True Martial World Chapter 579

Chapter 579: Beast Mark of Life
Chapter 579: Beast Mark of Life

Yi Yun stood upright, and his Yuan Qi stirred while he was holding the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow.

Seven days of healing allowed him to fully recover to his peak condition. And he had even slightly improved himself compared to before.

The life and death battle with the Nine Neonate helped Yi Yun gain new insight into his own martial arts.

When the Nine Neonate saw Yi Yun, its eyes stared so widely that they looked like they were going to crack apart!

It was this human who caused it to be pushed to the brink!

It was desperately in need of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. Devouring this human would give it some replenishment!


The Nine Neonate pounced on Yi Yun.

“Die!” Yi Yun’s eyes lit up as he pulled the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow open, shooting a pure Yang arrow!

The arrow shot straight at the Nine Neonate’s heart.

The Nine Neonate now feared the arrow. Noticing the arrow flying at it, it hurriedly dodged. It knew that if its body had another wound, its condition would take a turn for the worse, and the consequences were unthinkable.

At the moment the Nine Neonate dodged, Yi Yun drew the unnamed broken sword and slashed out!

Instantly, the brilliant sun above the desert seemed to infuse in Yi Yun’s sword as a sword beam sent a tear across the Nine Neonate’s body!

The Nine Neonate roared out frantically as energy surged out. Its nine heads opened their respective jaws as fiery flames, icicles and purple lightning spewed out!

The Nine Neonate was a darling of the Heaven-Earth laws. Each of its nine heads controlled one of nine laws.

These nine laws consisted of the five elements, “Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth”, a well as the creation laws, ” Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning”.

There were exactly nine!

Having struck once, Yi Yun retreated immediately. The Nine Neonate’s frantic attacks put immense pressure on his protective Yuan Qi. It caused his blood to turn turbulent as he sustained minor injuries.

However, the Nine Neonate had sustained greater injuries. Yi Yun had open up a deep gash on its chest!

Another wound was added to the already injured Nine Neonate’s body.

“We’ll battle another day!” Yi Yun laughed loudly as he leaped into the sky, before disappearing.


The Nine Neonate screamed sharply. Its huge body began to hover as it attacked Yi Yun. However, Yi Yun’s disappearance caused its thick tail to sweep through empty space!

He had disappeared!

The Nine Neonate stared widely. This plankton had disappeared in front of its very eyes!

It was feeling enraged as it crazily attacked the void where Yi Yun disappeared. Sand dunes were toppled as it left behind claw marks on the vast desert.

However… it quickly forced itself to calm down. It knew that without the Heaven-Earth essence supplementing it, wasting energy was equivalent to suicide. Its wounds would become even more severe as its lifeforce gradually weakened.

At this moment, Yi Yun had already returned to the fifth level of the God Advent Tower. He checked his injuries and he could not help but sigh. The Nine Neonate was really too fearsome. It still could have such great offensive power despite being weakened so drastically.

He sat down cross-legged and swallowed a relic.

“Once I’ve recovered, I’ll look for you again.” Yi Yun closed his eyes.

Three days later, Yi Yun appeared in front of the Nine Neonate once again.

This time, the Nine Neonate was further incensed.

It had long been waiting for Yi Yun to appear.

However, Yi Yun used the same tactics. He shot an arrow and slashed at it with his saber, before using his movement technique to leap into the door of light that appeared in the void.

The vast land was covered in Yi Yun’s saber scars and the Nine Neonate’s blood.

The Nine Neonate was extremely mad, but… it was powerless.

This time, the Nine Neonate did not even rage. It knew that it was useless.

Two days later, Yi Yun appeared for the third time.

While fighting against the Nine Neonate, Yi Yun was inflicted with fewer injuries. His recovery speed was also speeding up. The time gap between his battles with the Nine Neonate also shortened.

As for the Nine Neonate, its injuries had become more severe, and it began to lack energy in its battles.

It was an overlord of the Untraversable Sea, a ferocious desolate beast of the seabed, and even without any Heaven Earth Yuan Qi supporting it, it was still a force to be reckoned.

However, this human came and went as he pleased. The movement technique he employed when he left was strange. He came without warning and left without a trace. And his attacks were becoming more powerful.

The Nine Neonate was intelligent, it had already sensed that this human was completely probing its attacks and laws, so as to improve his sword and saber techniques.

Hence, his attacks were becoming more powerful by the day.

Eventually, Yi Yun could visit it twice a day.

There were even times when he rested for an hour before appearing in front of the Nine Neonate again.

The Nine Neonate went from angrily waiting for Yi Yun to appear to slowly hoping that Yi Yun would not appear, and then finally, to the point of feeling anxious and fearful the moment Yi Yun was about to appear.

When Yi Yun finally appeared once again, it had already slumped on the ground.

“Oh? Have you given up on resisting?”

Yi Yun held the unnamed broken sword in his hand as he hovered in the air, whereas the Nine Neonate was slumped on the ground. None of its nine heads moved.

“Have you succumbed to your fate?”

Yi Yun landed in front of the Nine Neonate. One of the Nine Neonate’s heads turned and looked at Yi Yun with its sole eye. Its gaze was blank, without any glimmer in it.

Yi Yun pondered a while before throwing a relic to the Nine Neonate.

However, the Nine Neonate did not even look at it.

“You don’t even want a chance to replenish your Yuan Qi?” Yi Yun rubbed his chin.

The Nine Neonate was clearly on its last breaths, and not only so, it had completely lost all its will to fight.

It also knew that swallowing the relic was pointless. How could this crafty human, who had all sorts of unscrupulous means, give it liberation?

It was already afraid of Yi Yun and it only wished for death.

Even if Yi Yun slashed his saber on its neck, it could not be bothered to move one bit.

Yi Yun stood in there and watched the Nine Neonate who had lost all ability to resist. However, he did not enjoy the pleasure of a victor in his heart.

The reason why the Nine Neonate landed in his hands was because of the coercion of the Heavenly Dao after all.

The nine Heavenly Tribulations were like nine curses that restrained it. It forced the Nine Neonate to constantly need to grow and mature.

It spent its entire life in the Untraversable Sea looking for heavenly treasures to devour, so it could express its potential. And because of this, it had taken all sorts of risks.

As a result, it had risked entering the God Advent Tower, and landed in the hands of Yi Yun who was much weaker than it.

The Nine Neonate had been fighting hard all its life, but even so, the heavenly treasures that could be found in the Tian Yuan world were not enough for it to successfully survive a Heavenly Tribulation.

It was of royal descent amongst the nine-headed hydra species, but due to being born in a wrong world, it was destined to end in tragedy.

Yi Yun could somewhat see a hint of himself on this Nine Neonate.

He too was being forced by his life circumstances. He had to grab every chance to improve his strength, or he would end up in ashes.

Yi Yun walked to the nine heads of the Nine Neonate, while holding the nameless broken sword in his hand. This sword had previously killed gods, and it would be extremely easy to kill a Nine Neonate who had lost its energy with it.

However, Yi Yun did not plan on killing it.

Typical Totem mystic techniques required the beast to be killed in order to condense the beast mark.

However, there were two types of beast mark recorded in the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem”. One was a Beast Mark of Death, while the other was… the Beast Mark of Life!