True Martial World Chapter 573

Chapter 573: Temporary Parting
Chapter 573: Temporary Parting

The mountain reached high above the clouds, as mountain springwater crashed down from a thousand feet. The waterfall was not very wide nor was the water moving at a fast speed. It was just from a high distance that made it seem like a jade belt was floating in the wind.

On a rock beneath the waterfall, Yi Yun was sitting crossed legged, while Lin Xintong was behind him. With a hand pressed lightly on Yi Yun’s back, and by circulating her Yuan Qi once, she fully probed Yi Yun’s meridians and Dantian injuries.

They were just minor injuries and they were no big deal.

Lin Xintong slowly injected her pure Yin Yuan Qi into Yi Yun’s body, healing him bit by bit. With their Yin and Yang Qi complementing one another, it was a simple task to healing his injuries.

Yi Yun felt like fresh spring water was flowing into his meridians, as it slowly nourished his wounds.

As Lin Xintong treated Yi Yun’s injuries, she said, “Yi Yun, you were in such a rush to fight one against three Yuan Opening realm experts. It was too dangerous. If they ignored the lives of the Li Fire Sect disciples, and were bent on killing you, the consequences would be unthinkable.”

If the situation like Lin Xintong had described happened, with Yi Yun being forced into a corner, he would either be severely injured or would have to reveal some of his hidden cards.

For example, a divine weapon like the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s broken sword which he had previously used in public. Now, if he used it again, it would be very easy to expose his identity.

Yi Yun said, “I have a clear idea about it. Some things can’t be used, but the Blood Moon doesn’t know about some of the divine items we obtained from the God Advent Tower, so they can still be used. Even if they attacked me by disregarding everything else, it wouldn’t have been a problem for me to completely evade them.”

Over the past seven years, Yi Yun’s strength had increased so much that he did not have an idea where he stood. By battling three Yuan Opening ream Elders, he could test his strength. He had previously wondered when he could fight Sages in a direct battle, and today, at the age of 23 years old, he had managed to do so.

If he returned to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom at this moment, he was completely qualified to become the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord!

Lin Xintong could guess what was on Yi Yun’s mind and she smiled. Her palms were still gently placed on Yi Yun’s back as she continued healing him.

To Yi Yun, this injury was nothing, but Lin Xintong still meticulously healed every meridian that was injured with extreme care.

Yi Yun gently closed his eyes as he enjoyed the wondrous feeling of the Ying-Yang energy exchange. He said, “Xintong, although we have the ‘Star Transference Heaven Changing Book’ supporting our return to the Tian Yuan world this time, we still need to be careful. We cannot let the Blood Moon link our current identities to our original identities. Maybe it is not best for the both of us to travel together… ”

When Yi Yun said this, he also sighed. He naturally wished to travel together with Lin Xintong.

However, as a man and woman duo, it was quite outstanding. And their strength far surpassed the elites of the Tian Yuan world. Besides, Yi Yun’s performance was already unexpected. If he appeared together with Lin Xintong, this would inevitably make people suspect that they were the successors of the ancient Great Empress and the Azure Yang Lord.

If the Blood Moon were to be suspicious, it would be very dangerous.

Lin Xintong gently pulled her hand back and said sadly, “I have the same thoughts. It might be alright if we don’t appear, but with us appearing, the Lin family might suffer as a result of it. I have already made my decision to take a trip to the Divine Wilderness!”

“Divine Wilderness?”

It struck Yi Yun because the Divine Wilderness was extremely vast. There were even terrifying Primordial True Spirits lurking in its depths

Training in the Divine Wilderness was extremely dangerous, but with Lin Xintong’s abilities, it was likely for her to cope.

A warrior’s training experience was firstly to open up one’s horizons and perceive the Heaven and Earth, so as to find inspiration in martial arts in a constantly changing environment. Secondly, it was to hone one’s skills in actual combat, and to constantly experience head-on battles with strong enemies.

In the Divine Wilderness, there was no lack of the two points. Besides, the Divine Wilderness was far from the Tian Yuan world, so Lin Xintong’s whereabouts would be difficult to discover.

“Yes, I’m going to break into the Yuan Opening realm… ” Lin Xintong said softly, as if it was a very common matter.

