True Martial World Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Returning Home
Chapter 58: Returning Home

With the plague as an excuse, the blame was pushed to him. Such a move was too vile. And with the intelligence of the villagers, there was no way for them to see through it!
How would they know about the pill that could overdraft their vitality? How would they know that desolate bones had toxins that could kill when refined?
There were many among them that had not even heard of desolate bones just two months ago.

The poor had led lives that suffered from starvation and the cold. Besides food, they had no way of accommodating anything else in their brains. Even if you explained it to them word for word, they might not be able to understand.

“Damn it!”

Yi Yun’s eyes turned cold. If he showed himself, it would be the same as declaring war on Lian Chengyu!

Yi Yun knew his hand, his cultivation was still at the Meridians realm, but it had reached a Tempered Body, Dragon Pulse state.

As for Lian Chengyu, he was at the doorstep of the Purple Blood realm, and was at the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm. If not for Yi Yun, Lian Chengyu breaking through into the Purple Blood realm would have definitely been a done deal.

Yi Yun did not have confidence fighting with a Tempered Body in the Meridians realm versus Lian Chengyu who was bordering on the Purple Blood realm.

In the Lian tribal clan, besides Lian Chengyu, there was also the Patriarch and the instructor Yao Yuan!

The three of them were at the fifth level of Mortal Blood, Qi Gatherer. He would be fighting against three!

Yi Yun was not worried about the Patriarch, but as for Yao Yuan…

Yi Yun did not know Yao Yuan’s true strength. He had previously reached the Purple Blood realm, but he had dropped from that realm.

Not only Yao Yuan’s level was greater, but Yao Yuan would have much richer battle experience than Yi Yun.

As for Yi Yun, besides the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, he had never learned any other offensive martial skill, and did not know any movement skills.

In terms of fighting skills, Yi Yun was lacking. He was in the beginning stages in terms of martial arts.

So Yi Yun calmed down and began making plans.

“Lian Chengyu, I will make sure you die in agony!” Yi Yun clenched his fists tightly. He was originally from Earth and had tunneled into this strange world where power ruled supreme. Yi Yun had previously not wished to murder anyone directly, but after today, he was determined to kill Lian Chengyu!

Lian Chengyu had harmed Yi Yun twice secretly, but Yi Yun had never been so mad to such a degree. Lian Chengyu should have never ever done this to Jiang Xiaorou.

His sister was alone and helpless; as a fifteen year old girl, she had to face the entire tribe’s accusations!

And when those strong men die from their illness, Lian Chengyu need not do anything to push the blame onto Yi Yun. At that time, what would the families of the victims do to Jiang Xiaorou? It was the unthinkable!

If at this time, Lian Chengyu appeared and wanted to do anything to Jiang Xiaorou, she would have no way of resisting!

Yi Yun picked up a pebble and threw it at Lian Cuihua’s face from the grass.


This pebble smacked Lian Cuihua right in the face.

“Ouch!” Lian Cuihua screamed as she crouched down. She covered her face in pain. Her face had turned blue-black.

“Who the f**k dare hit me?” Lian Cuihua angrily said. The children around her immediately shook their heads, saying it had nothing to do with them.

Yi Yun did not give any killing blows. Although he had the urge to kill the mean women, he knew that if he did anything to Lian Cuihua, this would arouse the suspicion of Lian Chengyu.

He would remember Lian Cuihua’s debt. In a month, in at most a month, he will collect the debt with interest. The insidious woman will pay the price.

“Ah!” At this time the boy beside Lian Cuihua jumped up clutching his buttocks, “Who hit me?”

This child was the ringleader of the children.

“It’s not me!”

“It’s also not me!” Many people hurriedly clarified, distancing themselves from the matter.

But at this time, the screams began to sound out one after another. Yi Yun’s hands were tremendously fast. The pebbles he shot out were well guided and properly controlled. The moment the pebble hit the child, it would bounce off and disappear into the night. This prevented the children from knowing what they were hit by, nor did they know where the pebbles came from.

“What is it!?” The children knew something was wrong.

It was already late in the night, and they were doing the heroic job of “ridding evil”. They began to break into cold sweat after being hit by mysterious objects.

“There…There are ghosts!”

An unknown child shouted, and with that the rest of the children were scared white, and they scattered in a blink of an eye!

Lian Cuihua was even more afraid as she tumbled as she ran away.

The village was especially afraid of the supernatural such as demons and ghosts.

After the children scattered, Yi Yun surveyed the surroundings to ensure there was no one before heading to his house like a ghost, jumping over the wall.

The courtyard was filled with cow dung, but Yi Yun had already reached the Meridians realm, and was had achieved a Tempered Body, so he was the same as a Kung Fu master. With one breath, he had crossed the entire sea of dung.

Yi Yun crossed the yard without sullying his shoes.

He pushed the void, and a gust of wind blew forward pushing the door open, and Yi Yun stepped into the house.

Right in front of the house was the stove. There was no light, so it was pitch black.

But in the bedroom, the window had been smashed through by cow dung, letting in some moonlight. Yi Yun could clearly see Jiang Xiaorou’s thin figure under the moonlight.

Her face, her shoulders gave people the urge to give her infinite love.

“Who!?” Jiang Xiaorou had descended into grief and anxiety after Yi Yun disappeared. But she was still extremely alert. The moment she heard noises, she would grab the arrow by her side!

Jiang Xiaorou was a unyielding girl, she constantly strived to become stronger, but her living circumstances made her have given her the thoughts that “without a man in the house, life would be sad”.

With her brother around, her life revolved around him. Without her brother, she had lost her spiritual column of support. And a girl living alone in the vast wilderness would be bound to be the subject of bullying.

Also Yi Yun had previously warned Jiang Xiaorou that Lian Chengyu coveted her, so Jiang Xiaorou had never separated from the arrow for the past day.

“Sis, it’s me…Yun-er…” Yi Yun said with a trembling voice as he looked at the house filled with dung. Seeing Jiang Xiaorou in the middle of the mess, he could only feel a lump come up his throat, urging him to cry.

Jiang Xiaorou was stunned. In the darkness, she used the moonlight to see Yi Yun’s face. Although it was blurry, how could she not recognize that familiar outline?

“Yun-er! !” Jiang Xiaorou ran forward with tears in her eyes and embraced Yi Yun tightly!

“Yun-er, you’re fine. As long as you alright, as long as you are alright!” Jiang Xiaorou’s voice was urgent. She used all the strength in her two arms to hug Yi Yun, afraid that the moment she released him, Yi Yun would disappear.

With Jiang Xiaorou hugging him tightly, Yi Yun could feel her shaking body and her rapid heartbeat. Yi Yun could feel a warmth at his neck. It was Jiang Xiaorou’s tears.

“Sis, I’m fine…”

“I know…I knew from the beginning,” cried Jiang Xiaorou as she said. Although she said she knew, she could not rest assured.

She was not bothered by the insult of having the walls plastered with cow dung, nor was she bothered by the curses of that mean woman. The only thing that mattered to her was if her brother will return.

Now, it had finally happened after a long wait!

“Let’s go. Sis, we need to leave this place. We can no longer stay in this village!”

Yi Yun’s sudden words were a bolt in the blue for Jiang Xiaorou who had been going through a roller coaster of emotions. “If we don’t stay here, where can we go? Are you saying to go into the Cloud Wilderness?”