True Martial World Chapter 570

Chapter 570: Forcefully Charging In
Chapter 570: Forcefully Charging In

Seeing their own disciples die a horrible deaths, the two Li Fire Sect Elders turned worried.

“Shen Tu Shan, I am demanding you to stop!”

“Shen Tu Shan, you have gone mad!”

The two Li Fire Sect Elders rushed towards the Shen Tu family clan’s Elder from both sides. How could they sit idly by as their own disciples were being killed?


The three Elders’ Yuan Qi clashed, causing Shen Tu Shan’s attack to dissipate.

At this point, their original agreement to kill Yi Yun together had completely fallen apart.

And from the beginning to the end, Yi Yun did not do the unbelievable act of fighting one against three. He had only used the young Li Fire Sect disciples as meat shields to mitigate the attacks.

“Fools! You really are foolish!” Shen Tu Shan, who had to stop in his attacks, roared in anger, “If we do not take the opportunity to kill him now, once we set free a tiger back into the mountains, we will only breed calamity for our future!”

“Hmph! The ones who died are not from your Shen Tu family clan. Naturally you will not be punished. You will be fine killing that kid regardless of the costs, but we will be severely punished. Our cultivation levels might even be crippled!”

The ugliness of the two Li Fire Sect Elders’ faces had reached an extreme point. The things that happened today were impossible to mollify. With so many of the sect’s disciples dead, they, as Elders, would have to bear the responsibility when the sect investigated this matter.

And this result was because of Shen Tu Shan. On this matter, how could the two Li Fire Sect Elders not feel any hatred?

Just as it was about to end up in infighting amongst the three Elders, a cold flash appeared in Yi Yun’s eyes. He slashed out like a venomous snake!

His body instantly merged with his saber. One with the Saber!

And his target was Shen Tu Shan, right in the middle of the three!

With Shen Tu Shan just finishing his attack, he had lost all momentum. Having used up his energy from the attack, his defense right now was at its weakest.

If two evenly matched opponents fought against each other, when one party finished an attack, the other party would also have expended a significant amount of energy, hence, both parties would be in similar situations. To attack or fend required accumulating energy again.

However, now, Yi Yun had barely spent any energy and had been waiting for the chance to attack a fatigued enemy. The accumulation of energy Shen Tu Shan previously used had failed to gain him any advantage. As a result, the gap between their energy reserves were huge.

Furthermore, Yi Yun’s strength exceeded that of Shen Tu Shan!

With Yi Yun’s saber attack slashing out, his entire being seemed to transform into a beam of light as it merged into the saber beam!

Within Yi Yun’s body, his Aspect Totem screeched!

Yi Yun’s Aspect Totem was the three-legged Golden Crow.

However, while concealing his identity, he could not let the Golden Crow Totem within his body rush out, just seeing his Aspect Totem would result in people imagining and feel suspicious. And sometimes, just a bit of suspicion was enough!

The Golden Crow burned and boiled Yi Yun’s blood.

When warriors reached a certain realm, their Aspect Totem could merge into their flesh and blood, creating a fusion with their body.

At this point, Yi Yun might not have reached such a realm, but he could still let his Aspect Totem expound its amazing offensive strength within his body.

With this slash of Yi Yun, it extracted all the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the vicinity. The air seemed to condense onto the sharp saber beam as it whistled, finally forming into a gigantic saber image in the void!

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

The land was torn apart by the saber beam, sending up geysers of soil and gravel. Shen Tu Shan was the first to bear the brunt of the attack as the terrifying saber beam came towards him!

“Damn it!”

Seeing the saber beam about to hit him, he found his Yuan Qi completely expended from his previous attack. There was no way for him to resist!

And at this moment, the two Li Fire Sect Elders beside Shen Tu Shan were stunned. Their first choice of action was to dodge!

The three of them had already expended a considerable amount of energy, but if they had joined forces they would be able to withstand an attack from Yi Yun.

However, they chose to ignore Shen Tu Shan.

After all, the three of them were not considered friends. With Shen Tu Shan killing a few Li Fire Sect geniuses, there was already a feud between them.

However, they did not let Yi Yun kill Shen Tu Shan. At the same moment as they dodged, they exploded their Yuan Qi and attacked towards Yi Yun!

Abandoning Shen Tu Shan and taking the opportunity to kill Yi Yun was the optimal choice. If they could kill Yi Yun, then they could answer to the losses they had suffered today and would also have eliminated a future danger.

The two of them attacked together. One of them used his Engulfing laws and formed a powerful vortex to lock onto Yi Yun. The other person was covered in flames as he became a burning meteor as he charged towards Yi Yun!


Yi Yun frowned. His sudden attack at Shen Tu Shan was like a sudden clap of thunder which left no time for one to cover one’s ears. He was confident that he could severely injure Shen Tu Shan with one strike and even take his life.

However, at that split second, the two Li Fire Sect Elders managed to react in time and made the right choice.

If his saber made a hit by disregarding everything else, he would definitely severely injure Shen Tu Shan, but his own life would be at stake!

With two Yuan Opening realm warriors joining forces, Yi Yun found it difficult to completely escape without harm since he could not reveal many of his hidden cards.

And at this moment, his attack had already been sent out, and all his Yuan Qi had been condensed on the saber itself. So to pull back his saber was easier said than done!

The two Li Fire Sect Elders had chosen to respond with an attack at the best moment!

In a split second, Yi Yun flung his hands and the saber trembled as it carried with it vast amounts of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, whistling out from Yi Yun’s hands!

As for Yi Yun’s body, he used the recoil from throwing his saber to retreat backwards quickly. He used his “Golden Crow Sun Shift” movement technique and at an incredible speed, moved with unpredictability. He forcefully shrugged off the Li Fire Sect Elder’s Engulfing law lock down.


Yuan Qi exploded as the katana Yi Yun threw out broke through Shen Tu Shan’s energy shield.

The saber blade pierced through and brought with it an indomitable momentum that could not be withstood!


Shen Tu Shan roared and gathered all his energy, hoping to block Yi Yun’s strike!

However, the difference in energy was too great. Hearing a crisp sound that sounded like glass shattering, Shen Tu Shan’s protective Yuan Qi was pierced through by Yi Yun’s saber!

The blade then pierced into his body as blood splattered out. The blade had penetrated the right side of his body and had obliquely stabbed into his lungs. With a large Yuan Qi explosion, it caused his right shoulder to tear. His scapula shattered as his arm nearly tore off!

He gave out a miserable cry and slammed to the ground heavily. His face pale as a sheet!

And at this moment, Yi Yun was met by the two Li Fire Sect Elder’s combined attack. With the “Golden Crow Sun Shift” movement technique’s support, he managed to avoid most of the offensive power.


Energy exploded as Yi Yun’s protective Yuan Qi stirred. As for his body, he borrowed the powerful recoil to fly high into the sky like a kite!

His Yuan Qi and blood had turned chaotic as he suffered slight internal injuries.

However, he did not stop. He made use of the momentum to go higher as he shot up straight into the sky.

With the “Golden Crow Sun Shift” movement technique fully powering him, Yi Yun was like a eagle with its wings spanned out widely as it flew. He then disappeared into the clouds.

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