expert would carry the heaven and earth powers with it, locking all corners in the void, so how could it be easy to dodge?

And with the three of them joining forces, they were tight and flawless. They had already blocked off all the possible directions that Yi Yun could escape through!

The laws began to shine as Yuan Qi flared. Yi Yun simply tossed and twisted within the scene. His figure was erratic and seemed to pass through any hole!

Such a terrifying movement technique stunned everyone. A movement technique like that far exceeded the limits of a Dao Seed realm warrior, and it was a scene that kept the eyes fully occupied.

Only a Yuan Opening realm warrior could follow Yi Yun’s movements. As for Dao Seed realm warriors, all they saw were after images. They simply could not find anyone.

It was really a terrifying but gorgeous movement technique!

Even though Yi Yun’s movement technique was graceful, the three Elders were experienced in combat. Like a maggot deep in the bones, they chased Yi Yun, having never opened up a distance between them!


“How can our moves be dodged by the likes of you?”

The three Elders worked hand in hand, as they resisted the interference from Lin Qiao. Slowly, they closed the gap between them.

But in their hearts, they were feeling shocked by Yi Yun’s movement technique.

This guy was not to be left alive!

This idea became firmly embedded in their minds!