The Yuan Opening realm was to many Tian Yuan world geniuses the last realm in their entire lives. To break through into the Yuan Opening realm was significant. People would even invite friends to join in a breakthrough ceremony.

But to Lin Xintong and Yi Yun, the Yuan Opening realm was nothing at all. Breaking through into the Yuan Opening realm was no different to breaking through into the Dao Seed realm. The only thing they needed to be careful about was to do it steadily and lay a solid foundation.

“Yuan Opening realm..” Yi Yun lightly gasped. When warriors practiced martial arts, small realm gaps were not huge. For example, although it was not easy for a mid-stage Dao Seed realm to fight a late-stage Dao Seed realm, it was still not shockingly amazing.

But for a large realm gap, it was a heaven and earth difference. The gap of going from the Dao Seed realm to the Yuan Opening realm could be said to be an insurmountable vast ravine.

Even for the top geniuses of the Tian Yuan world, who perfected their Dao Seed realm and deliberately suppressed their own cultivation levels by laying a solid foundation, it was still impossible for them to beat the weakest Tai Ah Divine Kingdom Sage, who barely managed to break through into the Yuan Opening realm.

To be able to escape unscathed would already be something that one could be proud off.

Hence, once Lin Xintong broke through into the Yuan Opening realm, her strength would surge. It was impossible to say what she could achieve!

Yi Yun was also full of anticipation regarding his matter.

Yi Yun said, “Xintong, since you are going to the Divine Wilderness, I’ll remain in the Tian Yuan world. I want to investigate what the Blood Moon is plotting. I already have some preliminary plans.” As Yi Yun said this, his eyes flashed with a strange glimmer.

Be it the entire Tian Yuan world’s safety, the people most important to him, or the unfulfilled behest of his benefactor, the Azure Yang Lord, Yi Yun had to fight the Blood Moon.

It was not easy to lurk in the dark and destroy their plans, but it was not impossible.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong stayed for a few more days under the waterfall.

Finally, Lin Xintong flew towards the Divine Wilderness, while Yi Yun flew towards the southern part of the Tian Yuan world continent. Before he began his plans, he first had to do something. He had to completely draw a line between his present identity with the original Yi Yun.

Actually, the “Star Transference Heaven Changing Book” was a peculiar disguise technique.

A low grade disguise technique could change one’s external looks which warriors could see right though. Slightly higher grade disguise techniques would not only change one’s looks and facial features, they could even change one’s body shape, such as fat to thin, tall to short. However, even such a change could not change a person’s aura. A true master would be able to see through it.

However, the “Star Transference Heaven Changing Book” transformed a person from one’s basic origins of life. It could cause the person to be born again, as if they were reincarnating. Even the soul’s aura would change as a result.

Furthermore, it could even change one’s bone age. Unless one had mystic realm prohibitions like the Great Empress mystic realm, any typical bone age detection method would not be able to tell Yi Yun’s actual age!

It would be very difficult to see through such a mystic technique.

Back then, when the Azure Yang Lord traveled the Yang God Empyrean Heaven freely, he found this mystic technique in the sinkhole. He did not use it, but he kept it anyways. He never expected for it to play such a critical role for Yi Yun and Lin Xintong in this day and age.

However, although the “Star Transference Heaven Changing Book” did not have any flaws, what was worrisome was that the Blood Moon would suspect Yi Yun under no evidence.

And the sole reason would be because both of them were peerless geniuses. That would be problematic.

Hence, to completely change his identities, Yi Yun had to do something first, which was to change his Aspect Totem!

The “Star Transference Heaven Changing Book” could allow Yi Yun to be reborn, but it could not change Yi Yun’s Aspect Totem form. Hence, Yi Yun had to change it himself! The Golden Crow Totem from before was too eye-catching, and it was the symbol of Yi Yun.

Once an Aspect Totem was formed, the basic form was fixed. Even if one’s Aspect Totem evolved, the connection to its original could still be seen. It was impossible for others to change Aspect Totems.

However, Yi Yun cultivated the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem”. It was an extremely special Totem mystic technique. Just using the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” to change his Aspect Totem’s form was not difficult at all!