True Martial World Chapter 569

Chapter 569: Internal Strife
Chapter 569: Internal Strife

As their combined attacks came closing in, and they felt they were about to corner Yi Yun at any moment and succeed in killing him, a sudden turn of events happened!

The expressions on the three Elders immediately changed.

“You vile little spawn!”


“Courting death!”

The three Elders roared angrily for at this moment, Yi Yun had suddenly rushed into the crowd of young Li Fire Sect disciples!

How could the young Li Fire Sect disciples’ speed compare to Yi Yun’s speed?

When the three Elders began their fight with Yi Yun, the Li Fire Sect and Lin family disciples had retreated. However, now, Yi Yun had rushed into the Li Fire Sect disciple mass, and he used them as meat shields!

“You bunch of old fogies really have facial skin thicker than the Tian Yuan world continent. To fight three against a single me, and yet you say I’m despicable? In terms of shamelessness, I’m really left far behind in your dust.”

As Yi Yun dodged, he even had the mood to ridicule them.

These Li Fire Sect disciples were also geniuses nurtured by the sect at a great costs. Although they were inferior to Gongsun Yang, they were also losses that the sect could not afford!

“Everyone, help shield me, thanks!” Yi Yun laughed loudly as his laughter echoed through the clouds. He was extremely unbridled and eccentric!

Yi Yun did not have any favorable impressions for these Li Fire Sect geniuses. Just them previously making things difficult for the Lin family disciples together with Gongsun Yang, and taking liberties with Lin Qing and even encouraging Gongsun Yang to cripple him was already enough reason for Yi Yun to use them as shields.


“Damn it!”

As they were embroiled in the energy storm, these Li Fire Sect geniuses glared furiously at Yi Yun.

However, they had no other way!

Yi Yun’s strength far exceeded theirs. Even the comparison of a firefly and the radiant moon was insufficient to describe it.

However, not everyone had the same realization.

One of the Li Fire Sect disciples, who shouted the most and had eyes burning with killing intent towards Yi Yun, suddenly flung his hand out at Yi Yun’s back. Three poison needles flew out, flying straight at Yi Yun’s back!

In his opinion, Yi Yun was powerful, but he was still busy dodging the combined attacks of the three Elders, so how could he pay great attention to his surroundings?

By sneak attacking in the chaos, it would be extremely easy. Furthermore, the poison needles were extremely well hidden so they could not be easily discovered.

As long as it caused a slight problem for Yi Yun, allowing the three Elders to kill Yi Yun, he would have accomplished a meritorious task!

However, just as the poison needles flew out from his hand, Yi Yun’s back seemed to grow eyes.


Yi Yun’s figure disappeared right in front of his eyes. The three poison needles lost their target and instead, they flew towards the Shen Tu family clan’s Elder!


The Li Fire Sect disciple was momentarily stunned, and at this moment, he felt his back turn cold. All the hair on his body stood upright as he felt enshrouded by fatal danger. That feeling was like a primordial fierce beast had suddenly appeared behind him and it was glaring at him.

This sort of fear and killing intent held his heart in an icy grip. He did not dare look back.

“Are you considering death? I’ll send you to it!”

As if a whisper from Death itself, it echoed in the Li Fire Sect disciple’s ears. Accompanying that was a sharp pain in his back. It was like he had been kicked by someone. A strong force transferred to his body as his body involuntarily flew out!

And right in front of him was the storm-like attacks from the three Elders!

The flying needles he had shot had already been shot down by the immense Yuan Qi emitted by the three Elders. But now, he had become the first human shield to take on the attacks of the three Elders!


“Make way!”

The three Elders shouted together, but under the power of Yi Yun’s kick, how could the Li Fire Sect disciple dodge?

The two Li Fire Sect Elders were furious. Their attacks were about to land on this young disciple!


They felt a great grievance!

If they killed a disciple from their sect, they would break a sect rule, and it would greatly affect their prestige in the sect.

The news of three Yuan Opening realm Elders teaming up against a Dao Seed realm junior, not being able to kill him immediately, and allowing him to use their own sect’s disciples as shields but not being able to stop their attack and kill their own sect’s disciple accidentally, would probably cause the various large factions in the Tian Yuan world to laugh their heads off!

The two Li Fire Sect Elders naturally could not bear this responsibility. Their attacks had subconsciously slowed down, as they took the initiative to hold their Yuan Qi back.

However, the Shen Tu family clan Elder was already completely immersed in the act of killing!

He swore to kill Yi Yun at any cost.


With a explosion, the Li Fire Sect disciple did not even have the chance to scream out as he was hit by the Shen Tu Elder’s palm. His body tore apart, as it burst into a rain of blood and minced meat.


A Li Fire Sect disciple shouted in alarm. For a fellow disciple to die so horribly, they mourned the loss of their friend.

But at this moment, Yi Yun had already appeared amongst them, while the Shen Tu family clan Elder’s aggressive aura came surging over!

“Both of you, if we don’t kill him today, he will definitely kill us in the future!” The Shen Tu Elder shouted and attacked without mercy!

The two Li Fire Sect Elders were momentarily stunned. This sudden change of events forced them to weigh the pros and cons of killing Yi Yun or to give up on killing him in a tenth of a second. It was impossible for them to make a calm decision.

Often a time, people would do things on a spur of the moment.

And now, the Shen Tu family clan Elder had already gone completely mad!

“Tornado Tyrant Clouds!”

The Shen Tu Elder struck as his blood surged through his body, causing an immense tidal force. His Yuan Qi began to condensed into a black primordial desolate beast as the void began to tremble!

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Screams sounded one after another. How could the Li Fire Sect disciples withstand such an attack as they were quickly embroiled in the attack? Their bones and muscles burst and some even exploded with their limbs flying in all directions!

Rain of blood fell as limbs flew amidst the destruction. It was a horrible sight!

And within the rain of blood, Yi Yun was having a stroll through the blood. He was light-footed and he did not leave a single trace. He was tethering on the borders of the Shen Tu Elder’s killing blow!

It was just a tiny gap, but it was something that was impossible to bridge.

The Shen Tu Elder was going mad!

If the two Li Fire Sect Elders had joined him in the attack, they would definitely have been able to kill Yi Yun. However, by stopping midway, they failed just as they were clinching victory. By only him attacking alone, he had killed about nine people in a split second. However, all he killed were Li Fire Sect disciples!

“Ah Ah Ah Ah!”

The Shen Tu Elder roared angrily as he gathered Yuan Qi to forcefully chase Yi Yun. However, the eyes of the other two Li Fire Sect Elders had already turned red. How could they allow the Shen Tu elder to slaughter their disciples?

After all, these disciples might not become Empyreal Kings in the future, but a number of them had the chance to be nurtured into Yuan Opening realm warriors!

To a sect that placed considerable weight on its own interest, them as Yuan Opening warriors, who had expended all their potential, were not that much more valuable than these young disciples. If they were to be held accountable, they would not be able to bear the brunt!

As such, even if they successfully killed Yi Yun, they would be severely punished by the sect. The Li Fire Sect rules were extremely strict.

Furthermore, what if Yi Yun had some other means, causing them to not be able to kill him, resulting in them paying an even greater price?