True Martial World Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Lian Chengyu’s evil motives
Chapter 57: Lian Chengyu’s evil motives

At this time, the Lian tribal clan Patriarch compound.
Zhao Tiezhu ran in, and excitedly reported the situation of Yi Yun’s house to Lian Chengyu.
“Young master Lian sure has the best plans. Yi Yun’s house is now totally covered with dung, hahaha!”

Zhao Tiezhu laughed and Lian Chengyu just replied with a silent, “ehm” as he waved his hands saying, “Leave, and occasionally pay attention to Jiang Xiaorou’s house, and report to me anytime.”

“Yes, yes. This little one will be going,” Zhao Tiezhu accepted his orders as he bowed while retreating out of the house.

Zhao Tiezhu was in a good mood. He felt that Lian Chengyu was beginning to grow fond of him, for he was giving him tasks to do.

After Zhao Tiezhu left, Lian Chengyu calmly poured a cup of tea for himself. He then filled another cup to the brim.

At this time, from inside the backroom came out a yellow robed elder.

He laughed as he picked up the tea cup Lian Chengyu had filled, and took a sip.

This elder was the Lian tribal clan’s Patriarch.

“Chengyu, you have done well regarding this matter. I’ve really grown old,” shook the elder’s head. For the past few months, every matter of the Lian tribal clan was dealt with by Lian Chengyu.

Lian Chengyu had used the strong men to refine the desolate bones, worrying the yellow-robed elder, since there would be deaths caused by the refinement of the desolate bones. And with the starvation, it was a matter of time before the people began to riot.

Even if Lian Chengyu used the Blood Thinning Pill to draw out the potential of those people’s lives, and stabilize their condition, it was an unsustainable method as it overdrafted their life force. In a few days, those people would grow sick again and die.

When the matter was exposed, the Lian tribal clan would come under unprecedented pressure!

If not handled properly, it would cause a riot amongst the people. It would cause loss of lives, and could affect the refinement of the desolate bones. The consequences would be disastrous.

But the yellow-robed elder could not believe that Lian Chengyu had pushed all the blame to the dead Yi Yun before the illness broke out.

If so, even if the strong men who were refining the desolate bones died, no one would become suspicious, they would all believe that Yi Yun had initially contracted a strange illness and had been possessed.

Yi Yun spread his strange illness to the other men who were refining the desolate bones. This illness would later become an epidemic plague.

Also Yi Yun’s possession would give an ominous omen to the tribe.

At that point, the people would believe that Yi Yun had caused the deaths of everyone.

As such, the people would only hate Yi Yun and not hate Lian Chengyu. And there would be new strong men willing to carry on refining the desolate bones, and everything would be perfect.

This was the main reason for Lian Chengyu’s direction of the matter. It could be said as killing two birds with one stone. Not only would he be able to affirm himself as the number one genius in the tribe with absolute authority, he could also ensure the smooth refining of the desolate bones.

“It’s just some small tricks. Grandpa has thought too highly,” said Lian Chengyu casually. “Based on the Frost Python’s toxin, and the effects of the Blood Thinning Pill, in about three to five days, those who were refining the desolate bones would die. At that time, the people would be angry. They wouldn’t just simply throw dung at Yi Yun’s house, they would probably directly burn the house down.”

As Lian Chengyu said it, he took a sip of tea and gently wiped his mouth with a handkerchief. His movement was extremely graceful. He was the only person in the Lian tribal clan who continuously maintained the style of an aristocrat.

He was born in the Cloud Wilderness; although the young masters of the Cloud Wilderness had a higher standing, but which of them followed the aristocratic style? But Lian Chengyu was different, he had learned the manners of the aristocrats from Yao Yuan, and ensured that he followed those protocols all the time.

Because he thought that he was fated to one day be one of the upper class, and even be among the upper echelon of the Kingdom, and attending the banquets of the Kingdom.

He did not want to be ridiculed by the upper class people as a Cloud Wilderness brat.

He wanted people to know that although he was born from the Cloud Wilderness, he could also do everything equally well!

“It’s such a pity I didn’t get to see Yi Yun’s corpse with my own eyes…” Lian Chengyu said with thoughts in his head.

“Haha, Chengyu, you worry too much. Do you think the kid can still survive under such conditions? Besides the lack of a cure for the Frost Python toxin, simply falling several tens of meters down a cliff would have broken a person’s body. Furthermore, the East River’s flow is extremely fast. There is even a waterfall downstream, so even the best swimmers would either die from the fall or from drowning.”

The Patriarch was not worried one bit.

Lian Chengyu nodded his head, “Yes…Grandpa is right. Yi Yun just began practicing martial arts, and hasn’t even reached the Valiant realm. There’s no chance he can avoid that.”

Lian Chengyu placed his teacup down. Yi Yun may be dead, but his sister was still around. After this disaster, and having her house plastered with cow dung, and burnt down, she would have nowhere to go. She was even hated by everyone in the Lian tribal clan, except himself, who would be willing to have her under their wings?

When he thought of that, a smile formed on Lian Chengyu’s lips.

This girl would fall into his hands sooner or later. Letting her suffer a little would temper her attitude, making her more docile. Whatever he said would be what it was.

“Yi Yun-ah, Yi Yun. You made me lose face in front of Lord Zhang, killing you and then enjoying your sister can only be considered fair.”

“With you dead, I’m actually saving your sister. In the future, she will obediently listen to me. You can rest easy in the netherworld. And when I make my meteoric rise, I will let her be one of my concubines, and will not abandon her.”

It was finally dark, but the few “brave” children were still extremely dedicated. They did not leave even in complete darkness till the entire pile of cow dung was thrown. Not only Jiang Xiaorou’s door and walls had been smeared, even the foundations were buried in a small pile of dung.

“Well done!” Lian Cuihua clapped her hands. She had originally wanted to touch the boys’ heads as an encouragement, but she realized they were dirty and retracted her hand. “Come to Aunt Cuihua tomorrow, Aunt Cuihua will give you sweets to eat.”

These sweets were of course from Lian Chengyu. In the Lian tribal clan, sweets were a rare thing.

When the kids heard that there would be sweets, their eyes lit up.

“Alright, alright, we will carry on throwing cow dung tomorrow, will there be sweets then too?”

“Yes, of course there will be,” laughed Lian Cuihua. “Not only will there be sweets, by throwing the cow dung, you have driven the evil away, saving everyone!”

“Yes, we saved everyone!” said a bigger child proudly.

“We are heroes!” another child echoed. Children at this age all had dreams of being heroes. They wanted to be a warrior that flew through the skies for that would be very impressive.

At this time, there were a pair of dark eyes in the grass watching all this.

These were Yi Yun’s eyes!

He had figured the details of what happened from the conversations of the children and villagers. Thus, Yi Yun had also guessed this was planned by Lian Chengyu.

He clenched his fists and a sense of killing intent flashed in his eyes!