True Martial World Chapter 575

Chapter 575: Nine Neonate
Chapter 575: Nine Neonate

The Ten Thousand Calamity Sea was notorious for its dangers. Many powerful desolate beasts lurked within its deep waters.

To these desolate beasts, the temptation emitted by the Fey Luring Grass was not that great…

However… if the pure Yuan Qi from the Great Empress mystic realm was to be used instead, that would be a different matter.

Yi Yun took a deep breath and shot directly down, like a meteor, into the sea. The seawater was separated on two sides under the Yuan Qi impact. With this, Yi Yun went 100,000 feet deep down into the sea.

This depth had tremendous water pressure and resistance. All of this was quite a burden on Yi Yun’s body. While withstanding this kind of pressure, Yi Yun’s offensive and evasive abilities would be greatly reduced.

However, Yi Yun could only take this risk because the most horrifying desolate beasts lurked in the deepest parts of the sea.

When common warriors encountered sea beasts of this level, they would be powerless against them above the sea surface, what more under the sea. Hence, to choose to be underwater was almost equivalent to suicide.

Even for Yi Yun, if he encountered a desolate beast that was equivalent to a peak-Sage, he would have no chance of winning. He might not even have the chance of escaping.

Yi Yun acclimatized his body to its peak and spread his perception all around. He was alert of any sudden dangers. After making sure there were no desolate beasts in a 50 kilometer radius, Yi Yun interfaced his mind with the God Advent Tower disk array and slowly opened the Great Empress mystic realm.

Opening the Great Empress mystic realm from such a distance required him to expend a large amounts of Yuan Qi. Yi Yun swallowed an ancient relic and used all of his pure Yang energy to gradually open the Great Empress mystic realm entrance through a great deal of difficulty.

In the dark depths of the sea, a faint light appeared and slowly increased in size, as it formed a purple vortex.

Under the huge pressure, the seawater began to swirl around rapidly, as it surged towards the vortex.

A beam of light burst out and pierced through the hundred thousand feet thick sea water, past the sea surface and into the sky.

A large door of light appeared in the deep depths of the Ten Thousand Calamity Sea. The entrance to the Great Empress mystic realm was now completely opened.

Yi Yun was not afraid of others discovering his opening of the Great Empress mystic realm entrance in the deep depths of the Ten Thousand Calamity Sea, where no one treaded. He was free to do as he pleased.

As the door of light enlarged, the pure Heaven Earth Yuan Qi from the Great Empress mystic realm slowly began to emanate out of the entrance.

It has begun!

Yi Yun interfaced his spiritual energy with the Purple Crystal and activated his energy vision, as he locked onto every change in the surrounding sea.

With the energy vision, no matter how dark it was, Yi Yun could easily see any sign of disturbance within a 50 kilometer distance. The more powerful a desolate beast was, the greater its energy fluctuations would be, hence, they could not escape Yi Yun’s perception.

It could be said that Yi Yun’s perceptual acuity under the sea exceeded that of underwater desolate beasts.

Deep in the Ten Thousand Calamity Sea, there were not as many sea beasts as compared to the surface of the sea. From the dark and silent depths, slowly, Yi Yun noticed three figures appearing in his energy vision.

They had been attracted by the pure Heaven Earth Yuan Qi from the Great Empress mystic realm. Yi Yun could see these gigantic black figures clearly, but he did not recognize them.

The Untraversable Sea was too deep and too vast. The desolate beasts that lurked deep within it were numerous in species. And some of these desolate beasts might never surface, so it was normal for people not to know of them.

The three underwater desolate beasts before Yi Yun were about tens of meters to a hundred meters long. He had never seen any indication of these desolate beasts in the records he had read. Maybe in the long history of the Tian Yuan world, there were people who had seen these sea beasts, but those witnesses had already died within the sea beasts’ bellies. Without them returning, they naturally could not record down their sightings for the future.

Although he did not recognize these desolate beasts, Yi Yun could sense how terrifying they were from the powerful energy fluctuations emanated by them.

Yi Yun measured his strength against them. He felt that if he faced a desolate beast head on, he could handle it, but if the three sea beasts attacked him together, Yi Yun could only escape.

Compared to these three deep sea desolate beasts, the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon Yi Yun shot to death was nothing.

Yi Yun touched his interspatial ring gently and pulled out the rusty broken sword. He did not make a move, but patiently waited.

The three sea beasts did not move either. They surrounded Yi Yun from three corners, forming a triangle.

These three undersea overlords clearly had a high intelligence. They could tell that something was amiss about the sudden rich Heaven Earth Yuan Qi appearing underwater. They were not only wary of Yi Yun, they were also wary of the other sea beasts.

