True Martial World Chapter 572

Chapter 572: Lin Qiao’s Video
Chapter 572: Lin Qiao’s Video

The two Li Fire Sect Elders were most afraid of the knowledge of the incident being spread. People who caused the Li Fire Sect to lose face would definitely not be spared.

As for Lin Qiao, he said that he recorded a video and informed a large number of Lin Family disciples.

How many people of his family clan did he need to inform for “cleaning up the battlefield”?

Counting all warriors of the Lin family, excluding the mortals by the exterior perimeter, there were about ten thousand of them. How could they inform so many people!?

The two Li Fire Sect Elders were not fools. They understood that Lin Qiao was intentionally embarrassing them, but they could do nothing about it.

Previously, they could use the support from the Martial Alliance to put on airs at the Lin family, but now, with them being forced by the situation, they could only be submissive.

“Brother Qiao, did you really record a video?” A Li Fire Sect Elder probed.

He felt that Lin Qiao was blackmailing them, and under normal circumstances, how could anyone be bothered to record while watching an exciting battle? Were they just too free?

Besides, it was impossible for Lin Qiao to guess from the beginning that the bold Southern Sea kid actually had the ability to fight Yuan Opening realm warriors, and cause them to suffer greatly! Under such circumstances, did he really use a video disk array?

However, under the Li Fire Sect Elder’s probe, Lin Qiao slowly took a black video disk array out of his interspatial ring.

He seemed to have guessed their thoughts and he purposely took a disk array out. He swayed the disk array in front of the Li Fire Sect Elders and used an extremely indifferent tone, “For me, I usually have to watch the Lin family door. As for martial arts, I don’t have much future in it. I can’t even improve if I train, so it’s so boring while I sit by the mountain entrance. Hence, I have some hobbies that others don’t like, such as collecting video disk arrays and record my daily life… ”

“Just now, I saw a Dao Seed realm junior fighting a Yuan Opening realm warrior, and I really recorded it due to my hands turning itchy. The quality is still pretty high in definition. As for the quality of the disk array, it’s impeccable. Both of you, do you want to see it?”

Lin Qiao had a round face, and when he spoke, his eyes constantly blinked. It made people, who saw him, feel like they want to beat him up.

The two Li Fire Sect completely lost their will to be angry. According to what Lin Qiao said, it was extremely possible. After all, at their age, training in martial arts was pointless, so it was common for them to find some other hobbies.

As for the shameful video, if it was played in full view of others again, they could no longer hold on to their faces.

They hurriedly said, “There’s no need, there’s no need. Brother Lin, excuse me… ”

The two Li Fire Sect Elders could only eat humble pie and invite Lin Qiao to a corner like he was a god.

After this, none of the juniors present knew what they were discussing about. They only knew that the negotiations lasted a very long time, and that the two Li Fire Sect Elders paid a heavy price to obtain the disk array.

This was because when the two of them walked away, their expressions was that of their hearts feeling the pinch. All the juniors present saw this clearly.

As for Lin Qiao, just a look at his smiling expression showed one that he had ruthlessly ripped the two Li Fire Sect Elders off.

And when the two Li Fire Sect Elders returned to their sect and watched the video disk array, they immediately flew into a rage!

There was no video of their fight with the Southern Sea kid on the disk array. What was recorded was just miscellaneous stuff, such as the teasing of furry animals.

These furry animals were well liked by rich, mortal families. Few warriors liked them, but from the darn fatty’s dreadful smile in the video, he obviously looked like he was having a good time.

“That darn old fool!” Such a video disk array was completely blackmail.

“I’ll never spare him!” One of the Li Fire Sect Elders crushed the disk array out of anger. Just thinking of the huge price they paid to exchange for this item and what had happened in the day made him feel like vomiting blood out of anger.

The other Li Fire Sect Elder was also so angry that his intestines were all twisted together. However, when he heard that the other Elder wanted to seek revenge on Lin Qiao, he could only suppress his anger to stop him, “Have you not disgraced yourself enough? If we were to make a ruckus at the Lin family, wouldn’t we be acknowledging that fact that it happened!?”

“Now, it’s best that we think of how to deal with the sect’s punishment!”

The battle today definitely could not be covered up. They had to give an honest account to the sect.

And just thinking of the punishment from the sect made the two Elders feel some bitterness. They might not even be able to seek revenge on Lin Qiao, because they might be punished severely, and imprisoned for a thousand years, living to a ripe old age without being freed!

By the time that happened, settling scores with Lin Qiao would be pointless. As for the matter of Lin Qiao scamming them, they definitely would not dare report it to the sect, because the sect would think that they were incorrigibly stupid. Their punishment would only be worsened.

They could only suffer in silence.

Just thinking of the scoundrel Lin Qiao made the two Li Fire Sect Elders quiver with rage.

There was no other way out. It was like despite having their teeth knocked out, they still had to swallow them, so they bit the bullet and went to meet the upper echelons of the sect!

The two Li Fire Sect Elders tried to cover up the matter as much as they could in order to reduce their punishments, and they had done a lot of arrangements. However, the news was still leaked out eventually. After all, there were too many people who knew about it.

Quickly, many of the large factions neighboring the Lin family got wind of a Southern Sea genius saber user, who at the Dao Seed realm, who managed to withstand the combined attack of three Yuan Opening realm Elders from the Li Fire Sect and Shen Tu family clan. They also knew of how he caused the Li Fire Sect to lose about eight geniuses, and even seriously injured a Shen Tu family clan Elder.

A young and brash Dao Seed realm saber user had blocked three Yuan Opening realm warriors alone!

To compare Shen Tu Nantian from the past to such a genius, he would appear extremely average. It was like comparing a firefly with the radiant moon.

However, after some proliferation of the rumor, it was doubted by many. When did the Tian Yuan world have such a genius? Could the savage lands of the Southern Sea produce such a figure?

Many people specifically went to the Li Fire Sect and Shen Tu family clan to confirm the matter. The Shen Tu family clan did not respond and the Li Fire Sect categorically denied it!

What battle? What death of juniors? None of that happened!

Because of that response, more people found the rumour fictitious

After all, it was quite ridiculous for a Dao Seed realm junior, who came from the Southern Sea and had no background, to be able to trouble three Yuan Opening realm Elders.

Seeing was believing, so for such rumors that went beyond common sense, the first reaction from people was disbelief. The young elites were especially dismissive of it. Something they couldn’t do was accomplished by a Southern Sea savage? Wasn’t that a mockery to them?

There were people who guessed that the rumors were spread by the Southern Sea kid so he could earn some fame. Such despicable behavior made them find him shameless.

Hence, these rumors was treated as a joke.

These matters no longer had anything to do with Yi Yun. With his Golden Crow Sun Shift, after he retreated in a relaxed manner, he and Lin Xintong arrived under a waterfall…