If these sea beasts really fought against each other, it would be hard to tell who would win.

And the more careful these sea beasts were, the more difficult they were to handle.

Yi Yun silently waited as he tightly clenched the broken sword in his hand. He had also taken out the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow. It was hanging on his left shoulder, ready to shoot out an arrow at any time.

Of course, the power of the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow was greatly weakened underwater.

The three undersea overlords slowly revolved around Yi Yun. This processed lasted for 15 minutes, after which, they suddenly stopped.

This was not the prelude to them attacking, on the contrary, they began to slowly recede.

The three massive sea beasts suddenly retreated. And this retreat went far into the distance. This unusual circumstances made Yi Yun’s heart sink.

He saw a black shadow, that was a lot smaller in size, approaching from the deep depths of the Ten Thousand Calamity Sea.

It was because of this sea beast, which was smaller in size, that the three undersea overlords retreated!

In his energy vision, Yi Yun clearly saw that this black figure was about slightly more than ten meters wide. It had two heavy black claws and a black scaled tail. On its robust body, there were nine snake-like long necks. Every neck grew a head.

These nine heads were all in different shapes. Some of the heads had a single horn. Some of the heads grew three eyes. Some had long sharp fangs as teeth.

Some of the nine heads had single eyes or three eyes, but all eyes were now staring at Yi Yun.

The sound that resembled a baby crying cam from this undersea beast.

Yi Yun held his breath for he recognized this desolate beast! He found it unbelievable.

The Azure Yang Lord had left behind several books, and Yi Yun had seen the records of this desolate beast. In the Tian Yuan world, deep in the Untraversable Sea, there were powerful nine headed hydra desolate beasts. The moment a hydra was born, it would be at the level of a primordial species. As it matured, it would become a primordial true spirit that even Empyreal Kings would find difficult to withstand.

And amongst the hydras, there were a very small number who could awaken their ancient bloodline, evolving into the next stage, Nine Neonate*.

The black figure before his very eyes was a Nine Neonate!

The moment a Nine Neonate was born, its strength would be weaker than a hydra, but instead, its growth allowed for it to far exceed a hydra.

With time, when a Nine Neonate truly matured, it would become an existence that could destroy the world.

However, not every Nine Neonate could mature.

Such a powerful desolate beast’s growth and evolution could attract Heavenly Tribulations.

A Nine Neonate had a need to constantly devour heavenly materials and absorb the essence of the world to increase its strength so as to resist the Heavenly Tribulation.

If it could not withstand it, the Nine Neonate would be struck to death by the tribulations, turning into ash.

However, in the Tian Yuan world, there was not enough heavenly materials, so it was easier said than done for a Nine Neonate to evolve there.

In the history of the Tian Yuan world, there was no record of a Nine Neonate that managed to truly mature. Hence, Yi Yun did not expect that, in the Untraversable Sea, there was a Nine Neonate.

He originally thought that Nine Neonates would exist in the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

As such, for a hydra in the Untraversable Sea to evolve into a Nine Neonate was not a blessing but a curse.

And if it was in the Yang God Empyrean Heaven, this evolution would be no trifling matter. If such a Nine Neonate was intentionally domesticated, and a supply of heavenly materials were provided to it, then giving it sufficient training experience and opportunity, the Nine Neonate could even survive nine Heavenly Tribulations, becoming a Nine Tribulation Nine Neonate. Then it would become a true divine beast which could compete with True Dragons and True Phoenixes.

“Nine Neonate… To think that I would encounter a Nine Neonate deep in the Ten Thousand Calamity Sea…”

At the same moment of feeling pleasantly surprised, Yi Yun also felt that he had a great crisis on his hands.

The Nine Neonate was extremely powerful. If it were a Nine Tribulation Nine Neonate, killing him would be as easy as killing an ant. There was no doubt about it. Of course, it was impossible for a Nine Tribulation Nine Neonate to be born in the Tian Yuan world. It was like how a normal small mortal village would not produce a Great Emperor.

Yi Yun clenched his broken sword and Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow tightly. He was extremely nervous, for this battle would be him facing the strongest opponent in his life!

Nine Neonate (Jiǔyīng, 九嬰): You can see a depiction of this mythical beast here.
Nine-headed & nine-tailed amphibious giant serpent, two types of attacks: poisonous water and flames. Escaped China to the East after one of its head and tail were shot off by an arrow from a legendary archer (Hou Yi), the same archer that shot down the nine Suns. Speculated to be The Orochi in Japanese myths.